Monday, August 26, 2019

Meteorite Monday / 8-26-19

Meteorite Monday EveryOne
Welcome my friends to the greatest show on earth, Life. That's right life, where living is what it's all about. And since you were able to get up and out of bed you have already accomplished several things that are essential to getting through today and this week alive. You were able to get up, you were able to get out of bed and trust me to be able to see the top side of the grass and the underside of clouds is a perfect way to begin. So now that you are up and you have figured out regardless of what you head is telling you, you might as well make the best of everything and anything that is before you and going to come your way this day and this week. That's right, it's a real killer to try to fight it and the alternatives can really be a downer. So we have a journey to trek this week, for some the path may be smooth but long and hot. For others, windy and bitter cold, for some you will travel the unknown through unchartered space, but for most of us it will be the same old, same old mountain climb. A steep, rocky, slippery when wet, root studded pit hole filled path, and both ways of the mountain will seem uphill, but in reality it will be up to the peak, over the top and down the back side. Not very glamorous, nothing your gonna become a star at, but each of us is a cog that if we don't do our jobs, do them right and well, many things will not happen correctly. Whether corporately, small business, or just what the effective are to our every day style of living. So we will start each morning by pulling on our hikers, or whatever footwear your journey calls for, we will take hold of out staff and we will take our place at the starting line. Along the way we will we will come on those that are in great pain, hurting both physically and mentally, lost and need someone to just take time to stop, listen and in some cases give them a hand to the next care centers. We will find whatever gentleness it takes to accomplish our task and get them there then move on. Helping others can be a bigger does of medicine for our own blues than most other things. The phrase I have come to use here was taken from my pastor a couple years ago and it is, do good and move on, that is all there is to it. Now we need to get this day going, and make the best of it all, and while we are dealing with it we might as well go make us the most Happy, Happy cause we know, no one else is going to do it for us. Then go share it with all that cross your path today. Yep just one day at a time, just one day at a time. Now let's get to it. 
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Dog Day
Women's Equality Day
National Toilet Paper Day
National WebMistress Day
National Composites Week: 26-30 

Friday, August 23, 2019

Black Friday / 8-23-19

Black Friday EveryOne
Wake up, Wake up, Wake Up, it's time to wake up and and see the sun as it rises, hear the birds as they sing, listen to the chatter of the squirrels. This is it, this is the day we have all been working towards and for since day one. So let's go, go, go and get this day going, by changing out those hikers for the sprinters and put that staff away and get the PF50+ out, cause it's gonna be a hot and sultry day running across the dessert. We will need to lather up well and go as light as you can or as bare as you dare as the less you have the cooler and easier it will be to manage your run. Our goal today is to get from point A to point Z without any major issues or hang ups. We want to take all those project we were pointing in the right direction yesterday and see them to the finish. This will be a day that we need to stay focused and really concentrated on what we are doing. It is not all about quantity but quality as well. It does us no go to just do for the same of doing without caring about what we are doing. The outcome will effect us in the long run. Maybe not today, or tomorrow but it will, and it will knock us down like a ton of bricks. So be prepared to give it your all, give it your best and give it all the way to the end. Now along the way we will still find those that need our help, need someone that listens or even needs someones help to get to the care center. This is good, and right and just and honorable, so don't get caught being too busy for others and what ails them and what help you can provide. So are you ready to get this day going so we can get to the party? Then let's get ,,, wait I'm forgetting something, like the theme of the week? Sorry about that, the theme has been all different kinds of Sand. So let's not let it all slip through the hour glass and waste what precious time we have, but let's get it together and get to the staring line and go make us a most Happy, Happy not for just all day but for all weekend as well, and may we share that joy in whatever way we can with everyone we come in contact with. 
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: 
National Cuban Sandwich Day
National Spongecake Day 
Ride the Wind Day
Day For The Remembrance of The Slave Trade & Its Abolition
Ride The Wind Day
Valentino Day
World Daffodil Day

National Waffle Day - 24
Vesuvius Day - 24
International Bat Night: 24-25
International Strange Music Day - 24
Knife Day - 24
National Waffle Iron Day - 24
Sand Castle Day - 24
Pluto Demoted Day - 24
Wayzgoose Day - 24
William Wilberforce Day - 24
Chuckwagon Races: 24-9/1

National Banaba Split Day - 25
National Whiskey Sour Day - 25
Kiss and Make Up Day - 25
Go Topless Day - 25
National Park Service Day - 25
National Second-hand Wardrobe Day - 25
Be Kind To Humankind Week: 25-31
World Water Week: 25-30

