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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Great Summer Look Back & Stuffed Clams / 7-31-19

      Wow, this is what we would hope for when we came on vacation. Ok so the temperatures could be just a few degrees cooler, but sunny skies, light breeze and warm waters. The only difference from when I was a kid coming to the Cape for our vacation is we did not have to share the waters with Great Whites being so close. These are the kind of days that playing on the beach in the sand, going up and getting the boat and going sailing, to just spending time with my Dad throwing a ball or Frisbee. I can remember starting the morning going out and playing round of golf with my Dad with golfing used to be something that a father and son could afford to do. Or go fishing, that meant Dad would row the boat while I fished off the back end. Or go to one of the many historical sites we have here on the Cape, My Dad was a going to be a History major in college before he had to switch colleges and then decided to change majors. Some want to call these the dog days of summer, who's dog are they talking about. My lazy puppy just lays around and does not do much at all except just sleep. So if you are here on vacation and love the warmer weather, this has been the week for you. My biggest suggestion is, make the most of these days, especially if you have kids and make sure you let them know that you love them. Let them know you care about them, let them know they are wanted and that you will do your best to always be there. And do yourself a favor and don't BS your kids they will read through you faster than anything and know who you really are, and it is not pretty. But those who take the time to be with their kids, take the time to interact with them and do things with them, this includes putting down your smart phone will pay bigger dividends than any wall street transaction. Summers to me were all about Cape Cod, but why? When all is said and done it's because I had parents and especially a father who cared enough to take time to be with me. So this summer, I hope you can come to the Cape and play on the beach, throw a ball, a Frisbee, play golf, miniature golf, ride bikes together, teach to sail, and just be with. But no mater where you are at this summer make it a great summer and let your kids, your significant other know how much you care for them. Now let's go have some fun, and may it be extra special if you can did it right here on old Cape Cod.         
      This week's small business report comes from Chatham this week. I have not touched on this part of the Cape for a while and they are a hoppin place. So here we go and remember most of these places are open year round, yup in the winter it may be abbreviated hours but they are open year round. Check their web-sites or facebook pages for hours of operation please.
   Yellow Umbrella Books covers both the new & and the used, they are located at 501 Main Street. The folks there are fun to talk to and great to work with. If you can't find what you are looking for ask one of them and I am sure they will either find it for you or make some suggestions. Yellow Umbrella has been there for as long as I can remember and has been a staple on Main Street for a long time. If you are a reader, looking for cookbooks, something new, something old check them out and just see all the good reads that come under the Yellow Umbrella. 
   Struna Galleries of Chatham located at 458 Main Street. Timothy J Struna is the main artist of the gallery. I guess I have a soft spot for him as he comes out of Ohio where he went to school and taught for several years. Then in 1988 came to the Cape and made it his permanent home over on Rt 6A. In 1998 his daughter opened the shop in Chatham, featuring her Dad's work. Today it is now a family affair as Heather is producing herself works of art that are in the same quality that her Dad has been known for. She has taken the time to learn under him and applying her own inspiration to create wonderful works of art. Struna gallery is now truly a family offering of great and reasonable art work that would bring joy and brightness to any room in your house or office. 
   Next up is the Cook's Nook located at 618 Main Street. How I missed this place moving in there a couple years ago I must be blind. Anyway they offer Kitchen supplies and implements with an emphasis on the home cook. Tools, gadgets, cookbooks, bar accessories, etc. galore. Life Is What You Bake It. This place has some of the funnest stuff I have seen in a while and if you are in the need, this is the place for the kitchen fanatic. Fun, Fun, Fun in this place and what a go to place for kitchen gadgets and more. 
   Next on the list right in Chatham is Gustare Olive Oils and Vinegars located at 461 Main Street and online both at their website and facebook and more, This is the place for fresh olive oil and flavored and infused vinegars. I could absolutely go broke with everything I want from them. Their line is near endless of unique and outstanding flavors for use in everything from salad dressings to meat marinades and the list goes on. Use the vinegars along with their hand picked olives for their olives straight from the old country. Go and check them out and come to love quality in Olive Oils and Vinegars like nothing else you've tried or ever had. On top of it they are celebrating their 10th year in Chatham
   Last but not least just outside of Chatham is The Chatham Jam and Jelly Shop, located at  16 Seaquanset Rd, let's face it they face Rt 28 across from Ocean State Job Lobs. This family has been producing these outstanding jams and jellies for over 30 years. Starting first in their down closer to Marion's Pie Shop till they just ran out of space and room. This shop puts out both regular and sugar free products and they are all unbelievably tasty and great. You can buy there at the shop, or shop online and have it shipped directly to the house or to someone else for just about any special occasion. Give them a try, they are one of the wonders of Jams and Jellies of Cape Cod.    
      Hello to all our summertime visitors and I hope you are enjoying the heat that has found it's way here to the Cape. After last week the heat is rather mild to weather we had last report, but the highlights continue to be the closing of beaches due to reports of our friends the Great White Sharks that are enjoying our offerings off food selection. (No this does not mean you get to toss uncle Louie into the Bay, even if he does resemble a gray seal). This time it was Meadow Beach up near Wellfleeton the other side of Rt 6 and up the road from us, or there abouts. The other night we had the please of viewing the Delta Aquarids and Alpha Capricornids Meteor Showers and the Perseids Showers have started but will not peak till August 12-13. With these past clean evenings we have been able to see many meteors here at the station between the beacon light pulses. If you can get away from the city or town lights out to a beach or open field take some time to go watch the night skies and be amazed at what is going on in the heavenlies. Back on the ground or should I say out on the water, the temps have been warming up nicely, from mid 70's to upper 70s on all sides of the Cape. So almost like a bath tub out there, then you can get out of the water and into the sauna.To those of you who like to enjoy boating, make sure you have all your emergency equipment, radio, fire extinguisher, PFD devices. Just because it looks nice out, does not mean it will be trouble free. So be smart be wise. Last but not least, again to all you who have come to visit we thank you so much for your interest in our old gal. Please remember to visit all the other lighthouses and support them as well. If you have not visited us yet come on out, the doors are open everyday through Labor Day 9-7 daily. We have the station open, the tower open with beautiful views from the lamp room. The grounds are all staffed with docents who know quite a bit about this station and the history of lighthouses on Cape Cod. The views from the cliffs observation station is pretty spectacular. One last note to add, I made a visit today 7-31-19 up to our friends north of us at Highland Light. They filled me in on their open times, 10-5 daily through Columbus Day  and on August 16th a special night climb from 6-8 pm. Admission is $6.00 adults, $5.00 for students/seniors and please remember to climb the tower you must be 48' tall, no exceptions. This is for safety and liability issues, and please do not give the management a hard way to go about this, This is firm and I get it, so please be prepared and accept what is, even if you don't agree or like it, We here have similar restrictions. So hope to see you soon and pray you are having a great and wonderful summer but especially if you are able to do it right here on Old Cape Cod.     
      What a good time to be thinking of easy dinners as the summer has heated up to a light bake temperature. So what do I pick out for fixin's in the kitchen but something that is done either in the oven or under a broiler. Oh well, There are so many of these recipes that finding one that you as an individual likes can be daunting. But remember take a good recipe and just tweak it to your own likings, use this as your base if it is just a little off for your tastes. But personally this is a really good recipe and I like it just like it is with just a touch of my special seafood seasoning, Old Bay Seasoning. So give this recipe a try, it is not difficult, it does not take a lot of time, unless you go dig the Quahogs yourself (be mindful of the local town ordinances as not all are the same. And have some wicked awesome fun with this recipe. Now on with the show.

