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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Green Apple Thursday Morning / 4-30-2020

Green Apple Thursday Morning
    Well it’s time to get up it’s time to get up it’s time to get in the mooooooor-ningggg. Howdy all, and what’s that good cookin’ in the griddle this morning, may hog hash, and black eyed beans, maybe some heavenly hash and scrambled eggs, or I know, maybe some Philadelphia Scrapple with a couple of sunny side ups over toast. And some coffee strong enough grow hair,,, well it might me a little early to go there. Anyway now that you’re up put a smile on that face and let’s get this day a-going, cause we ain’t makin’ Whisky sittin’ here all mornin’. We done made it over the top of the mountain yesterday, we’s about a 1/3 of the way down and we are making a bee-line for honey pot. So have your sunglasses handy cause the sun is shining bright, ok so it’s not even over the horizon yet, but still it till be and the woodland creatures are just beginning to stir. It is a good day cause I’m on this side of the grass and that is always a good motivation to keep moving. So as we go if you come on one in true need, be neighborly, stop and lend a hand and to all the rest, bring em with ya cause many hands make light work in Whisky makin’. And when it’s all said and done may you have had a most Happy, Happy of all your days.
Your Morning Penguin
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Oatmeal Cookie Day
National Raisin Day
Hairstyle Appreciation Day
National Honesty Day
National Mahjong Day
Adopt A Shelter Pet Day
Animal Advocacy Day
Buddha Day
Bugs Bunny Day
Díá De Los Niños / Díá De Los Libros Day
International Jazz Day
National Animal Advocacy Day
National Bubble Tea Day
National Military Brats Day
National Prepareathon Day
Poem In Your Pocket Day
Spank Out Day - USA
Walpurgis Nigh


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Trying to be Positive & Curry and Shrimp Appetizer/ 4-29-2020