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Glass Thursday / 8-22-19

Glass Thursday EveryOne
Hello, hello, are you up and ready to go? NOOOO? Now wait one dang gum moment. This week has been going along just fine. Ok so there have been a few bumps and humps and maybe a few bruises along the way. But seriously this is not a day for the lazy boy, rocker, or hammock. This is a rock-n-roll kind of day, and we have lots to do and a lot of ground to cover. We need to get off this mountain, and out past the tree line. We will encounter, roots and stumps, paths overgrown with choke weeds and briars. We will definitely need those hikers or boots on and that staff will come in handy if we come on any varmints that want to impede our way to our destination. So get that brain of yours out of it's fuzzy wuzzy cozy cradle and get it buzzing with mojo running though it and stimulating us to get done what we need to accomplish today. As I have already mentioned this is an activity fulled day in that we need to gather loose ends and get them pointed in one collective direction and weed out what is not working and keep that which is. So be on your toes, be open and what needs doing and what needs done and get it done. Whatever gets done today means less of a hassle tomorrow. Now we are going to find some horrific situations today with folks who have lost there way, lost their hope, lost it all and will need our ears to hear and our eyes to see for them. We will need to help several to the next care centers and we will need to be that good Samaritan that just did and moved on. I can not stress this enough, in that helping other is the best medicine for getting us through the dumps and hard times  along our journeys as we do good for others and don't care what the if any rewards comes our way. Just do good and move on. Now we have lots to do so let's get moving towards the starting line and let's give it all we have got today. As we do, let's go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long and share it each step of the way. 
Your Morning Penguin
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: 
National Pecan Torte Day
National “Eat a Peach” Day
National Bao Day
World Plant Milk Day
Be an Angel Day
National Tooth Fairy Day
National Surgical Oncologist Day
Southern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day
Take Your Cat To The Vet Day

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Eye Roll Story & Pan Grilled Halibut / 8-21-19

      Well folks due to a lot going on this week with some needed repairs to my humble abode, I am going to keep this short. A lot of dust and an aching back spells bedtime for Bonzo here really soon. Just a quick story, this past Sunday morning was on my way to church and stopped into my local Cumbies for coffee before heading off to worship team practice. A dear seasoned Cape Codder lady was all in a huff when finally it got the best of her and it just came flowing out, "Why don't these F-ing just get the blankety, blank, blank, blank out of here and go the blankety, blank, blank home. First there were younger folk around, so that bothered me, but just the audacity to talk like that and have that attitude and mind set just blew me away. She went off to get here bottled water and came back. I figured put the lady in front of me and just get her through and out. As she moved in front of me, I merely said "remember dear these folks help pay our neighbors mortgages and helps cloth their kids and," She interrupted me: "Don't argue with me I hurt and I don't need an argument" O-K I though, the younger lady behind me her eyes were wide open not knowing just what to think about it all. A register opened and the lady behind me tapped my shoulder, and I immediately pointed the curmudgeon in the direction, and as I turned to the lady behind me said, she needs either some sunshine in her life or we need her out of here with all the kids around. She smiled and agreed and we all went back to our morning doings. I thought for a bit after that though, how sad that you have to be that sour and degrade and belittle others that much to make yourself feel better. We life in such a beautiful spot on the globe, we do not own it, we are merely caretakers of it and need to learn to share and play nicely. It's only for a short while and they do help pay my neighbors mortgages, and cloths them and helps feed them and the list goes on. To you tourist reading this, please not this is not the norm here, please come, stay, play and then come back again. To you locals, be mindful and help those around you who have this attitude to remember what this is all about and love them, apparently there are a few just mean mean people in need of a Mommy or someone who can crack their shell and get in to shine some love in their lives. I hope we make this a warm and inviting place to be and that we all can share and play nice together. I hope we all can have a great and wonderful, right here on old Cape Cod. 
      So where can one eat when one is basically shut out of ones own kitchen but not do the fast food joints over and over. They are ok once in a while but not everyday and I definitely can't do the $20, $15 even &10 dollars a day. This is my quest for the next 3 weeks while my kitchen is out of commission while I have a few updates done to it. So far I have found that buying deli items go much further and you get the best bang for your bucks. I have to say that my local stores each have their specialties, Stop N Shop and Shaws. But places like Ring Brothers Dark Horse Beef & Deli. This is located at the stop light where Patriot Square is on one side of 134 and Ring Brothers the other, or visit them at Dark Horse Deli makes some killer ham salad and chicken salads. I can usually get two lunches out of a 1/2 pound container, sometimes 3. They have Boars Head as many of our delis do (which is my #1 got to for deli brands, sorry other guys). I will get things like roast beast and turkey and get a couple nights of sandwiches. I can make a better sandwich for less money than the local sub shop that wants to charge me 8 - 12 dollars each. The Dark Horse staff is very nice and always ready to help.
      Next is Peterson's Market 918 Rt 6A YarmouthPort, I have had folks bring me prepared meals from there, and they are out of this world. Most of the containers you can get a dinner or lunch for two or if you are just one person two nights of eats for the price of one. Now these are not 2 dollars meals but when you divide them out they become very reasonable and cheaper than eating at a sit down every night and breaking the bank. They also have full dell as well. also find them online at
      If you are over in the Mashpee area then Roche Bros is your place to go. Located at Commercial St, Mashpee, MA  or online at They have a hot bar, chefs specials and the usual deli items, Remember if it is just one you are doing, get different kinds of salads and only do 1/2 pound each, most time you eat half one night and half the other and it stretches it out and makes it reasonable to enjoy a variety of food. 
      Now if you are in Orleans there is the Friend's Market located at 57 Main St, Orleans, across from the post office. or online at This is a family owned Market with a lot more then just deli items, they have a great wine section and would be glad to help you pick out something to go with your Deli selection. Yes they do sandwiches, but they also have the salads the chickens and the prepared entries. Homemade from scratch is what they are about and a wonderful place to get your deli fix. 
      A few others that I am just running out of room and time here, but Lambert's Farm Market located at 271 Cotuit Rd, Sandwich, MA  or online at
      or Dennis Public Market located at 653 Main St #6a, Dennis, MA  or online at
      Again this is not an all complete list and does not even touch above Orleans, like Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro and Provincetown. And there are places along Rt 28 that runs between Falmouth and Sandwich. So get out there, give them a try, buy small amounts and buy variety and you will find you can eat for a lot less and much healthier than eating out so much.   Happy Eating. 
      Hi-Ho one and all, how ya doing? It's been a hot one here the past couple days. The beaches are still full and waters are still warm and the buffet is still full so the Great Whites are still about. But with some smart heads up knowledge and watch where you are going to swim you can have a wicked awesome time out in the water. The boating could not be better and the surfing, paddle boarding, sail boarding and kite surfing are all going strong. The  night climb this past Thursday evening went fantastic with about 250 people showing up throughout the evening and about 1/2 of those making the climb to the lamp room. It was a clear evening and you could see lights from all over the place, like from Provincetown to Race Point, to Highland and Nauset and all the way down to Chatham. We had the hot chocolate flowing and the baked goods seemed endless. And stories about ship wrecks and ghost ships were all about. Hope some of these stories come back for our Halloween weekends, they were really good. Well we will be going strong through Labor day, then starting that Tuesday we will still go 7 days a week but hours will be adjusted to 10-5 till Columbus Day when we will really scale back to the public. Thats about when the school and senior tours ramp up. But until them 9-7 will continue to be the norm through Labor Day. Nothing else going on that is overly special, the docents are still here sharing stories and historical facts about not only this light house and station to many of the other around the Cape. And if the schools in your area have started back, what a perfect time to come if you are single, or a couple without kids. And if classes have not started in your area, come on out as the crowds are starting to thin a bit. I know that sounds like I'm double talking but if you think about it, it really is true. What a great time to visit. Well I need to get back to the tours, we have another one going off in 5 minutes and I like to take at least a half dozen times a day or more. So hope you see you soon and if you made it already I hope you had a great and wonderful time, but who wouldn't cause you would be right here on old Cape Cod. 
      Well nothing like having to change recipes in the middle of things, and as you saw in my opening paragraph that my house is a mess and in turmoil and my cookbooks and research material are all blocked in. So did a little research and came up with this little, incredibly easy recipe and able to do inside or outside on the grill, however I will say remember if doing on grill put either foil down or put a more solid surface and use the smoke to flavor the fish as well. Halibut is a nice white fish that can get rather flaky when done and when put on a grill, you might loose it between the grating and that would not be good. However there are some more solid fish that would work great with this recipe such as, Monk Fish, Tuna steaks, Mahi-Mahi, Swordfish and Salmon and a lot of sites add Snapper. So take a look at this recipe and dress it up, change it up, have some fun with it and enjoy fresh fish, especially this time of year. Now let's get this show on the road or should I say into the pan or on the grill. 

