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Monday, April 27, 2020

Good Lemon-Lime Monday Morning EveryOne / 4-27-2020

Good Lemon-Lime Monday Morning EveryOne
   This morning I feel impelled to say some things out of the normal about my morning new letter. I know I am not read by some gigantic number of people but, and many of you know me personally, either family or friends, or just acquaintances, and I do thank you for stopping by either regularly or even just on occasion to read this normally goofy posting. But this morning I think it is time to address why I feel compelled to continue to write this crazy thing in all the seriousness to hopefully show we are all in this together. Whether our daily grind or this nutty thing we call "The Virus". I'm not here to blow sunshine up anyone's butt, I'm not here to make light of serious situations, I'm just a normal guy, trying to make it through everyday, through every week just like the rest of you. Some think you have to be employed to read this, not true, school kids to college enrollees to retires, we all have the same issues in life, making it through one day at a time, while keeping ones sanity, and focus. This morning letter is states nothing new really, we have all heard it before. But how many of us take it to heart, how many of us loose sight or vision, how many of us fall back into old habits of allowing the things around us to dictate how we react to our everyday attitudes and outlooks. Especially during this time of weirdness going on around the world. I know I am not perfect in my grammar, I wasn't an English major, in fact I went to school as studied art, and as a good artist lost focus and never finished. Now nearing the age of 60 find myself in interesting times, and needing more and more to try to find a way to focus each morning. Yes I come from a very faith based background and hold strongly to it's beliefs and a relationship with my creator. But I am very human and by many would be called the black sheep of the family (even my church family) I'm not perfect, I don't always do the right things, I have my life questions at times and choose to walk my own path way to often instead of staying where I should. My life is anything but a model as it should and I go through a lot of muck I create myself. So why do this? Regardless of what path you have chosen to go, if you have it all going for you, if you find yourself in a position or situation you wish you never had arrived at, we all have one thing in common, we have to live each day, one at a time. We all will have questions, we all need a boost, we all need help (admitted or not), and what I am here to do, it provide a little fun, and little encouragement, and a little hope. And a little knowledge that you know what, you are not in this boat along and others are struggling just like everyone else is to get through. So as you read this in the mornings, remember we all will cross paths somewhere along our journeys with each other, and we all have something we can share that is a struggle or pain that will encourage another, even if just to know someone else made it through, or your not going through whatever alone. So as we get moving on this weeks adventure, pull on those hikers, the path is full of rocks, roots and pitfalls. It will have its ups and downs, along with its smiles and frowns. But through it all we will make it, support each other, and hopefully find that the one who made us really does cares, and is there every step of our way. Now let's get to the starting line and get this day going. Remember if we come on one that needs help, we will stop, we will help and if need see them to the next care station then get back on the move to our days destination. Keep looking up for all your answers and let's go make us a most happy, happy, cause no-one else is going to do it for us. 
Your Morning Rooster
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: 
Mantanzas Mule Day
Morse Code Day
National Devil Dog Cakes Day
National Little Pampered Dog Day
World Tapir Day
National Playground Safety Week: 27-5/1

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