      So another week and now over a month at this. The good news is some states are starting to reopen, all with caution yes, but they are. I still feel that we need to regionalize the shut downs, The Berkshires and the Cape are not the same as Boston or Worcester or even Springfield. It's all about the numbers, Bigger or Big cities are going to have more issues. Guidelines sure, for now, until this thing is gone, Nose and mouth coverings when in group places. Continue to keep a stiffer line on group homes nursing homes elderly housing. Social distancing, is still a questionable thing with me. We know the issues, we are for the most part adults, stop with the silly kindergarten rules. It's time that the government stops treating us like it. People need to get back to work where ever possible. Take precautions yes, but let's get this thing going in areas that can and hold to stricter guidelines where the mass populations are.
      Now, we are Cape Cod, need to take advantage of all the open space we have.Take the time to get out while there is no traffic, the summer is coming and so are people.They will come, virus or not, so get out there, enjoy our warming days and the sites and signs of spring that can spring life into everyone who can breath it in. Just don't breath it out on someone else. Maybe this is the time you take the kids and head out to a fishing hole, or do some shore line fishing.(remember to get your licenses first). Take a walk or ride on one of the rail trails we have. Find a nature trail that is open and go enjoy it. I would suggest getting out and golf but someone didn't think that one through very well. One of the most socially physically distant sports and they shut that down. Dumb, dumb, dumb but who am I, just a small bird on a pile of rocks. But you get the point, and when you can, get out in your neighborhood, have a distant conversation, make sure folks are ok, offer if you can to help in where you can. Trust me it will make more of a difference in theirs and your lives than so many other things. We can grow from this, we can have fun here on Cape Cod, we can do what we can, and ride this wave out till things get back to some regularity and normalcy. Well that's about it for now. Stay safe, stay busy, stay reasonably distant, and stay mindful in all you do when out and about. And may we learn to enjoy this place we call Cape Cod just a little bit better than before. Till we meet again 
      Ok local business news, I know I keep changing the name of this, I still don't know what I am doing here during this stay at home time since I can't out and "GO" places. But I want to try to keep the restaurant movement going. Speaking of which, I just saw that the Naked Oyster in Hyannis is going to be opening May 7th for CurbSide and Take out, Thursday - Sunday 3:30 - 7:00. So it's time for some new food into this mix.
      If you are in the Brewster/Orleans area The Brewster Fish House is open for takeout Wed/Thur/Sun Noon-6 and Fri-Sat Noon-7, please call before you go just to be sure things are still working out. But have heard nothing but good reports on this place. Yum
      And last for this week is Oliver's & Plancks on 6A in Yarmouth. They will deliver to Yarmouth, Dennis, and Barnstable Village and they have house from 11:30 am - 8:30pm. You can also to take out as well. They have great food and yes I have eaten here before and I will be eating there again. So yum. 
      Ok I lied one last place for today, Wendy's in South Yarmouth, (only cause that is closes to me). Why would I through in a fast food joint. First its local people working, trying to pay their bills just like you and me. They help put money back into our economy and honestly I feel we here on the Cape go way overboard on giving these places a bad rap. Well time to stop and support them just like any other local place. And besides I just got my coupons in the mailer for breakfast goodies. Yup Wendy's is doing breakfast, so if you are looking for inexpensive for you and the kids one morning. Or if you are one of those service people that are still working and need to pick up bit this is your place going to work or coming home. The drive through is open for business.   
      Well another week has gone by, and actually this is cray thing I have gotten roped into once a week is about the only way I can tell what day I am on, as they all seem to run together, line this sentence. But I do have some news update, Last week I was making mention of our whale community. The next day I think it was or Friday I got the notice that the Division of Marine Fisheries of Mass are extending the season or time for speed limits in the Cape Cod Bay and even out to Stillwagen Bank through May 14th. Check out the MA Division of Marine Fisheries for more info. The good news to all this is there have been more calves born and noted out there so we need to take all the precautions we can to protect those kids. As far as the Covid-19, if you heard that you could not go fishing, well, you were wrong. Now on your boat don't go taking a party with you, that on the other hand is still in place. But if you and a family member or a friend want to get out there and just enjoy some fresh air and little sounds of all this pandemic stuff and hopefully take home some good eats. As far as the beach, check with your local towns to what is open and what is not. General rule of thumb however is, if you can see more people around you than are on your fingers and toes, move on and find someplace more secluded. Until they decide that we aint as stupid as they want to make us all out to be, and a handful of idiots does not account for the majority of us. But it is what it is and we keep on, keeping on. At least the weather is starting to warm up some and if this weekend does not end up being a total washout, it could get pretty nice out there. So let's hope. I have been able to have one or two helpers over to go over the old gal had making the lists of what we need to get done so we are ready as soon as they open things back up.Some painting we can start right away, distancing is not an issue there and a few other lawn and garden issues. The lamp room is always my baby to take care of and have kept her fairly updated this spring with no one visiting. So only a bit of clean up and a little polish and shining and all will be like it should be. Well, still not tons but at least I got to fill you in with a few new things and hope you are weathering the storm. Hold on tightly and keep your eyes on the beacon to lead the way. We hope to see you soon and keep holding the faith, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.     
      One thing that has not diminished through this lousy virus is my appetite, and with an extra Wednesday that means its appetizer week. Now I am starting to look at the appetizer work a lot differently than before. It's almost now more like a snack time food. And you can make different ones and keep them in the refrigerator so that when you are getting those hangeries, you have something small and ready to go. Or at night time when you are watching TV you can grab something fun to munch on. And most of these Appetizer are much healthier that grabbing garbage food. I don't mind a sweet treat now and than but let's get real, all that sugar is not doing us (especially if you are boarder line or fully diabetic) any good, and the waist line needs no help except to shrink not grow. So check out this recipe for a this wonderful dip, put with home made or artisan bread, some multi grain crackers or a few other good choices and you have a wicked awesome appetizer/dip. And one of the nice things about this you can make it as spicy as you want it. So stop eating crappy snacks and get busy in the kitchen or on the weekend, and make a few of these tasty treats so you have something great to have through the week. Guess what? It does not have to end once we are past this lousy mess. Now on with the recipe of the week. 

      This week's recipe: Curry and Shrimp Appetizer
    16       oz       cream cheese
   1/2       tsp      curry powder (or to your taste)
   1/2       tsp      Worcestershire Sauce 
      2      Tbsp    lemon juice
      1      can      small shrimp ( 6 oz)
      1      egg      hard-boiled
      1      stalk    green onion

      Mix, cream cheese, curry, Worcestershire sauce, and lemon juice together until well blended. Put mixture into a shallow dish and cover bottom and sides. Press shrimp into cream cheese. Sprinkle with finally chopped egg and green onion. 