      This week's recipe: Pan Grilled Halibut 
      2      Tbsp      melted butter
      2      Tbsp      honey
   1/2      lemon    juiced
      2      tsp         soy sauce
   1/2      tsp         pepper
   1/2      tsp         marjoram
   1/2      tsp         Old Bay Seasoning 
      2      cloves   minced garlic
      1      pd         fresh halibut filets (or your choice of fish)
      In a small bowl, combine the butter, honey, lemon juice, soy sauce, pepper, marjoram and garlic. Cut fillets into pieces about 4-6 oz size. For me anything smaller is a waste of good fish.Brush both sides of each with the liquid mixture. Heat pan until it is sizzling hot Sear fish for about 90 seconds on each side. Reduce the heat to medium and cook each side for an additional 2-3 minutes, until the fish can be easily flaked with a fork. On a charcoal or gas grill this will take a bit later to cook fish all the way through.  

Garnet Wednesday / 8-21-19

Garnet Wednesday EveryOne
Rise and shine and shout some glory about, it is a beautiful day to be alive and well. Ok for some of us well is a relative term and alive is about pushing it. But a lot of it is a state of mind, a state of thought, and outlook what we really have before us and not what we don't. The fact we were able to get out of bed this morning is a great starter, the fact that we could go to the fridge and get something for breakfast, if we can look out the window and see the topside of the lawn this is good and the list goes on. And the big one today is that halfway through the day we will be halfway through the week. The days are passing by already quickly and we are riding this wave through the month of August like there is no tomorrow. So is your glass half filled or half empty? Is your wave a pipe line or a ripple in a puddle. Are you giving it all you've got this week or are you just playing games. To get this day going, let's get the hikers and footgear on, grab that staff and get going. There are paths to travel, rocks to climb over, and heights to reach, and when we get there we need to take a moment or two and look back to just how far we have come. Then turn and map out our directions for the rest of the trip then gather our stuff and move off the backside of the mountain. The peak is not our destination it is only the halfway point but it does represent that one step over the line being closer to the finish than back to the start. So take heart, we are making progress but there is still much to do, places to go and people to see and help. Yup we still gotta be our brother's and sister's keeper and let that helping hand as needed when we come on them. So be ready be open, have ears that hear and hands that help. Do unto others as you would want done unto you. Now the day is wasting away and we have a ways to go so let's get it going and go make us a most Happy, Happy and share it to anyone who needs it and is open to accept it.
Your Morning Guru
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Spumoni Day
Senior Citizen's Day
Brazilian Blow-out Day
International Day of Remembrance and Tribute To The Victims of Terrorism
Internet Self-care Day
National Medical Dosimetrist Day
Poet's Day

