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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Golden Mantled Wednesday / 4-1-2020

Golden Mantled Wednesday EveryOne
And a grand Wednesday morning to you, and may the sun shine upon you all day for warm, guidance, and encouragement all the day long. It’s time to wake those sleepy little eyes, open those ears to see and hear what is already a wonderful morning. No April foolery here, just a plain old plate full of goodness for today. So as everyone feels the need for cranky pranks, remember to shower them with kindness, and blessings, besides they won’t know what to do. And may the you see more outrageous acts of kindness today than messy pranks good bad. It’s hump day, it’s the halfway point we are closer to the end of this week than the beginning, so live it up today and be happy, as we have all reason to be. Go and have a great day, and remember to lend a hand to anyone you find in true need and bring a smile to all others you meet. And may you have a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Guru
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
April Fool's Day
Atheist Day
International Fun at Work Day
International Tatting Day
National Walking Day
Boomer Bonus Days
Childhelp National Day of Hope
Library Snap Shot Day
Myles Day
National Fun Day
Paraprofessional Appreciation Day
Poetry & The Creative Mind Day
Reading is Funny Day
Sorry Charlie Day
St. Stupid Day
US Air force Academy Day
APAWS Pooper Scooper  Week: 1-7
Golden Rule Week: 1-7
Laugh at Work Week: 1-7
Medication Safety Week: 1-7
Mule Day: 1-7
Testicular Cancer Awareness Week: 1-7 (aka Get A Grip Day!)
National Florida Tomato Month
National BLT Sandwich Month
National Soft Pretzel Month
National Soyfoods Month
National Grilled Cheese Month
National Garlic Month


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