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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Cherry Tuesday / 6-30-2020

Cherry Morning EveryOne,
Bonjour,  or Ohyo, Buenos Dias, πρωί or Kalimera, morgen, god morgon, no matter what language you say it in, it still means mornings. As you get going this morning, remember you are not the first to see the sun today nor will you be the last. but you are the only one that can see the future of today through your eyes. So look up and see that it is good, you have a chance to make a difference for yourself, and to those around you. You have the opportunity to travel a road to new destinations, and you have the ability to choose to share good all along that way. So greet one another with great joy, giving a dose of hope and encouragement to others as you travel along life’s way today. You will be amazed at what it can do for you as well. Now get up and get going and get doing, cause we are not going to make the top of the hill sitting all day long. Remember if you come on one in true need stop and lend a hand and to all others, invite to join the caravan with  you may you have a most happy, happy all day long.
Your Morning Rooster
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observance:
National Mai Tai Day
National Ice Cream Soda Day
Asteroid Day
California Avocado Day
Disabled Veterans Day
Leap Second Time Adjustment Day
National Meteor Watch Day
National Outfit Of The Day Day
Social Media Day

Monday, June 29, 2020

Peppermint Monday // 6-29-2020

Peppermint Monday Morning EveryOne
 Ok so I have decided to do this last week and just let it run out from there. It's a short week and finished the first half of the year. So have fun and let's finish this wish a bang.
      It’s a beautiful day and ain’t nobody gonna convince me differently. How do I know cause I am determined to make this week what I choose to and I choose to make it beautiful. Sometimes there are circumstances that play into our thinking that can lead us down a path of destructive thinking, sometimes it is routine. But really in the long run it is our choice how we choose to begin each of our days. With so many blessings how can we not be compelled to start is with a heart of praise and thanksgiving. For live, for breath, for abilities, for enjoyment, for a host of other issues. You can if you choose fill your mind with the opposite, and what happens, you start the day in the damps, in the crapper, in the black hole that many cannot find their way out even when the best of times happens during the week. But by choosing to look up from the very get go you choose a more energy filled, more sunshine filled way of thinking full of opportunity and hope. As you get yourself going this morning I hope you will join me as I reach for the sky and the mountain tops. I hope you will share part of my dream and think outside the box of what probably could to what possibly can, and let us go for vision that only comes with upward and outward thinking. Have a great and wonderful today, if you come on one in true need, stop and lend a hand, and to all others, give a word of encouragement. And may you have a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: 
Camera Day
Hug Holiday
International Mud Day
Waffle Iron Day
International Day Of The Tropics
International Mud Day
Please Take My Children To Work Day
World Camera Day
World Scleroderma Day

Friday, June 26, 2020

Good Chocolate Friday Morning / 6-26-2020

Good Chocolate Friday Morning EveryOne
I am going to start this week by saying at the end of June I will be bringing this morning letter to an end. I will do this little ditty only Mondays and Fridays, then my last post will come on 6-26-2020. (UPDATE, I might take it to the actual end of the month 6-30ish, so check next week to see if I really am or not finished)  I had my entire year already planned out, I still have all my weekly themes planned, but has become clear to me that my time has come and gone. This letter is not reaching as it was was 7 even 14 years ago. This letter I have been doing now for round 21 plus years. Most people don't get the chance let along to do something for 21+.years. But this is a lot of work, I don't get paid for it, it's been a labor of love. But now is the time to exit the scene. I hope you stick with me through the end and see what themes I have for the next 4 weeks. Thank you to all who have read, and stayed with me, I do appreciate it. Now let's finish on the strong side and go out with a bang. Now on with the show.
      And a grand Poo-Bah greeting this morning to you all. We have arrived at the gateway to Paradise Friday and the only thing that stands between us and the platform to the train leaving for d’lsland party is about 8 hours for most and a few less for some and a drag strip, the front straight away, the last 100 yards, whatever you want to call it that last gasp that lies between where you are standing at this point and that platform. So thee prepared, whatever it takes. The original Olympians did it al’a’natural, Nascar drivers suit up from head to toe, bare foot, sprinters shoes, gold shoes, head bands, gather it all, loose it all, just get to the starting line cause we are in a race to the end. Now that we are all here we are leaving no-one behind, that means if you see a mate go down or has a true need along the way, stop and help, and in all other cases be of good cheer and an encourager. So what has been the theme for this week, Well good old varieties of Mint. Yup, edible Mint, hope you had fun with this one. Oh but the way there are ovder 17 different kinds that I could find. So are you ready for a party? A Paradise Friday Party? Then let’s get rock’n and a roll’n and get-r-done, and may you have a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi 