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Green Tuesday / 8-20-19

Green Tuesday EveryOne
Welcome back my friends to a show that never ends, Ladies and Gentlemen (thank you Emerson, Lake & Palmer). Are you ready for The Mission (Styx) today. Are you ready to Face the Music (ELO) today. Yesterday is done, gone and behind us. I think I counted everyone present? So that is always a good way to start to the week. I did not say we were all still in this game mentally but hey we can work on that along the way. I just hope you did not hit The Wall (Pink Floyd) too hard and became all Stressed Out (Twenty One Pilots). Yes it's a musical Tuesday morning and I am hearing the tunes in harmony and praying as we go through this day your's does not turn into sour notes or lead to you writing a Diary of a Madman (Ozzie Osbourne) or person. But let's hope that all you do and say today turns into a Magical Mystery Tour (the Beetles) and carries you to new heights and experiences. So time to get those hikers on, those boots, those whatever things you are wearing on your feet on and grab that staff. While we head to the line let's remember to be faithful and loyal to those around us, who are covering your back and be ready to do the same for them. But also we will come on those who are in deep hurting ways and we will take the time to stop, listen and help in whatever way we can. We will do good and move on regardless of the situation to the best of our ability. Now time to get this day on the go and go make some music of our own. And while we are at it let's make us a most Happy, Happy and Let the Sunshine In (Aquarius, by the 5th Dimension) and share it with all that cross our paths today. 
Your Morning Coach
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National ‘ Bacon Lovers ‘ Day
National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day
National Lemonade Day
National Radio Day
World Mosquito Day

Monday, August 19, 2019

Coral Monday / 8-19-19

Coral Monday EveryOne
Morning one and all, I hope you had a wonderful weekend or at least part of it was good. But the weekend is over and whether good or bad this is a new day, a new week, a new start to things, new adventures, new journeys, and new opportunities. This sounds old, sounds used, sounds corning. Really? Seriously? Let's look at a few facts, You can't go back and redo last week, you can't go back and do the travels over, you can't can't go backwards. You can try to duplicate what you did but nothing can be copied exactly the same, it will always be different. So we can either accept it and put a smile on our faces, put a giddy in your giddy-up and go make the most of what is before us and make the most out of whatever comes our way. Or we can just be a curmudgeon and sit there and stew in our own miserableness, ruining both our own chances of a good day and those around us. And is it going to change things? Heck no, so you might as well, get with the program, and to the best of your's an my abilities put on a happy face and make the best of whatever comes our way. So ready or not here it comes, so we might as well get some hikers on or whatever footwear is needed for your journey, find that staff and let's get to the starting line. Along the way we are going to encounter those that need our help, so be ready. Whether it's someone we know or someone we had no intentions of helping, ever, be ready to stop, listen and lend a hand in whatever way we can or need to. Now it's time to get this day going and see where this week and travels take us. And the best way to do that is to spread some joy along the way so let's go make us a most Happy, Happy and share it to everyone that crosses our paths today.
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Soft-Serve Ice Cream Day
National Hot & Spicy Food Day
National/International Potato Day
Aviation Day
"Black Cow" Root Beer Float Day
(8/19/1893 by Frank J. Wisner, Cripple Creek Brewing Co., CO.  Also Aug. 6 by A&W Root Beer).
Coco Chanel Day
Cupcake Day
International Bow Day
International Orangutan Day
World  Humanitarian Day

Friday, August 16, 2019

Bourbon Friday / 8-16-19

Bourbon Friday EveryOne
      Hallelujah, Amen, Jump up and down on the bed, or even a pogo stick. Ring the bell, clang the gong, blow the kazoo, toot the wazoozal, but whatever you do don't stay in your bed, or even your jamies. We have arrived we have arrived at the start of that most glorious day we call FRIDAY. It's gonna a be a most day and from what I am hearing this way all through the weekend, then again if no work how could it be anything less than glorious. Friday is not a day for laying around, or rocking your life away on the front porch while the world passes you by. No, no by no means, this is a day to do what you must, to get to the starting line to run your race while I run mine. We need proper footing so put back the hikers and find those darn sprinters and lace them up tight. Put away the staff and get that visor and suntan lotion and get it done all over. Go as light as you can or as bare as you dare and let's take this day on with all that you have. (this week's theme has been varieties of coffees). This run will be in the sun and the heat across dessert floors with reflective sand and glass. It will test us to the very maximum and do it's best to keep us from our appointed destination. We will need to wrap up all the loose ends, bring then to a head and see that they are finished and finalized before we cross the tape, or take the checkered flag, or whatever line you consider to be finished. We have been preaching it, talking about it, encouraging it all week, but do good and help those who we come on through our day that are in much greater distress than we are, those who hurt, those who are lost, and the list goes on. Stop, listen, and help in whatever needs done, including to seeing them to the next care center. Now this day is slipping away from us and we need to get this day going, so let's head for the starting line and give it all we've got. Quantity yes but not to supersede quality, this is not about sloppy, bad workmanship. This is about doing your's and my best in all aspects of what we do and leave no questions that you care about what you do and how you do it. So let's get it and go do it and make us a most Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long in all you do and share it with all come in contact with. 
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi 