      This week's recipe: Stuffed Claims (Quahogs)

      1      doz      large quahogs
   3/4      cup      chopped onion 
      1      can      mushrooms, drained & chopped. Small can
   1/4      cup      fat (from bacon)
      4      strips   bacon, fried (baked) crispy, chopped (save fat)
      1      tsp      salt
                         pepper to taste
   1/2      tsp      Old Bay Seasoning
      2      Tbsp   butter melted
   1/2      cup      dry bread crumbs

      Shuck clams. Chop into small pieces. Save shells and wash out. Cook onion and mushrooms in fat on low heat; do not brown. Blend in flour and seasonings and bacon. Add clams and cup or more of clam juice ( or split 1/2 & 1/2 with a good white wine). Cook until thick, stirring constantly. Fill greased shells ( you can use a non-stick spray ) with mixture. Combine butter and crumbs; sprinkle over top of each shell. Broil minutes or until brown. You can also make larger batches and they freeze well. 

Genever Wednesday / 7-31-19

Genever Wednesday EveryOne
Hello my friends and I hope that your week is cruising along like a well oiled machine. But I know as life does have it's funny ways of playing pranks on others. I hope this is not the case, but if it is we have some good news. Your patients will pay off if you preserver. Even those who are on auto pilot can get excited about this one. As of half way through today we will be half way through the week, can we get an Amen? Well, remember some of us are on our vacations, whether alone and just relaxing, on a staycation with the kids visiting or you were able to get away. This news is not welcome news as we want this time to last on. But to those of you looking for Friday, looking for that finish line and the weekend to unwind it is coming, and if you don't watch out it will blind side you, and leave you on the side of the road wondering what happened. Keep your whits about you, stay focused and keep moving. The journey today will take us up and over the peak of the mountain, when we get there take the time to look back and see how far we have come, then as you turn map out mentally where you need to go, then get going down the back side of the mountain. Don't loose focus that the peak is only the half way mark. So let's get those hikers on, flip flops or sandals and get them laced up well. Then grab your staff, regardless of what path you are trodding today and then lets get headed towards that starting line. Remember that we are still on lookout for those in need, those who are hurt, who are lost, who are confused. We will take the time to stop, and listen then help them to the next care center. Now we need to get this day going and give it all we've got. Whether in work or in play be ready for everything, have fun in all you do and let's go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long, and share it wherever you go and in whatever you do. 
Your Morning Guru
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: 
National Raspberry Cake Day
National Cotton Candy Day
National Jump for Jelly Beans Day
World Day Against Trafficking in Persons
National Avocado Day
National Mutt Day
Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day
World Ranger Day

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Plymouth Tuesday / 7-30-19

Plymouth Tuesday EveryOne
Hi de ho there good neighborly friends. I hope your Monday went better than expected and that your journey's start did so on a good foot. Mine well, having to deal with insurance folks after my freezer unknowingly blew the breaker and had a total melt down of all that was inside. And on top of it, the storm helped move in some bees that have decided to take up residency near a door that will the focus of some remodeling I will be having done in my kitchen. Hole in the wall to the outside and bees not a good mix. Praying my insect and pest control person gets here soon. So what's up with you? did you make any headway? Well today is a new day, yesterday is behind us, tomorrow is not an opportunity yet and all we can deal with is today. Work or vacation it does not matter, we have to take each day one step at a time and move through it taking care of all that has been give to us to accomplish. So let's start by getting the appropriate foot gear needed, most of you that's the hikers, for the continued climb, for others barefoot or flip flops and let's grab that staff. Along the way we will encounter those in dire need of help, and we will take the time to stop, listen and help in whatever way we can. See them to the next care center, then move on. That is one of the top missions we all have in life is helping others so work or vacation we still need to keep our eyes and ears open and be willing to reach out as needed. So time to get this day going and go make the best of it in everything we do and say. And most of all, in all you do in all you say, go and make it a most Happy, Happy every step of the way all day long. 
Your Morning Coach
Steve Gimmi 

