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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Can I Vent Please & Asparagus Supreme / 4-8-2020

      Well here we sit like birdies in the wilderness, birdies in the wilderness, or is it like coyotes on a CapeCod beach, Coyotes on a CapeCod beach, waiting for this to end. I'm trying to be understanding, I am trying to be understanding, but it is hard sometimes. I feel and my heart and prayers go out for those affected by this virus stuff. My thanks goes out to those who are working the front lines. But I really wonder, how many of us near large cities, especially along the eastern seaboard have either already had it, or have an immunity to this thing now. Seriously, when are they going to get this test out that will be able to tell, so we can get those who have back to work, back to being able to help with front lines without the fear to be able to support face to face customer service, shops and other businesses. Cape Cod, we are such a mix of large cities, from Boston to New York, & Philadelphia, to Albany and beyond. They all come to the Cape, we are a very unique place to be, a somewhat crossroads of relaxation. I know that are other places in Massachusetts are resort and relaxation destinations as in the Berkshires also an area that pulls from many large cities. So coming up with some kind of test to resolve this issue would be optimal to not just the cities but too many other areas as well. But we are Cape Cod, and as normal it seems most technology stops at the canal. We get everyone with know to visit, but no one wants to bring their knowledge with them. We have the most beautiful beaches, some of the most photographed dunes. They talk about us from coast to coast and boarder to gulf. But where is the real help when we need it. I am not sour about this, seriously, I'm not. but as everyone talks about what isn't happening in their cities, what numbers are climbing when percentages really are staying about the same, Cape Cod, just rolls on. We are New Englanders, we are resilient, we will endure, we will make it, with or without their help. We will make it, we are hardy folk, or so they tell us, some of us tagalongs may be a little soft around the gills if you has a life-timer. So were do we go from this point on, we sit and we wait, if you can find a spot on the beach where no one else knows about, find it and enjoy it. Otherwise find any secluded place and enjoy what Cape Cod has to offer and try to keep your sanity. Know that we will get through this together, and at a distance till things get better and change. Until then, live long, live healthy, live smart and enjoy this place we call Cape Cod for as long as we can. Until next time.    
      Talking about businesses, so hard is it when there aren't any open, no art shows, no festivals, only the darn internet. Restaurants that used to be prime this time of year to us locals are now only doing take out or delivery. It's not that we ate out tons, but when we did, I really like to go someplace and sit down and allow good service complement good food. I like to be taken care of and this darn thing is just putting a real kabash on the life. Food is my life in that, I am a really good cook, I learned well from my Mother and Dad was never afraid to get in there and do his this also. So I don't go out to get a good meal, rather I go out for an experience and take out or delivery just does not accomplish that. But we do have our places, as few as they are and as we can we will support them. I never have been a tipper for take out, but so far I have changed that practice as these folks are taking a hit. So as I am able I will continue to do that. At this time, what can I advise, not sure, around Dennis, as I have mentioned already is Holly's Deli, I know Jason's Tavern has been doing take out, as i Kream and Kone. Dennis Port House of Pizza is still making those pizza pies, grinders and out greek salad to die for. The fast food joins are still serving it up through the drive threw and I know there are several places that are delivering, (I know as my neighbor across my street is doing his part to keep them in business LOL). If you are on good terms are nieghbors try to team up and do group food deliveries to help those places save on delivery charges.Just do what you can, support who you can, and let's get this thing over with so we can get back to some normalcy. Till next time. will try to get some new places that are doing deliveries or are just open for take out. Hang in there y'all, and till them eat well.     
      Greetings all, I'm starting to think that watching the beacon turn round and round is the only excitement in town. And the other night on my walk, i ran into the first swarm of gnats, all I could do is stand there, stare and count them. I lost count at about 27, I think I'm loosing my mind. I think there are a lot of others that lost it long before I did, and the biggest is the media. I think if most of them would just shut up that over half the hyped hysteria would disappear, for every on good piece of news they have to be sure there are 10 bad pieces to cover it up. Common people, wise up, just cause there is one shark in the ocean does not mean we need to close all the beaches in the world. And when there is one incident we don't need to think the world is coming to an end. Ships have come and gone and sailed these waters off Cape Cod, there have been many that did not make it, but so many did and guess what life is still going. Now I did not just fall off the turnip wagon yesterday nor was I born 3 year ago. I get the severity of this issue and what is still going on. But there comes a time that you have to stop living scared and start just living. We need to stop the negativity and start being positive. Instead of stating the obvious, the population of whales is still decreasing, what are we doing to help that population grow and celebrate new whale like. Instead of fearing the sharks as they come, how can we figure ways to co-habitat with them, besides providing them with their seasonal buffet. You get the point? Spring is here and Summer is on coming. Are we going to stay with our heads in the sand and just continue to deny life or are we going to get it back together and allow life to be apart of our lives. This is Cape Cod, we have much to offer, and fears need to be put aside and we need to take back out spit of land and start enjoying all we have to. So here is to an end to thing virus thing and on with living right here on old Cape Cod, I guess in due time. 
      Well for the month of April one of the veggies they have on the wheel of fun is Asparagus. I love asparagus, Roasted, grilled, steamed. you name it. So I thought looking for a new way to prepare it would be a fun find, at least for me. I hope you find this one just as tasty as I have. Oh in case you were wondering, some of the other veggies earmarked for April are, Artichokes, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Leeks, Mushrooms, Rhubarb (yes it is a veggie technically, but legally is categorized as a fruit, look it up weird as it is.) radishes and Spring Peas. Now remember this is also dependent on regional, but in general available in grocery stores and farm markets this is what is starting to come in. I love fresh veggies so Spring is the start of major munchie time for me, I hope it is for you as well, and go for all the colors of the rainbow not just the typical colors. (we may deal with this another time, but when you can start getting out to the store again, really take a good look at all the colors that traditional fresh veggies come in, it can be a really cool experience.) Now on with the show and some darn good grub (can say the other, some guy by the last name Brown owns that one, LOL.) 

      This week's recipe: Asparagus Supreme

      4      cups      cut up fresh asparagus spears. (try to get thiner ones)
      1      can        condensed cream of shrimp soup
   1/2      cup        dairy sour cream
      1      tsp.        grated onion
      2      Tbsp      coarsely shredded carrot
   1/8      tsp         pepper
   1/2      cup        herb seasoned stuffing mix
      1      cup        butter, melted

      Cook fresh asparagus in boiling water (salted) 5 -6 minutes or until crisp-tender. Drain well. Combine soup, sour cream, carrot, onion and pepper; fold in asparagus. Turn into an ungreased 9X 13, or 1 quart baking dish. Combine stuffing mix and melted butter, sprinkle around edges of asparagus mixture. Bake, uncovered, 350 degree oven for 30 to 35 minutes.  

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