Holiday & Observances:
National Rum Day
National Bratwurst Day
Brother's Day
Joe Miller's Joke Day
Men's Grooming Day
National Airborne Day
National Rollercoaster Day Day
Surveillance Day

National Vanilla Custard Day - 17
Baby Boomer's Recognition Day - 17 
Black Cat Appreciation Day - 17
Chef Appreciation Day - 17
Clear The Shelters Day - 17
I Love My Feet Day - 17
International Geocaching Day - 17
International Homeless Animals Day - 17
Meaning of "Is" Day - 17|
National Honey Bee Day - 17
National Nonprofit Day - 17
National Thrift Shop Day - 17
World Honey Bee Day - 17

National Ice Cream Pie Day - 18
National Pinot Noir Day - 18
Bad Poetry Day - 18
Birth Control Pills Day - 18
Mail Order Catalog Day - 18
National Badge Ribbon Day - 18
National Fajita Day - 18
Serendipity Day - 18
World Daffodil Day - 18
Minority Enterprise Development Week: 18-24
National Chef's Appreciation Week: 18-24

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Brutte Thursday / 8-15-19

Brutte Thursday EveryOne
      Well wakka, wakka, meatballs another day has past and a new day has dawned and we are still here to take it on. This may be no champagne of a day, but we are a brood waiting to take this day on and make it our own. Life is not easy, life is not aways fair, life is not free, but to those who work hard and stay with it, there are blessings seen and unseen that will be bestowed. We think that all we do many times has to be tangible, alert, it normally is not so, thus do good and move on. So what does this have to do with everything this morning, First why are we taking so long to get going in the mornings, why do we drag so much, what do we complain about it all. So many can not get out of bed, can not go to the fridge, do not have clean cloths to wear, have someplace to bath, have a roof over their heads that doesn't leak. Do I need to go on. Ya this may not be a champagne kind of a day, but we have been given, granted the ability to maximize our opportunities. That could mean make meatballs out of the ground stuff put in front of us or just taking the time to do what we just need to do. That includes meeting the needs of those we come on that are down and out, desperate, hurt - bleeding and possibly dying. We need to stop and listen and then help and maybe even see them to the next care center. Do good in all you do and then move on. No glory, no fame, no lights, no ect, ect. Just do it, and move on it is what we need to do, don't need to ask questions, and quiz them on if they meet our approval, just do it. You never know when the shoe may be on the other foot, do as you would hope someone would do for you. Now this is a work day a hard work day, so let's get the footwear on, take hold your staff and let's get this show on the path. Besides talking all about meatballs has got me hungry and we need to get through the day before I get to make dinner. So let's go and make us a most Happy, Happy, all day long and go share it with all that cross our paths. 
Your Morning Penguin
Steve Gimmi 

Holiday & Observances:
National Lemon Meringue Pie Day
Julia Child’s Birthday
Feast of the Assumption
Relaxation Day
Best Friends Day
Chauvin Day
Check The Chip Day
National Leathercraft Day
National No SpongeBob Day

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Cool & Damp Evenings on Cape Cod & Oriental Salad / 8-14-19

