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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Welsh Wednesday / 4-22-2020

Welsh Wednesday EveryOne
Wild Wickedly Wonderful Wednesday, wow what whimsical wonderment, are waiting wishfully while we wonder through this Wednesday. Wishing I would wane on this weird wired wonder? What a way to start the morning, sun brightly blazing a brilliant trail in the sky over the horizon and reaching upwards on its journey, while squirrels are romping all over the yard and through the trees having a time of their lives. While daffodils stand at attention in full morning splendor soaking it all in. Are we ready for the day and all it has. Open your eyes and see all the special things going on in musical harmony, with each other. This is a good day to be alive and about, This is a good day to be experiencing life. We are half way through the week in 4 hours today, then we are closer to the end than we are the beginning. One step at a time, through it all, up the last steps then down and onward to the finish line. Remember life may give wemons at times but as that waskely wabbit says you gotta make wemonaid out of it and sweeten it with a smile. Have a wicked awesome today, lend a hand to those in true need and wish wonderful way to all the rest. And may you have the most Happy, Happy of all days.
Your Morning Guru
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: 
Administrative Professionals Day
Earth Day (U.S.)
Girl Scout Leader Day
Chemists Celebrate The Earth Day
Global Selfie Earth Day (NASA)
"In God We Trust Day" Day
Mother Earth Day
National Bookmobile Day
International Mariachi Week: 22-29

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