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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Looking Foward & Baked Rockfish / 4-15-2020

      Oh happy day, can we say summer time, bring it on. Ok really? Let's get the warm weather going, the windows open, and air things out. We have been living in stuffy. shut up, dank houses, with reconstituted cruddy air to breath. And personally I have never heard that, that is a great way to live a healthy life and find healing both physically and mentally. I know there is no dates set when things will start to get back going. They have not asked my opinion so I need to be careful how much I offer it, I'm not a doctor, I just play one in my own house (ha, ha) But the Cape is a prime area for being able to cleans the lungs, find a quiet spot to take in the sun and get that vitamin D, clear the head of all the propaganda, spin on issues, political hooey and pooey, Summer time is a time we should be putting our stresses behind us and allowing our creativity go before us. Life happens in the spring and summer, and time to get out in nature, seeing all the flowers, greenery, wild life, and sea-life. So as we sit in our homes, bottled up like flat soda, or stale beer waiting to poured out. Life is not fun right now, it's very frustrating in more ways than I can share. I am sure you have your issues as well that you are facing and some extremely more stressing than mine. But summer is something we can set our eyes on, our hopes on, a time we can envision things somewhat back to a more normal and better times. So come join me in planning, small things, things outside, in the nature walks, rail trails and on the beaches and a time of cleansing and healing. So here is to all we have to look forward to and all right here on old Cape Cod.
      Local businesses and restaurants report, first up, the word is out that Dairy Queen in South Yarmouth has now opened for take and go only but we all know that Spring has sprung when DQ is open for business. YAA.
      Now a hot spot to check on restaurants and leads is our own WPXY and and go to the COVID-19 drop down menu, there is a restaurant link, this will lead you to each towns chamber that is posting the reporting eateries that are doing take out/pick up meals. Now as always this list is changing, some places are doing better than others. Some give it a try and it just does not work for them, while others are finding a way to really make it happen. So check the list, in your area or neighboring areas and support our local eateries to the best of your abilities. If you are communicating with your neighbors and folks up and down your street (texting, calling, emailing, or when needed shouting) if you can get two or three or more to make one order from a single eatery the delivery becomes much more economical for them to do. And please if you do delivery, especially delivery, remember to tip, they still have to put gas in their vehicles just like everyone else. 
      As far as businesses, check out local business web-sites, they may not be doing festivals or shows right now but many are still selling online. Check for virtual pop ups, get on their facebook or Instagram pages and watch for specials. And when you can, shop local, support local and let's get through this together the best we can. 
      Well here we are another week going by and it seems we are still in the same place without much movement. I have tried to understand this, and grab ahold of what is really going on. I have been at this station for several decades now and over the many more of my life can not remember seeing anything quick like this before. Sure there have been other viruses, and pandemics, but this one is a bit different. I'm not sure if it has to do with the technology and that we are getting nearly play by play of each changing numbers or how the media is handling it. or what? I just can put my finger on it. But as I have sat here now, day after day after my duties and look up at the old gal (the light tower) and her beacon at the top. I have to remind myself that in times likes these I have always preached to keep yours eyes looking up and keep the beacon in your sights for a sign of hope and direction. Apparently I have not listened to my sermons and have been shooting my mouth like old Foggy here. Sometimes I frustrated too, I see the reports, both those reported and those that many want to ignore and I wanna jump up and down like the waves of the ocean, but forget the bigger the waves the more erosion happens, and that is rarely good. A more peaceful, calm ocean is what is best to stay the beaches, the dunes and the emotions of the masses. Yes we need to raise questions, push what is not being broadcasted, get the message out through the fog and danky weather conditions, but do it with steady calm directive and not like a shark on a frenzy feeding. We are not sharks, or rather we do not need to act like them. Am I giving up, no, but just changing my directives. Right now we need positives, not negatives. We need support, not knockdowns, we need caring, not bickering, we need to get through this together, not against each other. So as we look for answers, let's come back to the lighthouse, let's get our eyes off the ground and off the rocking waves and get them up to the beacon and follow the light to safer, calmer healing waters. The beaches will come and go, as do the sharks, the seals, the whales, even boats as we know especially along the outer coast of the Cape. But we do have a hope, so may I start it with me, and may my attitude be that of a more positive one than were it has been the last couple weeks. Have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod, and may we return to some kind of normalcy sooner than later. 
      This month I  wanted to get back to a nice baked fish recipe. Rockfish is a mild fish that has been said to be a good substitute for red snapper that has been on the depleting list, but is making a nice comeback from reports I have seen. If you cannot find Rockfish in your area you can substitute a nice mild white fish like cod or halibut or even tilapia (I know this is a love it or not fish but that was the suggestions I came across). So as we are still playing with temperatures, it is still a great time to bake as it will cut the coolness in the house and give you a great meal to boot. Besides I love baked fish, makes it so easy to make, just saying, and a lot less messy than frying. So give this a try and hope we have found another fish dinner that is a reel it in keeper. Now on with the show:

      This week's recipe: Baked Rockfish 

      5      cups     fresh spinach
      2      fillets    Rockfish (or other mild white fish)
    10      each     Cherry Tomatoes, halved
   1/2      cup      vegetable broth or white wine
      2      Tbsp    dill
   1/4      tsp       garlic powder
   1/2      tsp       lemon pepper
   1/4      tsp       onion powder
      Salt and pepper to taste
      1      slice     lemon 
   1/2                  onion sliced 
      1      tsp       butter

     Preheat oven to 400 degrees, Layer spinach on bottom of baking dish. Lay fish fillets on spinach. Scatter tomatoes around the fish. Pour broth into side. Season fillets with dill, garlic, lemon, onion, salt & pepper. Place lemon, onion, and butter on the fish. Cover the dish with aluminum foil and bake for about 20-25 minutes. 

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