      I remember some of those evenings like we have just had recently that were cool and damp. Mom would be sitting in one of the lounge chairs, either working on a crossword puzzle or knitting. Dad would sit in the other matching lounge chair, wither reading or watching TV (which did not come till many years after we had been going and that was only a small black and white one). I would be at the kitchen table working on those of those posters you get that you use colored pencils or colored pens to make your own wall art. Or I loved to do hide n seek puzzles or I Mom would make me read some. Why do I remember these as damp nights? Because as Dad would sit in the chair he would make comments about his arms sticking to the varnished wood arms, and the plastic table cover would get that tacky feeling. The smell of salt and seaweed in the air was heavy and strong because of the dampness. And somewhere between 7 and 10 we would look out onto Old Wharf Road and notice that the fog had rolled in from the cottage you could barely see across the road. The street lights would have that eery yellowish glow about them that seemed to scream something of a Humphrey Bogart movie or Out of the Black Lagoon. An occasional car would come down the road, you could hear it but you could not see it until it was nearly on top of you. Then out of the dark damp misty fog the headlights would slowly appear, pass and slip back into nothingness. The Twilight zone of mystery and wonder, and had the earth opened up and the seas reclaimed its land to swallow up those who dare to travel its path? It never seemed to phase Mom, and she would must keep working away at her knitting for awhile, till out of the blue she would offer to play a game with me. She would put away her knitting needles and I would go find the game Quinto. It was a tile numbers game based on multiples of five. We would sit down to play and Dad would start with that whine of I'm not sure I remember how to play this game, You better remind me, they he would proceed to beat the pants off of anyone who was playing. He does this still to this day (ya he's 92 and still as sharp as a tack and uses it to his advantage anytime he gets it). Anyway, we would play play two or three rounds and call it for the night. Mom and Dad would head to bead and as a mid-teen I would head out to do rounds with the night guard for Chases Ocean Grove who I got to know real well and he would wait for me to come out and go with him. I would eventually get home between 12 and 1 in the morning and slip into bed. Mom and Dad never worried where I was at as they knew I was out with the night watchman. The ones for our areas Chases, Campers Haven and one other down the road were all special duty police officers who most were teachers during the off season. They watched after me and made sure I made it back to the cottage ok and was a great experience. Yup I know it sounds strange but these are what has made my memories what has shaped my loves about the Cape and what I remember about my family being together while here on the Cape. Mom's been gone now 31 year and there are times like these that it feels like just last year we were here all together. Yes I miss my mother, extremely, and sometimes more than others. She was 58, the same age I am now. After she got past that first year, she fell in love with the Cape as much as do and I know she would have been here as much as she could. Thanks Mom for the memories, and here's to what you and Dad gave to me and my love for this place we call Old Cape 
      Well small business report time. One of my favorite go to places on 6A anytime of the year is in Brewster called the Lemon Tree Village Shops. This grouping of shops is a wonderful place with something for just about everyone in the family. So if you want someplace that is fun, has practical shops and is open year round this is the place. Located at 1069 Route 6A in Brewster or find them online at Also each of the shops have their own websites or are facebook and twitter on their own. So what kind of shops are located here. Well here are some of the shops you will find: Brewster Sweets making hand made chocolates, this stuff is pretty darn good. The Lemon Tree Pottery Shop. I have found more things here than my pocket could ever purchase or my house could hold. From figurines, to garden sculptures to to mugs to plates and wine glasses to bowls and the list goes on and on. Next is By the Bay Designs they have a wide variety of affordable, imaginative American-made gifts, jewelry, greeting cards, and decorative arts for the home.  Working along with many local artisans, we offer some of the most unique Cape Cod-themed items available. (ok I stole that from them) But still great place to go. La Bodega; Ladies this is your kind of clothing shop. With all kinds of styles that would make any woman fit right into the Cape scene. Let's not forget the Village Toy Store, this store is upstairs but don't think they are just hiding up there. They have so much fun stuff, but that help teach and learn and those things that are just for play time, and if you are into games they have those too. So climb the stairs and check them out. The Cook's Shop, wow, if you have not been in there you are missing something. two floors of all things cooking. If you are looking for that special tea pots, spatulas, whisks, measuring spoons, and the list goes on. Then there is the cookware upstairs and baking ware and small appliances and they even have Lodge cast iron ware. Back downstairs they have teas of all kinds, jams, vinegars, oils and specialty dry goods. Just go in and check them out. The last I will mention is a two in one now. The Woodworks Gallery bought the Brewster Birdhouse shop and have moved them into the same space. If are looking for bird houses and wild bird items check them out. But if you are looking to add some outdoor patio furniture. In their words: This shop carries a unique selection of American Crafted Wood Art and Gift Items.  Wood Gift Items includes Hand Carved Birds, Jewelry, Jewelry Boxes,  Signs, Salad Bowl sets, Serving Spoons and Tongs, Watches, Old Fashioned Toys, Toys and Games, Wood Wick Candles, Wind chimes, Rocking Chairs, Amish Furniture. Stay tune for what we hope is some exciting news in the next several months, especially for you folks that winter down near Sarasota, Florida area. Will keep you posted. But for now keep this place in mind for your outdoor and indoor decorating needs. Now I am not getting everyone. There is a cafe, and jeweler, not just jewelry but a real jeweler that can repair your gold and silver jewelry and more. So go and have a fun time shopping at the Lemon Tree Village Shops.            
      Hello, and I am glad many of you have come back to visit me again. I will say I think this young reporter now only comes up to get those cookies, pound cakes and bundt cakes. The wife does all the cookies and and an occasional cake. But what most don't know is that I am the one making most of the fruit pies, bundt and pound cakes. I love those things. But what he doesn't know won't hurt him, at least in this case. Well the weather has just about been perfect. Just one drippy day that ended up with a hang over but the rest has been perfect and so does this coming weekend look fantastic. So if you have the opportunity to come on out and experience the good life, rest and relaxation well then this weekend would be great. And also one of the last empty weekends before the kids have to go back to school, ok parents stop cheering so loudly you will scare the whales away. LOL. So, the guests and visitors have continued to stream in, we are seeing about 50 or so a day and on the weekends it's been exploding to 2 to 3 times and I think we had one or two weekends that we had over 200 each day. But I expect things to remain steady through Labor Day then start to slow down. So if you are empty nesters or DINKS (double income no kids, really folks) September would be a wonderful time to plan to come out and visit us. With all the sunshine filled days the view have been spectacular from the lamp room and so much to see and experience. Remember this coming Thursday we are doing a night climb from 7-9 pm and the weather looks like it is going to cooperate for us to make it a great evening. So I hope you can make it, but if you cant please come and visit us any other time during out daytime hours. Last but not least a report on your Great Whites, I just hear that so far this season we have had more than a 150 sighting, and needless to say many of you know this as they have periodically closed down beaches. But what's a little inconvenience to safety, so we will deal with it and until we do something about the seal population we will not see the number of Great White sightings decrease. Well folks that about it, another day another week another report, I hope you have had a fantastic summer so far and have been able to get here, or are still looking forward to that long awaited holiday and still planning to come see us. I hope regardless of your situation, you have a great and wonderful the rest of your summer but especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.    
      Well another wonderful summer eek and time for a nice vegetable based side dish. I like a good Asian type salad as it can serve as a really good side dish or if you really wanted to you could add a meat to it and make it into an all in one lunch salad. You can also dress this salad up and down a lot and have some really good fun with it. So check it out, nothing goofy in this one, and give it a try, I think you might like this a lot and find different ways to change this around too many different occasions. Now let's get to it with this week's yummy in the tummy, Oh and if you find another Oriental salad recipe, they are different, I make sure of that. Now on with the show:

      This week's recipe: Oriental Salad

      1      cup      slivered almonds
      2      Tbsp    sesame seeds
      1      small    head of cabbage (shredded or chopped)
      3      stalks   green onions (chopped)
      2      pkgs     chicken ramen soup (broken up)

      Toast almonds till slightly brown, then let cool while you get the rest ready. In a large bowl, put shredded or chopped cabbage, chopped onion, sesame seeds and almonds,  and set aside.

   Dressing mix:
   1/2      cup      salad oil
      3      Tbsp    vinegar (for some fun use an infused or flavored vinegar)
   1/4      cup      sugar
   1/4      tsp       salt
      2      pkgs     ramen soup seasoning mix

      Mix dressing ingredients in a separate container and add it to the cabbage bowl and mix . Right before serving add crumbled ramen noodles so they don't get soggy. and serve. 

Blue Mountain Wednesday / 8-14-19

Blue Mountain Wednesday EveryOne
      Wonderful wicked Wednesday to you and may the Blue skies be with you all the way to the mountain top today and down to the other side. The sun has shone all week so far, but roomers have it there might be some of those puffy things in the skies here in the North East hanging around from what came our way overnight. But a few rain drops on a this midway, hump-day is not going to be a deterrent from reaching the top of the mountain beyond those closes and seeing those blue skies. But the sun will shine and we will celebrate our accomplishments when we reach that peak. I know that the peak is only half way, I get that it is not the end of the day, I get it there is still much more to go. But really, we need to celebrate that which has gone well and reaching the halfway point it a big deal. You realize that one step over the line you are one step closer to the finish line than back to the beginning. So let's get that brain out of that squishy place in your cranium, get that footwear pulled on (I prefer my hikers ) and find that staff. Yesterday you might have beaten off a shark, eel or a crab or two, but today we have got snakes and skunks and maybe a badger or two. But we will make it just like we did yesterday so, let's get this day going and doing what we do best. You know doing what is good and right and true, before all things. That means if there is someone in need we lend a hand, if they needs someone to listen we listen and if they need more than we can do we make sure they get to the next care center, then move on. Once back on track we need to concentrate on both quality as well as quantity, it's not one or the other, it is both. Life is work, it is not free, and we will get out of it what we put into it, so do your best everyday and be all that you can be. Now time to get to the line and get this day going and let's do it such a way we bring on the Happy, Happy then share it with all that we come in contact with. 
Your Morning Guru
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Creamsicle Day
National Navajo Code Talkers Day
World Calligraphy Day
V-J Day 14/15

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Typica Tuesday / 8-13-19

Typica Tuesday EveryOne
      Holy Moly what what a start, what a start and now we have blasted our way into a fantastic start to this week. I have heard there were a few out there that some of you did run into a few rough spots, but I did not hear that we lost anyone along the way so that was good. Now Monday is behind us and Wednesday we can do nothing about. Today is the only day we can do something about and we are going to do it in style. So get those all purpose waterproof shoes on and take hold that staff and let's get it going towards the starting line. We will be on the land and in the sand, we will be in the water and playing with fishies. We will be all in it and all over it, and we will give it our all from beginning to end. Not sure if your week will turn into a triathlon or not or just be an unforgettable odyssey but we are going to do what it takes to get from beginning to end with style, grace, humility and stammer. We will make the best of the worst, and turn any lemon or line into healthy ade (as in lemonade or limeade). We will be the kind of friend and coworker we would others to be to us and we will when the time comes, be a support and help to those in need we come on along our journey. I get it that many of us would rather be doing something else for a living or would like to be retired with a healthy bank account. But that is not what most of us will end up with in life and we will need to work hard, work long and just plane work for whatever comes our way. So we might as well make the best of it and the best for those around us. Now lets get it together and go do what we must do and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long then go share it with all who cross our path.
Your Morning Coach
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Filet Mignon Day
National Prosecco Day
International Lefthander's Day

Monday, August 12, 2019

Hawaiian Monday / 8-12-19

Hawaiian Monday EveryOne
      Aloha everyone and welcome to a mighty magnificent Monday morning where I am expecting momentous happenings today that could mount us a start like we have not had for a long time. The weekend was great but that is now behind us and we are looking for great and awesome things that happen this week. So let's start with getting those hikers on or whatever footwear you need and find that staff cause we will need it to beat off some of those sharks along the way. This weeks journey will take us through salty waters, over sandy dunes, up steep cliffs and across dessert lands. We will feel the humidity, I know there will be the rains, the sun and who knows what else. This week will not be easy but with our nose to the grindstone and a determination to succeed we will take this day by day from start to end. Remember in all we need may be seek goodness not just in our work but with the conversations with those we come in contact with along the way, and all that cross our paths regardless of what they think, how they look, what political stance that take or how they choose to live their lives. Everyone deserves to be treated with goodness and we, one by one, step by step, need to take that responsibility on. If we come on those any who are in dire straights we will stop and help and see them to the next care center. Do good and move on. Now the day is not getting longer and we need to get this train on tracks rolling in a positive direction and let's go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi 

