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Monday, April 6, 2020

Lundi Morning Matin 4-6-2020

Stella Monday Morning EveryOne
      Well another Monday, another day in a world full of humdrum pandemonium and pandemic paranoia. So what is there to keep us from crawling back into bed and pulling the sheets and covers back up over our heads? With all that is going on, what is there to keep us from totally loosing it and going off the deep end, as some have already done? Seriously what is it that, what reason, what? Well for starters, most of you know I try to keep this religious neutral, those who know me understand that my comments and push come from a strong faith based background. I'm not here to beat you over the head with that 10 pound Scofield Bible that sat on Grandma's coffee table for so many years. But I cannot, especially during this time of total world chaos sit here and tell you, to just, "wish upon a star", utter a few mumbo jumbo words, turn a few "cards" and just with happy thoughts and it's all gonna be alright. Anyone who gives you that kind of pep talk and way to handle this is just full of horse pucky. The reality is, I wanna go back to bed and pull the covers over my head, I wanna wake up, turn the TV on and find out this has all been a bad dream, but true is that ain't the way it works. So what do we do? First, maybe find a smaller version of that 10 pound thing on Grandma's coffee table and open it up and read the darn thing. See how those in centuries past handled their issues. Second, stop blaming God for what He is not responsible, and third find a new outlook on life that actually can give you some hope. Yes, if you are reading this, pretty good chances you don't have this darn virus, so be thankful, If by some change you do, you are still able to so some things while there are many out there even without this virus that can't. So find a way to be thankful for any breath of life you are give. If you have a job, be thankful, if you don't be thankful for any family and friends you have. Find something to be thankful for, the sun, the rain, the upshoot of green leaves, the sound of birds, the feel that spring is int the air. Be thankful. The world is not stopping and neither can we, all the politicians in the world can not stop the world from revolving on its axis or around the sun, so we can not stop either. So get out of your pity party, put up your big boy undies or big girl panties and let's get it going. Either work, at a job, or work around the house. Give a call or email, or send a card to someone who you know really needs encouragement. There is much you can do, so let's pull on those hikers, and head for the starting line. This day is going to start with or without us, so we might as well make the most of it, and instead of finding a way to blame everyone else for what is from God to the politicians to other countries, let's find a way to build up, and reach out and pray for all those around us. And if you have a job may we feel blessed, and to those on the front lines may the God of Heaven and Earth, the God of all that began and will be through eternity may He guide your steps throughout the day and though-out this journey. Now let's go and all of us make us a most Happy, Happy all day long. 
Your Morning Rooster
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Caramel Popcorn Day
International Carbonara Day
New Beer’s Eve
Tartan Day
California Poppy Day
Plan Your Epitaph Day
Sorry Charlie Day
Teflon Day
Army Day
Charlie the Tuna Day
Drowsy Driver Awareness Day
Hostess Twinkie Day
International Day of Sport for Development and Peace
National Student Athlete Day
Tater Day ( It's Sweet Potatoes)
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Day
American Indian Awareness Week:  6-10
Explore Your Career Options: 6-10
The Masters Tournament: 6-12
Emotional Overeating Awareness Month
Fair Housing Month 
Financial Literacy Month 
Fresh Florida Tomatoes Month
Frog Month 

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