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Friday, April 3, 2020

Fox Friday / 4-3-2020

Fox Friday EveryOne
And happy Paradise Friday, may the hours on the clock pass like the trade winds that blow off the coast of Hawaii, steady, constant and quickly but not damaging. But oh to just get through today, I have the petal down already, the roof off the sports vehicle and my hair is blowing in the wind. Although I am just beginning my day I already have the finish line in my sights and I see nothing but the drag strip in front of me. It’s an 8 hour straight away that I have one goal in mind, getting there without blowing up my engine or having a major whip out. This is a no holds race and I want there first. I have places to go, people to see and things to do and I am excited for it all. No getting there first and winning does not mean I do it recklessly or without a cause. But I with a mindful purpose and a goal before me. How about you, are you with me, are you ready to be there. Them let them light the tree and let this race begin. We are headed for Paradise Friday Party with all full steam ahead. Ok so the theme of the weeks has been, different kinds of Squirrels, yup those fuzzy little critters that like to help dig holes in your yard, gotta love em. Now if along the way you come on one in true need, stop and lend a hand, and to all the others, greet them and point them in the right direction. And when it is all said and done, may you have had a most Happy, Happy the whole day long.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances 
Don't Go to Work Unless it's Fun Day
National Walk to Work Day
Tweed Day
World Party Day
Fan Dance Day
Hospital Admitting Clerks Day
International Kids Yoga Day
Find A Rainbow Day
National Film Score Day
National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day:
Pony Express Day
Weed Out Hate

National Cordon Bleu Day - 4
International Carrot Day - 4
National Burrito Day - 4
National Ramon Noodle Day - 4
Hug a Newsman Day - 4
Walk Around Things Day - 4
School Librarian Day - 4
Tell a Lie Day - 4
World Rat Day - 4
Every Day is Tag Day - 4
International Day for Mine Awareness& Assistance in Mine Action - 4
International Pillow Fight Day - 4
Jeep 4x4 Day - 4 
National Hand Made Day - 4
National Love Our Children Day - 4
National Play Outside Day - 4
Slow Art Day - 4
Take Your Parents To The Playground Day - 4
Victims of Violence Wholly Day - 4
Vitamin C Day - 4
Tangible Karma Day - 4
National Dental Hygienest Week: 4-10
Hate Week: 4-10
National Robotics Week: 4-12
Money Smart Week: 4-11

Caramel Day - 5
National Raisin & Spice Bar Day - 5
National Deep Dish Pizza Day - 5
Palm Sunday - 5
Go for Broke Day - 5
National Dandelion Day - 5
Read a Road Map Day - 5
Geologists Day - 5
Gold Star Spouses Day - 5
National Education and Sharing Day - 5 
National Flash Drive Day - 5
Read A Road Map Day - 5
Bat Appreciation Week: 5-11
Holy Week: 5-11
National Blue Ribbon Week:  5-11
National Public Health Week:  5-11
National Window Safety Week: 5-11
Undergraduate Research Week: 5-11
World Irish Dancing Week: 5-12


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