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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Trying to Cope with this COV-19 Thing & an Orange Rush Cocktail / 4-1-2020

      Ok so this week, has been a hard one for me, as a work at home, many would think this is a breeze of a time. No change in schedules, no change in routines, life just rolls on. Ok folks news flash I am not a Hermit, a Monk, a Solitarian. During the week I am part of a Mens Bible Study group, I have worship team rehearsal, we like to go out and do a lot of window shopping. We enjoy going out periodically and eat out, we have a life outside these walls I call my castle. I've about had it, I'm tired of people calling me selfish, for wanting to go out, I am tired of being thought of a misfit because I don't want to be anti-social or a loner. And I resent those statements and comments, as although I don't like them I do abide by them. I do keep my physical distance, I don't congregate with other, and I do promote healthy practices as much as I can. But it does not mean I have to like it or agree with it. I saw on the news the other night someone wanting to close the bridges to the outside world thinking this will "keep us safe". I'm sorry but get a life and get real folks, if you believe that I have some beautiful river front property for you in the middle of the Sahara dessert, real cheap. There is also another host if issues that make that a ridicules thought. If you want to be that isolated, move to upstate Maine or a lot further north into Canada and take it off the grid, thats about the only way you are going to escape this.We forget there have been 24,000 – the estimated number of deaths in the US related to the flu during this flu season, 10% – the percent of deaths from the flu as a percent of confirmed flu cases via the CDC (note much higher than the coronavirus), 39,000,000 – the number of estimated individuals in the US who contracted the flu this flu season.(Please note these figures come from Blabber Buzz in a posting they put out 4-1-2020) and the numbers keep going on and on. I am not saying the COVID-19 is not a serious illness or virus, I am just saying the media has driven this hysteria past the point of crazy madness. We need to practice healthy choices, we need to be smart about going out when we are sick, and especially to work. We need be smart about being around our seniors who have higher compromised health issues, and we need to be smart about those not so old who have respiratory or other health issues that would be an issue if we were to come around them sick and ill. This is the issue, not just with COVID-19, but with the flu, with other spreadable viruses and illnesses. But we also need to quickly find a way to get those tests that can confirm someone has had and has recovered and allow them to get back to the real world and get things going again. The order for both the healthy and the sick to stop and just watch the world go by is not the answer, but for now that is what we have to live by. Let's just get this done and let's get back to as much normalcy as we possibly can. You know I don't like it, I get it you don't like it, no one likes it, but let's face it, it is what it is and until someone wakes up and starts making better decisions and the medical lays off the paranoia and mass media hysteria many will continue to live in fear, instead of living for a new and better day.   Ok if you haven't figured this out this is an editorial, these are my opinions, no one else's You don't have to agree with me, but let's get talking about how to bring this shut down to an end, help those that need help and move on with life to some normalcy again. Until then, hope to see you soon on Cape Cod, under normal conditions.       
      Well it's a good time to cover some good eats, this week we did DJs Family Sports Pub located 165 Yarmouth Rd in Hyannis. We did the split wings grab and go. Now at first my heart sank when I found out they have discontinued their Mandarin Orange-Ginger flavor. I loved that flavor and nearly backed out, but instead I ended up trading out for the lemon-garlic wings and the wife got the teriyaki flavored wings. Ok so I. ate over half of both and she dove into my lemon-garlic like I might not get any. So, is it a deal breaker, no, because I know whatever I order at DJ's it will be good, to take home now, or when we get back to sit down. You can never go wrong with DJ's Famous Wings, just hope they bring back the Mandarin Orange-Ginger flavored wings. Yummm.
      Next up, and if I mentioned this recently I apologize but we just went on Saturday and still amazed at the size of the sandwiches and that's Holly's Deli, across from the Dennis Fire Department on Rt 28. I got the Italian Sub and the wife got the roast beef with horseradish. These things are ginormous and tasty as all get out and reasonable in price. Now we also went over to the take and bakes that she has. 6.99 or 10.99 for individual or two person lasagna. They have buffalo chicken mac & cheese, they have stuffed shells, they have, oh shoot, just get in there and grab something for lunch and take dinner home with you as well. This stuff is like out of this world. 