Holidays & Observances:
Father-in-Law Day
International Day of Friendship
Friendship Day
Health Care Now!  Medicare's Birthday
National Chicken and Waffles Day
National Support Public Education Day
National Water Gun Fight Day
National Whistleblowers Appreciation Day
Paperback Book Day

Monday, July 29, 2019

London Monday / 7-29-19

London Monday EveryOne
Morning, some Mondays are tougher than others to get it going. Others you wish would stay forever, if you were independently wealthy, or didn't have a care or worry in the world. But reality is reality, So this week I am on vacation, my kids are here visiting from Florida and the real work world it far from a thought. Well not that far but I do not have a job that I have to check in with, so when I checked out on Friday I won't check back in till a week from today. You would think that life is just all honky dory, but let's face it, the bills still need paid, laundry done, dinners fixed and the list goes on. So as you get focused to start your day, I will be trying to find ways to decompress, decompose, dework my brain and body. Try to let my everyday grind go and find a way to revitalize. Many of you know and get what I am saying, So, let's get this day going, as you work and I get done what needs to around the house and enjoy having my adult kids with me for some needed downtime. Time to get your those hiders on, the path still needs to be trodden, for me it will be flip flops or light walking shows and let's grab that staff and head for the starting line and get this day going. As we go along, me alert for those who need out help, be ready to stop and listen and lend a hand. This does not exclude me or anyone else on vacation, helping others always is a daily thing we do, regardless of work or play or vacation. Now another thing that always needs to be done is keep a happy face, share your smile and make someone else's day just a little brighter. Now let's go and make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances;
National Lasagna Day
National Chicken Wing Day
Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day
International Tiger Day
Army Chaplain Corps Anniversary
Earth Overshoot Day
National Lipstick Day
Rain Day

Friday, July 26, 2019

Rebound Friday / 7-26-19

Rebound Friday EveryOne
   Wow, wow, wow, what a week what a week. the heat, the struggles, the ups and downs, but we are here, we are here, we are here, (where have I heard that before Dr Seuss?). Anyway where is here? FRIDAY my friends, it's FRIDAY and today it nothing but a run for the gold, a run for the flag, a run for the roses. No we do not get to skirt out responsibility of being our brothers and sisters keepers. That is still right up there, we will still take the time to stop and listen and and help in whatever way we can, including seeing them to the next care center. But until that time comes we are on the high road to putting the pedal down and keeping this train rolling as best we can. Friday's are a day of give it all, bleeding the tank dry, and run it through all the way to the end. We need quantity today yes but not with quality, and giving our best not only helps us but those around us. Yes we have our individual goals but we also are working as a team through it all. So let's get those hikers put to the back and pull out those sprinters, be sure to have a good hat or visor and be sure to lather with lotion well. Are you ready, get that sleepy out of your eyes and let's make the best rebound day be our final day and go, go, go,, Oh the theme of the week? All types of headaches, the weather might fall under sinus, but it is a classification of headaches. Let's hope you don't get one today, and may you finish best in all you attempt to accomplish and do. Now time to go make us a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long. 
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Coffee Milkshake Day
National Bagelfeast Day
All or Nothing Day
Aunt and Uncle Day
System Administrator Appreciation Day
Americans With Disabilities Day
Armed Forces Unification Day
Lumberjack Day
National Get Narly Day
National Talk in An Elevator Day
One Voice
Garlic Days: 26-28

National Cream Brûlée Day - 27
National Day of the Cowboy - 27
Take Your Houseplants for a Walk - 27
Take Your Pants for a Walk Day - 27
Barbie-in-a-blender Day - 27
Love Is Kind Day - 27
National Dance Day - 27
National Day of the Cowboy - 27
National Day of Lament - 27
National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day - 27
Paddle for Perthes Disease Awareness Day - 27
Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day - 27
Walk on Stilts Day - 27

National Milk Chocolate Day - 28
National Hamburger Day - 28 
Parent's Day - 28
Aunties Day - 28
Buffalo Soldiers Day - 28
National Waterpark Day - 28
World Hepatitis Day - 28
National Little League Baseball Week: 27-8/25

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Tension Thursday / 7-25-19

Tension Thursday EveryOne
   Wow what is all the tension going on, we have a busy day before us and we need to get this day going. I know what a week it's been like I have been here right with you, but looks change our outlook on what is going on, We have the abilities to get out of bed, many do not. We have the abilities to go to our kitchens and get some of that go, go juice to kick-start our engines, many not do. We have the abilities to stay out the elements, heat, cold, rain, and a lot others, many do not. We look out our windows and see the bird, squirrels, rabbits. and other wildlife, many do not. Are you getting my drift. yes there is a lot going on that if you allow will cause you tension and stress you out. But we have so much to be thankful for we need to put that all behind us and get it going. We ill be gathering our loose ends and getting them pointed in the right direction, weeding out what is not going to work, and bringing together what we think will work. It will be a long hard day and tension will be part of the game we need to manage well. So breath deep, find that inner strength and peace that will guide you through this day. And when we come on those in dire need we will be able to stop and with confidence lend them the hand they need and then see them to the next care center. We still need to hikers through this day, so let's get them on and laced up and take hole that staff. We are looking to get off this mountain and past the tree line by end of day. So let's get it together and make our way to the starting line, and as it comes let's go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long, and then pass it along to any and all who cross our paths today. 
Your Morning Penguin
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances
National Wine & Cheese Day
Culinarians Day
Threading the Needle Day
Carousel Day or Merry-Go-Round Day
Hire A Veteran Day
National Chili Dog Day
National Intern Day
National Refreshment Day
Red Shoe Day (Lyme Disease)
Video Games Day
Comi Great Texas Mosquitos Days: 25-27
Quilt Odyssey Week: 25-28

