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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Martes en la Mañana 4-7-2020

Juliet Tuesday EveryOne
   Ain't this a morning you just feel like jumping up and down out of bed and just got that feeling you just wanna go dancing. Um, who's been smokin what? Are you kidding me? I have always thought anyone who get's out of bed trying to whistle a happy tune or singing a joyful noise has got to have something wrong with them. Seriously, there is no better place in the morning than in a nice bed, with a fluffy pillow under my head and the sheets pulled up to my nose. I am a firm believer in that the only reason God created morning was he needed sometime in the day to kick Satan out of heaven. But what can I say, the rest of world wants to be up and going at this ungodly hour and I have figured out the earlier I start the sooner I get to finish and do what I really wanna do. And I have found over the vast number of year that my life has spanned, it works far better to take the higher happier route than the lower, bah-humbug route. So find something to be happy or if nothing else to be thankful for and get it moving. Find those hikers you kicked off yesterday when you got off work and let's get them back on and laced up. It's another uphill day on this mountain and it's not a sand dune or grassy field, It's all rocks and stumps and bumps and we need to make hey, while we still can. And along the way, even with our physical distancing, if we come on anyone in dire need, give them the time and to see them to help, that you can not offer. Now let's go make us a most happy, happy all day long in all we do and say.
Your Morning Trainer
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: 
National Coffee Cake Day
National Beer Day
World Health Day
Caramel Popcorn Day
International Beaver Day
No Housework Day
Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Rwanda Genocide
International Snailpapers Day
Metric System Day
National Girl Me Too Day
National Handmade Day
National Making The First Move Day
National Sexual Assault Awareness Day of Action *World Health Organization Day
Genocide and Human Rights Awareness Month
Global Astronomy Month
Global Child Nutrition Month
Grange Month
Holy Humor Month
Home Improvement Time (April-Sept.30)
Honor Society Awareness Month

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