Cucumber Wednesday Morning / 4-29-2020

Cucumber Wednesday Morning EveryOne
   Well it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and all is as it should be. It’s hump day and that means up and over the top of the peak. Take a stop for a minute to survey where we have come from and where we need to go, then set off for the second half of the week. We are, closer to the finish than we are to where we started and for that along it is a good day. So wake them sleepy eyes and get the oxygen to the brain, cause the air can get mighty thin up here. Stretch the limbs and rattle the cobwebs from wherever they are and let’s get this train a rolling. We have people to see, places to go and things to do and sitting here is not going to get us those things done. Physically you could be stuck in a chair all day but your mind is constantly on a journey, so again, get on board and let’s get this trip a traveling. Ready or not here we come. But do remember to lend a hand to anyone in true need along the way and to anyone else that crosses your path be of good cheer. And throughout your days travels may you have a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Guru 
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances 
Greenery Day
International Dance Day
National Zipper Day
Denim Day
International Guide Dogs Day
International Noise Awareness Day
"Peace" Rose Day
World Wish Day


Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Black Current Tuesday / 4-28-2020

Black Current Tuesday EveryOne
   Good Tuesday Morning, why is it good, any Tuesday I can get out of bed it’s good cause I endured Monday and I am still alive to tell you about it. As I look out my window the clouds are still lingering this morning and thus it is not as light as it normally is, but the one lone daffodil next to one of the trees in my front yard is fully up, fully open making itself a showpiece for anyone to take notice. Sometimes we all feel like that, but we never know who is watching, or who needs to see the beauty we have to make it another day. We have so much that each one of us has to offer, when we can do out daily routine quietly and diligently and with honor. So as you go through today, even if you don’t feel like being, even if you don’t think you are not being of help, even if you question sometimes why, stand firm, stand strong, and stand to the best of your ability so that when the time comes you can be presented at your very best and you can be proud of yourself for being the best you can. Easy? Not always, Possible? Very much so. Worth it? Always. No have a great day, remember if  you come on one in true need stop and lend a hand and to all the other that cross your path, be an encouragement. And may you have a most Happy, Happy of all days.
Your Morning Trainer
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
International Astronomy Day
Great Poetry Reading Day
Kiss Your Mate Day
Biological Clock Day
National Brave Hearts Day
National Superhero Day
Occupational Safety & Health Day
Workers Memorial Day
World Day for Safety and Health at Work


Monday, April 27, 2020

Good Lemon-Lime Monday Morning EveryOne / 4-27-2020

Good Lemon-Lime Monday Morning EveryOne
   This morning I feel impelled to say some things out of the normal about my morning new letter. I know I am not read by some gigantic number of people but, and many of you know me personally, either family or friends, or just acquaintances, and I do thank you for stopping by either regularly or even just on occasion to read this normally goofy posting. But this morning I think it is time to address why I feel compelled to continue to write this crazy thing in all the seriousness to hopefully show we are all in this together. Whether our daily grind or this nutty thing we call "The Virus". I'm not here to blow sunshine up anyone's butt, I'm not here to make light of serious situations, I'm just a normal guy, trying to make it through everyday, through every week just like the rest of you. Some think you have to be employed to read this, not true, school kids to college enrollees to retires, we all have the same issues in life, making it through one day at a time, while keeping ones sanity, and focus. This morning letter is states nothing new really, we have all heard it before. But how many of us take it to heart, how many of us loose sight or vision, how many of us fall back into old habits of allowing the things around us to dictate how we react to our everyday attitudes and outlooks. Especially during this time of weirdness going on around the world. I know I am not perfect in my grammar, I wasn't an English major, in fact I went to school as studied art, and as a good artist lost focus and never finished. Now nearing the age of 60 find myself in interesting times, and needing more and more to try to find a way to focus each morning. Yes I come from a very faith based background and hold strongly to it's beliefs and a relationship with my creator. But I am very human and by many would be called the black sheep of the family (even my church family) I'm not perfect, I don't always do the right things, I have my life questions at times and choose to walk my own path way to often instead of staying where I should. My life is anything but a model as it should and I go through a lot of muck I create myself. So why do this? Regardless of what path you have chosen to go, if you have it all going for you, if you find yourself in a position or situation you wish you never had arrived at, we all have one thing in common, we have to live each day, one at a time. We all will have questions, we all need a boost, we all need help (admitted or not), and what I am here to do, it provide a little fun, and little encouragement, and a little hope. And a little knowledge that you know what, you are not in this boat along and others are struggling just like everyone else is to get through. So as you read this in the mornings, remember we all will cross paths somewhere along our journeys with each other, and we all have something we can share that is a struggle or pain that will encourage another, even if just to know someone else made it through, or your not going through whatever alone. So as we get moving on this weeks adventure, pull on those hikers, the path is full of rocks, roots and pitfalls. It will have its ups and downs, along with its smiles and frowns. But through it all we will make it, support each other, and hopefully find that the one who made us really does cares, and is there every step of our way. Now let's get to the starting line and get this day going. Remember if we come on one that needs help, we will stop, we will help and if need see them to the next care station then get back on the move to our days destination. Keep looking up for all your answers and let's go make us a most happy, happy, cause no-one else is going to do it for us. 
Your Morning Rooster
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: 
Mantanzas Mule Day
Morse Code Day
National Devil Dog Cakes Day
National Little Pampered Dog Day
World Tapir Day
National Playground Safety Week: 27-5/1