Rambling and the Rest & Blackberry Cobbler / 7-26-19

      Hello my friends and welcome to another wonderful adventure here on old Cape Cod. I won't go into the weather I have a birdie that dropped by told me someone else is taking care of that. But seeing that I work out of my house I have been blessed here in South Dennis without loosing power at all and internet has been on most of the time. Off just when I have sat down to write this blog thing, which has been about 3 or 4 times over the last two evenings. Oh what joys and fun, and now it is going past the bewitching hour and some of us still have to work in the morning. I am looking forward to my son and his wife coming to visit and be with me for a week. Off work on vacation time and just having fun. It's my first time off of the year and I so desperately need it. My kitchen cabinets have arrived, so once the kids leave, hopefully I get my contractor here to start the work. and the tomato plants I picked up last this year are already producing small salad tomatoes which I am enjoying. I love fresh tomatoes out of my own garden, they can just add that yumminess that tasteless store bought tomatoes have. Ok, ok, I know i'm rambling, so have yourself a great day, I am going to let the rest of this thing fly on it's own. Hopefully next week we will be back on a somewhat normal schedule with things and give you something to hang your hat on. Maybe a good travel tip or something. Have a great and wonderful all day every day, especially if you are right here on the Cape. Later. 
      Small business report time, check these classic places out, I love these places and have been to them all. For starters where do I go for salt water taffy, to me the best place is Cape Cod Salt Water Taffy on Rt 28 in South Yarmouth. This place is the best, they have 31 flavors, yes 31. They charge by the pound and you can get small amounts to larger amounts. If you want they will even ship it for you if you want, as a gift or just to yourself so you don't have to carry it home. Of better yet, buy a box and have one shipped home for later. Yum. FYI and on facebook. 
  While you are over that direction, for breakfast or lunch check out Piccadilly Cafe & Deli, located at 1105 MA-28, South Yarmouth,  across from Shaws and next to Bob's Discount Home Store. This is a great shop for breakfast, the food is wonderful the staff is friendly and it is about as Cape Cod as you are going to get. What is great is they take plastic and they even have Wi-Fi if you really need it. find them online at and on facebook
      Last but not least, Riverview Bait & Tackle shop. located at 1273 MA-28, South Yarmouth and online through facebook. They have been around for almost ever and are the place to get your bait, your licenses and other necessary fishing gear. They have the poop on the scoop or should I say the stripper on the hook for what is going on fishing wise on the Cape. Great help, wonderful people and a necessity for the real fisherman around. 
      Well that is it for this round, three totally different places, all local all Cape Cod and ready to help in their respected businesses. Eat now, snack in between and fish for good eats later on. See you out there soon, especially at the Taffy place Yumm. 
      Hello folks, well unless you live under a rock, are a hermit (not bad this time of the hear) or have been out to sea with out radio contact to the world (shame on you) then you probably know that the Cape has had a little bit of weather excitement this week. Fortunately, we here on the outer Cape were spared that experience and we at the station have been very grateful for that. But last year the Cape saw it's 3rd tornado in the past 100 years. On Tuesday we have made up for time with two touchdowns confirmed by our national weather folk. One in West Yarmouth and the other in Harwich both F-01. What they did not count was the water spout out in the middle of Bass River. But the blessing is, no injuries, or worse and although there are many trees down and power lines all over the place, the cavalry has been here from as far away as Ohio giving aide to help get folks back with power and back online. As far as up here out of the way of things, life goes on without skipping a beat, the seals are still basking in the sun and our friends the Great Whites are still enjoying their buffet. Folks as long as the seals are here, get used to it, the sharks are going to be here. Up until all this we were cooking along like an old bring oven full of coal and pumping out the steam. Then someone through the switch and puff, its like early September weather. So if your a boater, this is perfect weather, if you're a beach person, what better weather could you ask for. The nights have been spectacular and the old gals beacon has been seen what some have said over 20 miles away. I'm not gonna promise that but I know I have seen Chatham's all the way up here and some evenings as I have been in the lamp room have seen Minots Light beacon across the Bay. It has been fun, I wish I could open the tower up at night, but the insurance liability just wont allow it. But the daytime viewing has been nearly as spectacular, being able to view all the way to P'town memorial tower, to Scargo tower in Dennis and on a great day all the way to the Canal. We have seen multitudes of ships and even some cruise ships, we have seen whales and yes even a couple of sharks. The crowds have been great, and we have had so much fun with them This is what summers are all about here on Cape Cod and I am hoping that the crowds continue to come all the way to Labor Day. If you have been here already thank you and I hope you had a great time. If you have not been here yet, I hope you get the chance to come and spend a morning or afternoon with us. We are so looking forward to seeing you and showing you around the grounds and throughout the buildings and take that trip up the circular stairs to the lamp room, it is such a wonderful few. Well I hop you have a great and wonderful every day especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.  
      Well, Cobblers as we have learned, are wicked easy to make. Most recipes are very similar and do not weird or outlandish ingredients, unless of course you want to add some wicked weird fruit. But for this recipe there is nothing you would not have normally in the house. And the other thing is you can change out the sugar for a substitute like Stevia or Truvia but stay natural please. then there is milk you can change this out for almond milk, but use the original not the flavored. So there are ways to make this a little more health conscious for those who choose to go that way. But hey me, straight for the regular way, as I don't eat this everyday and once in a while is not bad for you. Indulgence is the problem, and not just sweets, but all things, so moderate whenever possible. Now you can used canned fruit in this, but check with your local farm stand or farmers market and get what is fresh in season and eat local and healthy. 
Now on with the show,,,