      Ok this week I am going to push my friends up at Truro Vineyards and South Hollow Spirits. They have switched over and are making some wicked awesome hand sanitizer. You might want to check out their website or give them a holler about when they will be ready with the next batch to be dispensed. And while you are there, pick up a couple bottles of wine or a bottle or two of gin or rum or both. If you are gonna sanitize the outside, you might as well keep the inside squeaky sanitized as well with the good stuff. Now they will go in and get it for you and bring it out to you as the shop is actually not open right now for browsing, but they are open for purchase pick ups. So let's keep the spirits flowing and the winery going. Love these folks up there.. If you need they are located in North Truro.           
       Welcome back to the weekly question of what month is it. Yup, the days are getting longer but the staleness of the house and sitting around watching the paint on the wall either dry or peel are so extremely boring to me. Ok I know, I know, I need to be more positive, more up lifting, have a better outlook on things. You know what, as an old koot I've been around long enough that I deserve and have earned the right to be grumpy about what is going on. When I look at what I have lived through in the past and the servility of past large scale world sicknesses, this still does not add up. Many of you, especially you younger folk have been media brain washed in thinking the world is coming to an end. You sit in front of you flat screens and portable phone with the latest on how many more tests were done today then yesterday then marvel at why the numbers of cases keep going up. Dah wake up kids, do the math. The one good thing I see coming out of this is my some of you will keep better hygiene, In this day and age i'm sorry but there is no excuse. Some of those I see come through for the tours, don't get me wrong it's great to have people, but the odor and the dirtiness sometimes you just wonder. We need to take care of our seniors, Ok, some would say I am well into my senior years, But I mean those in the homes, those with health issues need to be cared for, But the rest of us, give me a break. Am I playing devils advocate, maybe, maybe not. But with what I have heard once you've had this you can move on, so let's get this test going that can tell if you've had and get this country moving again. This is getting out of hand. OK, I liken it to the sharks that will be here soon, when they come, you use your smarts bout it, sometimes you have to move down the beach a bit, or make sure you have look outs. You take precautions, unless you the nut cases that just want to close it all down, burry their head in the sand and wine about it all. Really. Ok I, got the sharks in there, and did you hear the Right Whales have been back for a bit. I have seen them a couple times out to the north and boy are they spectacular. I have gotten the word that, oystering and scalloping have come to an end in many areas, and time to let them repopulate. But Quahoging and soft shell digging is still open. And as the Massachusetts Fish Department has noted that fishing, is not closed and you can go out on your boats and fish. Just don't take a group with you please. No I don't like the laws but they are what they are and I will abide by them, that is my duty. Folks, Let's get this straight, I do get the seriousness, but we need to stop being ridiculous about what is going on. Well folks, be smart, be safe, look in on your neighbors, (from a distance as necessary) and let's pray we can get past this thing sooner than later and all meet together right here on old Cape Cod.      
      On this first day of April it almost feels like Mother earth is trying to play a really mean fools joke on the world. But my mother always told me that the best thing to get into you when you did not feel good was the all natural healing Chicken soup and lots of vitamin C. So what is one of the best sources of vitamin C, the Orange, or frankly many different kinds of fruits. Well, my theory to all this COVID-19, I will let those around me sanitize the outside or their bodies while I choose to sanitize the inside of my body. Yum. LOL. What can I say. You deal with C-19 your way, I will deal with it my way and trust me I will have a much happier time about it. Now with all that said, in these times of being home all the time it can be very easy to take this a bit farther than one should. So please be a responsible consumer and if you are out and about, please don't drink and drive, even a short distance, it's just not worth the risk. Now lets get this show on the road and get our daily dose of vitamin C. 

      This week's recipe: an Orange Rush Cocktail

      1      oz      Orange rum
   1/2      oz      Peach schnapps
      2      oz      Orange juice
      1      oz      Pineapple juice
      1      oz      Cranberry juice

      Mix all ingredients together, pour into a tall glass and garnish with a slice of orange, a wedge of pineapple and or a few cranberries.  

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