Friday, April 24, 2020

Walla Walla Friday / 4-24-2020

Walla Walla Friday EveryOne
Well it’s, Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy Friday, yippy kiyaa, and may the ponies ride hard and straight for the gate to Paradise Friday Party Time. We are on a mission today, a mission get us to the end, a mission that sees no obstacles standing in the way to our weekend, and a mission that gets what was started at the beginning of the week done by the whistle bell today. So lace up them chaps, and tighten the saddle, put on the spurs and hold onto dem reigns cause we going horsy riding. Remember it may not be the smoothest ride in the stable but it is the most efficient and straight on opportunity. So grab your partner and let’s do this together and we shall all meet at the gate. Hope ya all have fun at it today, and be sure to get it done right and get it done all, cause we need to leave no stone unturned and no letter undelivered. Before we wrap this thing up we have one last thing to cover and that is the theme of the week and that would be; they are all types or names of edible Onions. Love Onions, raw, cooked, steamed, grilled, backed. Ok anyway you can use them, so go try some and keep others away from you, LOL.  Now ya’ll have a wicked good day and even better weekend, and just remember, if you come on one in true need, stop that pony, and lend a hand, and to the rest, give a hardy yippy kiyaa and invite them to party. And may you have a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Sauvignon Blauc Day
Arbor Day
Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day
Day of Dialogue
National Day of Silence
National Hairball Awareness Day
New Kids on The Block Day
St. Mark's Eve
National Teach Children to Save Day
Undiagnosed Children's Awareness Day
World Day for Animals in Laboratories
World Meningitis Day
AFRMA (Fancy Rat & Mouse) Days: 24-26
Interstate Mullet Toss:  24-26
National Dream Hotline:  24-26
National & Global Youth Service Days: 24-26
National Scoop The Poop Week: 24-30
Ramadan: 24-5/23
World Immunization Week: 24-30

National Crotilla Day - 25
National Zucchini Bread Day - 25
East Meets West Day - 25
National DNA Day - 25
World Penguin Day - 25 (I don't need to say a word here)
Bob Wills Day - 25
Eeyore's Birthday Day - 25  
Hairstylists Appreciation Day - 25
Hug A Plumber Day or Plumbers Day- 25
Independent Bookstore Day- 25
International Marconi Day - 25 
International Sculpture Day- 25
National Dance Day- 25
National Go Birding Day- 25
National Herb Day- 25
National Kiss of Hope Day-25
National Mani-pedi Day- 25
National Pool Opening Day - 25 
National Prepare-A-Thon Day - 25 
National Rebuilding Day - 25
National Take Back Day - 25
National Sense of Smell Day - 25
License Plates Day - 25
Malaria Awareness Day - 25 
Parental Alienation Day - 25
Pet Tech CPR Day- 25
Red Hat Society Day- 25
Save The Frogs Day- 25 
World Healing Day - 25  .
World Tai Chi & Qigong Day - 25
World Veterinary Day - 25
International Wildlife Film Week: 25-18  May Be Going Digital?
  Hug an Australian Day - 26
National Pretzel Day - 26
Richter Scale Day - 26
Alien Day - 26 
Audubon Day - 26 
International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day- 26
Lesbian Visibility Day - 26
Mother, Father Deaf Day - 26 
National Pet Parent's Day - 26 
Pinhole Photography Day - 26 
National Dissertation Day - 26 
National Help A Horse Day- 26
National Kids and Pets Day- 26 
World Intellectual Property Day - 26
National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW): 26-5/3
Preservation Week:26-5/2 
Stewardship Week: 26-5/3