      This week's recipe: Blackberry Cobbler

      1      cup      sugar
   3/4      cup      flour
      2      tsp       baking powder
      1      pinch   salt
   2/3      cup      milk
      4      Tbsp    butter
      2      cups    fresh blackberries

      Sift dry ingredients together. Add milk, stirring well. Melt butter in 8 x 11 x 2 pan. Pour batter on top of butter. Place fruit on top of batter. Bake at 350 degree oven until brown for 40-45 minutes. Service warm or cooled with vanilla ice cream and or whipped cream. And yes have it for breakfast with cream or milk poured over it. YUM. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Weather Wednesday / 7-24-19

Weather Wednesday EveryOne
   Good Morning, and welcome to a bright and new day, where I think some of the weather issues have backed off a bit and are giving us a break. So as we start this mid-week day, knowing that mid-way through this day we will be closer to the finish line that back to the beginning. So that alone in itself should be energy enough for getting the giddy up going this morning and get us moving about with a bit more umption and gumption. I know doing the same things over and over again gets monotonous and tiring. But today we get to pull our beings over the top of the mountain. take a short respite and check out the view, see where we have come through then turn and do the boogaloo off the back side. So take hope we are making great headway and progress, but this is not time to stop, give up or quit. We are doing and will continue to do well in this journey and adventure. We still need to work on that attitude of gratitude and peace amount our fellow mankind. I get it that the weather has not played nicely and is a contributor too much of the edginess going on. But that is not excuse and we just need to crank it up a notch or two and keep it going. So as we most our way through this day we will come on those who desperately need our help. So we will take the time to stop and listen and help in whatever way we can and as needed see them to the next care center. Remember we can not force them to accept our help, but be there if they do. Now let's get those hiker on and laced up and take hold that staff as we have a mountain to go take by storm and do it to the best of our abilities. And now is the time to go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long, and be willing to share it to all who cross your path. 
Your Morning Guru
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Tequila Day
Amelia Earhart Day
Cousins Day
Tell an Old Joke Day
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Pioneer Day
International Self Care Day
National Drive-Thru Day
National Thermal Engineers Day

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Exertion Tuesday / 7-23-19

Exertion Tuesday EveryOne
   Morning one and all and welcome back to the land of sweat and grime, where grinding it out hour by hour and moment to moment is what it is going to take. Exertion physical or mental effort, the application of a force, influence, or quality. Does this define the start to our week, and what it is looking like? This is not going to be an easy week, either work wise or relationship wise, but all this means to us is we need to work harder at what is standing in our way preventing us from bridging relationships and opportunities. We need to overcome these obstacles and make peace with our brothers and sisters in order to achieve the ultimate goal for both of us. We forget that when work together in these times we all benefit but when we choose go alone, we are riding a dangerous path to self destruction and taking out others around us. This climb demands we work together with on another for the common good and reaching the optimal goal for each of us. Now as we are going along we will come on those that have lost hope, host faith, are physically as well as mentally hurt and beaten. We will stop and listen and lend a hand to all we can then see them to the next care center so that they can recover and go out and do likewise. Now we need to get it together get those hikers on and laced and take hold that staff and get it to the starting line. We need to get this day on the move and as we do let's go make us a most Happy, Happy cause we know no one else is going to do it for us, then go share the love and peace as you go along your way all the day long.
Your Morning Coach
Steve Gimmi   

Holidays & Observances:
National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
"Official* Hot Do= Day
Gorgeous Grandma Day
Hot Enough For Ya Day

Monday, July 22, 2019

Caffeine Monday / 7-22-19

Caffeine Monday EveryOne
   It's a Monday morning and the need for many of a caffeine adrenalin run is what it takes to get the morning going. But it is a new week, a new adventure a new odyssey, a new journey that calls to each of us to come and travel its path. None of us know what the future holds or what lies down each way. But life is not standing still and we are not getting any younger. We need to take advantage of everything that comes our way. I get it the heat and the humidity are taking their toll on everyone. and we need to seek peace between those we work with and those that cross our paths, the stresses that these extremes put on each other cause us to do things out of our norm that are not good. So be open, be ready and stop and help those that are not doing well. Be sure to listen first to what is actually needed then see them to the next care center. But our willingness to help one another will add to the peace between ourselves and others. Now this is a mountain of a mountain that we need to climb and that calls for the hikers. I understand it is still warm and you would rather be wearing the flip flops but trust me they give no support and these paths are rocky and pitted. So get them laced up well and take hold your staff and let's head on out to the starting line and get this day underway. And as we go along our way let's make ourselves a most Happy, Happy all share it with all we come in contact with. 
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi 

Holidays & Observances: 
National BLT Day
Hammock Day
Ratcatcher's Day
Casual Pi Day
Fragile X Awareness Day
Global Hug Your Kid Day
Spooners (Spoonerism) Day