Holidays & Observances
Beautician's Day
Forgiveness Day
National Canoe Day
Take Your Dog to Work Day
626 Day (Lilo & Stitch)
Bar Code Day
Harry Potter Day
International Rose' Day:
Drive Your Corvette to Work Day
National Food Truck Day
International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
National Coconut Day
Same Sex Marriage Day
Take Your Dog To Work Day
North American Organic Brewers Days: 26-28  - Moved to August 4,2020
Water Ski Days: 26-28

National Indian Pudding Day - 27
National Onion Day - 27
Sun Glasses Day - 27
ARRL (American Radio Relay League) Field Day: 27-28
Decide To Be Married Day - 27
Great American Backyard Campout - 27
Happy Birthday To You" Day - 27
Industrial Workers of The World Day - 27
Micro-, Small-, And Medium-Sized Enterprises Day - 27
National Haskap Berry Day - 27
National HIV Testing Day - 27
National Sunglasses Day - 27
PTSD Awareness Day - 27
Summersgiving - 27
Tour de France - 27-7/19 Moved to August
National Prevention of Eye Injuries Awareness: 27 -7/4

National Ceviche Day - 28
Insurance Awareness Day - 28
International Body Piercing Day - 28
Paul Bunyan Day - 28
Descendants Day - 28
International Body Piercing Day - 28
Log Cabin Day - 28
National Logistics Day - 28
Tau Day - 28
Punxsutawney Groundhog Days: 28-7/5

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Lavender Thursday Morning / 6-25-2020

Lavender Thursday Morning EveryOne
Happy, Happy, Happy, to be up and about. Well? Let’s just say some days are easier than others, but when it comes down to it, I make the choice of whether I am going to be either pleasant about it or ugly about it. Or better yet some mornings I have to work harder at being upbeat than others. No, getting up every morning and choosing to be in a decent attitude is not easy but what it does not only for me but for those around me is huge. No matter if the sun is out or not (and it is this morning), no matter if I smell the coffee brewing when I get up (fortunately this morning I remembered to turn on the timer), no matter if the back is having issues (this morning it is) in each situation I choose to not let it affect my attitude to the bad. All I have to do is remember those in less fortunate situations, places, living conditions, even the freedom we have here in the U.S. and I can smile. So this morning, will you make the choice to put on a happy face? May your day and someone else’s with how big you decide to start your morning glow with. Remember if you come on one in true need, stop and lend a hand, and to all others, invite them along for the journey, and may you have a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Penguin
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: 
National Strawberry Parfait Day
National Catfish Day
Chinese Dragon Boat Festival
Log Cabin Day
Color TV Day (CBS)
Day of The Seafarer
Global Beatles Day
Global Smurfs Day
Leon Day
National Bomb Pop Day
National Hand Shake Day
National Police Community Cooperative Day
School Prayer Banned Anniversary

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The end of a Book & S'mors Cookie Balls / 6-24-2020