Friday, July 19, 2019

Orange Crisp Friday / 7-19-19

Orange Crisp Friday EveryOne
   Rise and shine people cause we have reached the day we make the run for the promised land. That's right folks, it's FRIDAY, that wonderful, wacky wild and wicked awesome day we get to run for the finish line, the end zone, the shot for the goal, or look to blast one over the Green Monster and run the bases, or finish first at Daytona or the Monster Mile. Or if cycling is your thing winning the Tour de France or winning one of tennises Grand Slams. Pick your sport, your poison, you passion and do today as if that image is your prize at the end of the day. Yup this is Friday and the world does not stop for us to take a break and we need to concentrate on quality as well as quantity. We need to take all the good that has happened this week, and push it one step forward. We have had to work hard on some days to keep the joy of life going, and thus we have struggled with happiness. But remember they are two different things and definitely there is no happiness without joy, but joy can be experienced without happiness. We need to work on this and be sure that in all things we find joy, hard work, good results, in others, and in ourselves. So we need to put the hikers away and get those sprinters out and get them put on and laced up. And we need a noggin cover cause we want no burnt heads and then lather up to the max. As noted Friday is a holiday to no one that includes inflicting damage and harm on to the weak and helpless. Be ready to be a stop, listen, and help in any way you can including as needed seeing them to the next care center. So what has been the theme of the week? Well, a great summertime treat, they are all different types and varieties of Watermelons. Yum. So this last day we need to give it our all, our best and hold that attitude of gratitude all the way through the day. Share it wherever you go and with whomever crosses your paths, be a light and source of encouragement and give it all you've got. Now let's take this party and run for the roses, the checkered, the whatever you need or have and let's go make us a most Happy, Happy not just all day, but all weekend long.
Your Morning Jester   
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Daiquiri Day
National Raspberry Cake Day
Celebration of The Horse Day: 19-21
Flitch Day
Robin Hood Day: 19-21
National Parenting Gifted Children Week: 19-21

National Ice Cream Sundae Day - 20
National Lollipop Day - 20
Fortune Cookie Day - 20
Moon Day - 20
Ugly Truck Day- it's a "guy" thing - 20
International Cake Day - 20
National Bridal Sale Day - 20
Space Exploration Day - 20
Strawberry Rhubarb Wine Day - 20
Toss Away the "Could Haves" and "Should Haves" Day - 20
Woodie Wagon Day - 20
World Jump Day - 20
National Scrabble Week: 20-24
National Moth Week: 20-28

National Junk Food Day - 21
National Lamington Day - 21 (Australia) 
Anne Hutchinson Memorial Day - 2 1
Lake Superior Day - 21
Legal Drinking Age Day - 21
Lowest Recorded Temperature Day (-128.6F Antarctica) - 21
National Be Someone Day - 21
National Ice Cream Day - 21
No Pet Store Puppies Day - 21
Captive Nations Week: 21-27
International Lace Week: 21-27
National Independent Retailers Week: 21-27
National Zoo Keeper Week:21-27
RAGBRAI: 21-27

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Jamboree Thursday / 7-18-19

Jamboree Thursday EveryOne
    There's a party going on at the end of today and we want to be apart of it. So what are we still doing in our brain hammock? I know it's your happy place, but this ain't Friday yet and we have so much to do. Before you loose that joyful spirit, remember we have made it so far this week. Over the river and up the hill, the top the top as come and gone and through the woods we will be by the end of the day. I get it that it is not all fun and games and that Thursday is that thumping pumping, bumping day we get to grab all those ends that have been whacking us in the back of the head all week so far and do something with them. This is a downward trending path today so we will still need those hikers on so let's get to it and get them on and take hold that staff as we still need to stabilize ourselves and heave help up but may even need to fend off some gnarly predators. We will need to sort out what is working and what is not, what is going to benefit and profit us and what is going to rot on the root and boot it out. So get it together, and focus on our job but do it with a joyful heart and a smile that will steal any show. But as we go along we will come on those that are down trodden and hurting and need a helping hand and we will be that one that needs to reach out to them. We will need to stop, listen and if need see them to the next care center. We will need to impart that attitude of gratitude and remember we really do have it so much better and be that encouragement to those that are not so well off. Now let's get it moving again and finish our day strong when it's all said and done. But for now, it's the start and we need to get it going and go make us a most Happy, Happy .all day long.
Your Morning Penguin
Steve Gimmi   

Holidays & Observances:
Get to Know Your Customers Day (yes there are multiple dates)
National Sour Candy Day
Nelson Mandela International Day
Comic Con International: 18-21
Hemingway Look-Alike Days: 18-21   Link (Nearest his Birthday of 7/21)
Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) Education & Awareness Week: 18-25
World Lumberjack Championships: 18-20

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Grist Mills/Windmills & Grilled Flank Steak / 7-17-19

      Welcome back my friend to a show that never seems to end. But here we are another summer, the seals are here, the sharks are back and the heat and humidity are coming quickly. So what can we do that does not cost us much money and that will can stay in a cooler car in between places. So what is something we can do? What about Gristmills and Windmills. We have a fair share of them around the Cape, so here again like I have been doing with the small business places, restaurants, coffee shops, and more, I will do that here. Both could be used to grind grains. while some of the windmills were used to grind down salts or pull salt water so drying beds so that salt could be harvested. The history of windmills and grist mills on the Cape can be found by googling. It just easier than me trying to go through it. One thing I learned was Chatham at one time had 17 windmills with 9-12 working at the same time at any one time. So just very interesting. Now let's see what I can give you here and a lot of these I have been too and all have very interesting histories. 
      Bourne - Windmill
      Brewster - Windmill / Grist Mill - Stoney Brook
      Buzzards Bay - Windmill
      Chatham - Windmill
      Eastham - Windmill
      Falmouth - Windmill
      Hyannis - Gristmill - Baxter 
      Orleans - Windmill
      Sandwich - Windmill / Grist Mill - Dexter 
      South Yarmouth - Windmill 
      Truro - Windmill
      West Harwich - Windmill
      Yarmouth - Windmill
   I hope you enjoy researching and tracking each one down and visiting not only the mills but the towns that surround each one. These mills were a vital part of each community and the Cape in a whole. The interesting thing is I have seen just about all of these with the exception of about 2, which really isn't bad at all for me. Ok that's it fo this round. I hope you have a great and wonderful here on old Cape Cod, whether just visiting or you live here year round. It is always good to get to know why you like areas you visit and know the areas you love to live in. See you next time. 
      Small business report time, everyone, ok most people I know, loves donuts and finding your special hole or ring is. But you are from off Cape, you are still asking were to find those tasty morsels of goodness, fried or baked. Well here is a not so complete list of donut shops that I can find and the towns they are in. If I have been I may put a comment, to the rest of them, you will need to try them for yourself and decide. Remember donuts are always a subjective, opinionated thing. Like Scotch or Bourbon, not every brand or style is for every palette. So ask around before you go if you want, but only make your decision after you have tried, not on someone else's taste buds. So with all that, let's get this show on the road, in our mouths and in our stomachs. Or what about a good muffin, everyone likes muffins, right ? Ok same as donuts, each person has their favorites. Don't discard someplace on someone else's likes or dislikes. Then go walk, pedal, and swim those calories off, unless of course you get the kind that the calories leak out of the hole in the center. We we go,,
      The Donut Experiment - Provincetown 
      Hole in One Bakery & Coffee Shop - North Eastham & Orleans / Both
      Village Coffee Shop - Dennis (on 6A) I enjoy these a lot, way to close to where I live. 
      Cape Cod Donuts - Mashpee, Cape Cod Coffee parking lot, wicked awesome
      Cottage St Bakery - Orleans / Muffins
      Woolfies Old Fashion Baking - Dennis Port / Muffins
      Great Island Bakery - South Yarmouth
      Pie in the Sky Bakery - Woods Hole / Muffins
      Marions Pie Shop - Chatham / Muffins
      Beth's Bakery - Sandwich / Muffins
      Underground Bakery - Dennis / Muffins
      Chatham Village Bakery - Chatham / Donuts 
   This is just a smattering of what is out there. I know I am missing some, but as you can see there are plenty of places to get your breakfast sweet treats going. So take this starter list and add onto it and give the Cape a run for it's mufnuts or would that be doffins, whichever go, seek and devour and enjoy the goodness Cape Cod Bakeries have to offer.  
      Welcome back my friends, were some like it hot and some like it, well a little hotter and this is the time of the year they are getting it like they like it. Now let's start with our shark report, this week we have already had several sightings ok more than several, and they have even tried to join too many parties along the edge of the shore line and they have had to close beaches a couple times. And the whales have felt left out and so decided to put on a show for several boaters. So to that end, if you are out in the Bay or off the the tip out near Stellwagen Bank be aware of our large friends. If you see bubbles in an area stay clear as there will most likely be a whale near by and we don't want to harm any of our gentle giants. Will also have to remind you that if you are out and about the Chatham area, be aware of all the seals in the area, they can do some real damage to your boat if you hit one. And also don't forget the reason the Great White Sharks are here is for their favorite dinner food, seal meat. I know this grosses some out but it is part of life and the cycle of life and the food chain. Ok as far as the boating scene, we have had the typical boating issues, running out of fuel, the occasional fire, the run a grounds, and sail boats that do the old flip-a-roo especially on the extremely windy days. Nothing overly serious but all reminders that you need to be wearing your PFDs and have your emergency equipment handy. So the report on the grounds, station and lighthouse. Wow have we been busy, a couple days we have had waiting lines to take the tour up to the lamp room at least a 30-45 minute wait periods. The Mrs has been busy in the kitchen doing her special cookies to help raise funds, and we have brought in the bottled water. No we are not gouging the prices only 10 dollars a bottle,, LOLOL no no, 50 cents is all we ask to help cover the expense, if you want to toss in a bit more that is alway appreciated. The view have been awesome from the top this past week with views from the tip to canal. We have had ships and fish sightings, ya those nasty ones and the big ones. And great views up and down the coast line. the volunteers have stayed busy from the time we open to the time we close but all seem to be having fun at it. Please remember that the parking lots are only for your time while here on the grounds and do not include beach parking. We just don't have the room or space to do that. So please come and visit us as you work your way up or down or both the outer arm of the Cape visiting all the other lighthouses and hope you can find the time to fit us in. The weather looks to be continuing as it has been so your visit should be filled with wondering sightings. Ok we need to get back to the tourists and guests and keep this party rockin. You all have a great and wonderful, as we know you will as you are here on old Cape Cod. See you soon.    
      There is nothing like summertime and grilling. I will grill just about anything that does not eat me first. Everything from hoof to finned to feathered, (preferred the feathers removed first). Anyway, so summer time and these recipes I am just loving and enjoying every step of the way. This is another one of those old church cookbook recipes that you can go wrong on. This is a simple marinade then throw it on the grill. Remember the longer you can let your meet soak in the marinade the more it will take on those flavors and goodness you have it soaking in. Now before I start eating the pages this recipe is on let's get this show on the grill.