      So on this long road we have finally come to a end of this journey. I am at a point that it is time to give this a rest, a break. Many things have happened that brought this to forwishen, but the biggest was finally finding out that the owner, and editor off Mr Robert Fellows had passed away unexpectedly back on February at the age of 59 ( see his Obituary in the CapeCodTimes or I first started this thing the August that Walter Brooks of Brewster started this thing called in 1998 (Walter passed away August 12, 2018 at the age of 87). He used to tell people I was one of his most prolific writers. This used to crack me up, but was very humbled by it as well. A mid-western at the age of 37 who had been vacationing here on the Cape since 1965 with his folks and wanted so badly to move here permanently. My father the pastor was the one who graduated college with a degree in English, me I could hardly make a proper sentence let alone spell half my word right. Thank heavens for spell check now, and that does not always help, and my sentence structures probably still makes a good English teacher cringe. I never claimed to be good at, just a person who wanted to share stories about this place he loved so much. Then in 2012 I got the opportunity to move here and make it my home. Over the years I have learned, one does not always have 1000 different stories, or we may but only to find out you have 10 stories and 990 variations of those 10. I added the recipes along the way to make it more interesting and to add something that was and still is a passion of mine, cooking, and I have been blessed to have a family that will try just about anything. I brought on the old lighthouse guy at the life saving station. I loved that old koot he was a hoot to me. I saw days of readership that were out of this world and days that were lean. But I have always had at least someone who has read and bared the writing of this blogger, if nothing else for than a laugh. I hope you have enjoyed these last number of year, the stories, the tips, the encouragements, the depiction of life of an average guys life here on Cape Cod and to share a few good times and some of the bad. Thank you to all who have stayed with me all these years, and I hope that if I do decide to bring this back in another form. Until then, or until we meet on down the road, have yourself a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod. And remember we do actually live in a very special place, take care if it and your neighbors and may we find harmony with one another and with this wonderful place God has allowed us to be part of.      
      Small & Local Business report: For this last blog, I really want that thank you special businesses, They have helped me more than any other businesses, put with my insistent bugs for information, fed me with into that I could pass on and have turned out to be great acquaintances and friends. There are many others that I have just become friends due to stalking them at arts & craft shows and fairs, and others have actually found me writing about them without their knowledge. There was only 1 time that I was offered a dinner to write about a restaurant, and made that known right up front, but other than that, I never profited from, never asked for anything, and never expected anything. This was my way of giving back to the community and help spread the word about great local artists, artistens, crafters and local businesses. Promote year round eateries to seasonal joints I tried to do my best. I live in the South Dennis so I have a great vantage being half way in between Hyannis and Orleans, and Falmouth/Sandwich and P'Town. So being able to go places and try new things and places, I was able to do on a regular bases. Thank you again to all who I have gotten to know and share. Those special businesses are Truro Vineyards and the Roberts family, Kristen and David and their genuine care for helping me and allowing their staff pass on information to me, located just off of Rt 6 in North Truro. Second is Cape Cod Beer, my thanks to The Marcus Family, Todd and Beth for allowing their staff to pass on info, located in Hyannis off Phinney's Lane. One last one as honorable mention and that would be Lindsey and Jenn from Washershore Jewlery at / Thank you in more way to them for their concern, tenderness and care then I can every mention. They will be at the Hyannis Shanties, this coming weekend. Tell them the Cape Cod Rockhopper said to say hi. 
      To all the rest and there are way to many and not near enough time to say thank you, and as this crazy pandemic times passes, and we get back to live as it should be, and we can survive all the rest going on in the world, I will be back on the arts tour with the craft shows with my paintings and maybe even find a gallery that will take me on. But until then try your best to a great and wonderful especially if you can do it on old Cape Cod.    
      Well for my last recipe for this blog, I think this one is a must have for summer time. I have always loved S'mores, roasting marshmallows, and that wonderful mix of chocolate, and graham crackers smashed with oowie gooey goodness, and no bake to boot. I hope you take these recipe that I have shared over the years and add your own touches, found new likings, and challenged you to think outside the pot and pan of normalcy. Please do not stop cooking, and remember you want to live to cook not cook to just live. Enjoy eating while eating to enjoy, Get healthy in your cooking and remember just cause it is lower calories, less sugar and salt does not mean it has to taste like cardboard. Find cookbooks that match your style, cross check the internet and for goodness sake fight to get grandma's recipes, but don't hord them, share them. I may be back in another form, sometime in the future, but for now I need a break from everything. Thank you for reading, for trying and for trying the bad, the good, and the fantastic with me over the years. Here's to happy eatings. Now on with the recipe of the week: 

      This week's recipe; S'Mores Cookie Balls

      3      cups      graham crackers crushed
      8      oz          marshmallow fluff
      3      Tbsp      butter melted
      1      cup        Dark Chocolate Melting Chocolate.
      2      extra      graham crackers crushed for topping

      Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside, (trust me this will help in a big way) Crush graham crackers, (some use a food processor, I just a rolling pin over crackers in a plastic bag).  Pour crumbs into a medium mixing bowl Add marshmallow fluff and melted butter. Stir until it starts to combine. Once it starts to stick together, using your hands, knead the fluff and crackers together. Scoop a heaping tablespoon of mixture, you can use a cookie dough scooper to make the job easy, I then roll them into balls at this time then place on pan with parchment paper. Once done, set pan in the fridge for 10-15 minutes and let it harden. (Some find it easier to scoop and chill first then roll into balls, just depends how set your "dough". 
      While the bites are chilling, melt chocolate according to package directions. until chocolate is completely melted. Then dip the bottom 1/2 of the bite into the melted chocolate, set back on parchment paper to let chocolate harden. Continue with remaining bites. Once chocolate has hardened, dip the top 1/2 in the chocolate, gently shaking off extra, then immediately place wet chocolate side up, and sprinkle with additional graham cracker crumbs. Repeat with remaining bites. Once the bites are dipped and sprinkled, allow chocolate to harden.
    (please note that I found this in a new paper clipping that came from some time ago, and I found online and in Pinterest. So who had it first not sure, So to whomever, a major thank you as these things are tasty and fun to make.)