      This week's recipe: Grilled Flank Steak

      1      lrg        flank steak
   1/3      cup      olive oil
   1/3      cup      soy sauce
   1/3      cup      dry wine, gin, vodka or sherry
  2-3      cloves   minced garlic
      1      tsp        sugar
      1      Tbls      ground pepper

      Lightly cross slash flank steak. Mix remaining ingredients in a large ziploc bag/ or food saver bag (do not vacuum close it will pull all juices out of bag, just heat seal end) . Add flank steak and marinate overnight. Grill flank steak for 5 minutes on each side or until desired degree of doneness.  

Lemon Krush Wednesday / 7-17-19

Lemon Krush Wednesday EveryOne
   Is it a sweet week or a sour week? Regardless of what it is are you holding onto that joy we all started out with. Remember I did not say are you happy with the week but do you have joy. And if so where is that joy coming from? Look at it , we are already on Wednesday, by half way through this day we will be half way though this week and that means as we take that one step over the line we are that much closer to the finish line then back to the starting line and that folks is something to be joyful about. Some will say, putting thoughts of snow falls and blizzards in their place this time of year is something to get joyful about. Nope, that's just happy land, which goes with cresting the peak of this mountain, seeing the finish line closer than the starting line, or even knowing we will be on the downward side after the half way point. Folks joy is not always happiness but happiness is always joyful. So pull on them hikers and take hold that staff, we have got a mountain to crest and a journey to take. Along the way we will be come on those who have lost their joy, who have lost their hope, who have lost their way and some worse. When we come on those we will need to stop and listen and help in whatever way we can, even if that means taking them to the next care center. The objective is, do good and move on. And as we do refocus find that attitude of gratitude and keep it going all the say to the next camp sight. Now let's get it going and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Guru
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: 
National Hot Dog Day
World Emoji Day
Yellow Pig Day
Disneyland Day
Take Your Poet To Work Day
Victims of Baton Rouge, Louisianna Attack Day
World Day for International Criminal Justice
Wrong Way Corrigan Day
National Baby Food Week: 17-20
National Ventriloquism Week: 17-20

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Jade Star Tuesday / 7-16-19

Jade Star Tuesday EveryOne
   Oh happy day, who said that at 6 something in the morning, I honestly believe they might have a screw loose or something. But I will be joyful about it, now won't I, cause we know we are suppose to joyful regardless of how happy we are about a situation. Can you just hear me smilin' all the way to the office. Humm. I'm smiling so hard, it's making my face hurt all the way to and including my ears. Hummm. Yes folks some mornings, it's just like that, but seriously we, even after the Monday we have had, we need to find the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy down in my heart and let it shine, shine, shine all over this place. It's Tuesday folks and we are full steam into it. Monday is past and Wednesday is not till tomorrow. We can only do with what is before us. So let's pull it together, pull on the hikers take hold the staff and take that step of confidence with us. But remember we need to be open to those along the way that need our help, our lending hand our comfort or prayers. Be open to stoping and listening and helping in whatever way we can we can even it it means seeing them to to the next care center. Now it is getting late and we need to get this day going, whether we feel it or not. But we can find the joy down deep and make the most of it all, so let's do that, go make us a most Happy, Happy and share it with whomever crosses our path all day long. 
Your Morning Coach
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: 
National Ice Cream Day
National Corn Fritter Day
National Fresh Spinach Day
World Snake Day
National Personal Chef's Day

Monday, July 15, 2019

Crimson Monday / 7-15-19

Crimson Monday EveryOne
   Red sun at night sailors delight, Red sun in morning sailors take warning, that's a great saying if you're a sailor but personally I think, especially with the issues I have with morning, that just seeing morning come and being able to get up and out of bed is reason for jubilations. Ok let's get it straight, no I am not singing with the birds, I am not getting out of bed doing a dance, I am not a happy go lucky in the morning hours. But I am learning that in all things including getting up in the morning, out of bed, and moving about to give thanks, to be joyful, and to start it out with a heart attitude full of gratitude. Joy is what I'm talking about, joy in the heart, now remember joy and happiness are two different things. Trust me I am not happy in the morning getting up the hour I get up. I am not happy to hear that alarm or the birds at the hour they choice to start making noice. But I can be full of joy that am able to to hear the alarm and birds, be full of joy that I can get out of bed, even on a Monday morning, or that i can get dressed if I chose or even go make myself a cup of coffee or tea or pour some orange  juice or whatever your heart desires. You see joy is a perspective, and outlook of like. And on a Monday morning sometimes, ok a lot of times it is hard to accept, get with the program that we can still be filled with joy and take it through the day. For many of us that is a faith based center thing, but whether that is your source of joy or what ever it is, we need to find it, lay claim to and take it with us all through the day and the week. It is hot as blue blazes in many of the places that this is being read this morning, so dress appropriate and if need put an extra layer of sun lotion on. grab those hikers and get them on and laced up and take hold that staff cause we have a wicked long hike this morning. Along the way there will be those that need out help, and we will take the time to stop and help, then move it on, or as someone once told us, just do good and move on. even if you have to see them to the next care center. This day, this week is ours to embrace, to take on, to conquer. Are you with me, the day is coming whether you like it or not, so might as well join the party and get that joy in the heart going. Now let do it, and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long in whatever situation we find ourselves in. 
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi   

Holidays & Observances: 
National Tapioca Pudding Day
National Gummy Worm Day 
Be a Dork Day
Cow Appreciation Day
National Get Out of the Doghouse Da
National Give Something Away Day
National Pet Fire Safety Day
Saint Swithin's Day
World Youth Skills Day
Rabbit Week: 15-21