Holidays & Observances;
Middle Child's Day
International Youth Day
Milkman Day
Home Sewing Machine Day
Vinyl Record Day
World Elephant Day
US Amateur Golf Week: 12-18

Friday, August 9, 2019

Fanfare Friday / 8-9-19

Fanfare Friday EveryOne
     Blow the trumpets, bang the pots and pants, shake all the rattles, and woos your kazoos. It is finally here that wonderful, magnificent, glorious day we call FRIDAY. The day our journey for this week, our adventure, our odyssey comes to and end. But we have got to get it going before we bring it to an end. This is not a lazy daisy kind of day, although it may be hazy and crazy as we set our sights on the end, the finish line, and push our limits to the extreme edge to get through it and get to the impending weekend. But this is not an excuse to do poor labor to slack off on our work ethics or decide we can just slide to the end on what we have already done for the week. NO, NO we need to give our best all the way through the end. We need to remember quality vs quantity every time and we need to be the best of the best all the time. So first things first we need to change out the footwear to the sprinters so we an be light on our feet and quick in our step. Put down your staff and find that visor or cap and be sure to lotion up well or you will get burned. Be prepared to do all we can to get all the work done and wrapped up and delivered. And what we really need to do is keep the kindness attitude and actions going right to the end. Speaking of being kind, I guess I need to be kind and let you know what the theme has been for this week. The theme has been varieties of Cucumbers, yep those wonderful summer veggies we love to munch and crunch, pickle and butter, eat them plain or cover a burger with them. Yum, Ok, just cause it's Friday does not mean we get to turn a blind eye to those in need or shut off the kindness acts. We all like to receive acts of kindness so why would we stop giving them. Speaking of which, haven't we had some great moments of kindness this week? Even with those who chose to turn and reject our acts? Hoping that somewhere down the road it will sink in and somewhere they will find it in them to pass it on? We will keep giving and we will keep sharing the kindness to all we come in contact with. Happiness and kindness go hand in hand. The more kindness the happier we become thus the kinder we become to deal with and thus it get's pass on and on and on. So keep that smile going, and let's go make us a most Happy, Happy to share not only for today but for the whole weekend long. 
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
Book Lover's Day
International Day of The World's Indigenous People
Shop Online For Groceries Day
Kool-Aid Day: 9-11
Perseid Meteor Showers: 9-1
Veep Day
Elvis Week: 9-17 Link
International Tree Climbing Days: 9-11 Link
Perseid Meteor Showers: 9-13

National S’mores Day - 10
National Banana Split Day - 10
Lazy Day - 10
Middle Child Day - 10 
National Bowling Day - 10
National Duran Duran Appreciation Day - 10
National Garage Sale Day - 10
National Shapewear Day - 10
Paul Bunyan Day - 10
Skyscraper Appreciation Day - 10
Smithsonian Day - 10
Tisha B'Av - 10
World Lion Day - 10

National Panini Day - 11
National Raspberry Tart Day - 11
Presidential Joke Day - 11
Son and Daughter Day - 11
Eid-Al-Adha - 11
Ingersoll Day - 11
National Hip Hop Day - 11
The Spirit of '45 Day - 11
National Motorcycle Week: 11-17
Feeding Pets of the Homeless Week: 11-17
National Resurrect Romance Week:11-17
Weird Contest Week: 11-17

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Eureka Thursday / 8-8-19

Eureka Thursday EveryOne
      That's right its Eureka Thursday and we are plugging this day in and checking out how electrifying we can crank this day up to on the voltage meter. Thursday the day we mark the coming off the mountain and getting out past the tree line. The day that we take account of all that is going on, weed out the bad or the non-profitable, and get that which is good and worthy of time and effort all bundled and pointed in the right direction. We will be coming down over the rocks, the exposed roots, through briars, and thorn bushes as well as choke weeds. So let's start by getting that footwear on and take hold that staff and head off to the starting line. We will need to focus on staying on path and not being distracted down rogue rabbit trails or get our foot stuck in a mole hole. This is the workhorse day of the week, remember to keep the focus, to keep plowing forward, to keep on keeping on and we will get through it. Life it too short to give only your half best, stop and rethink, reframe what you are doing and even if it is not what you want to be doing or going in the direction you want at this time. Never short change yourself by not giving your best in all you do and say. Good does not always begat good, but bad will always bite you in your bass down the line. Now how you doing with the kindness acts this week? Have you been challenged to not be so kind? Has it been difficult to be kind to those you would not necessarily be kind to or even give the time of day too? But have you had any surprising good result from your acts of kindness. There are still plenty of folks out there that need our kindness to shine through. They need that smile, that kind word, that kindness helping hand, and the list goes on. It's not easy, there are plenty of others out there that are so easy to be kind to, why mess with these? Because they need it the most, and we need to start fire of caring and loving and concernment, not just pass it on to someone else. So with everything else that is going on today get your kindness hat on, and let it flow from the heart, be genuine and make the most of each opportunity that comes your way. Now let's get this day going and go make us a most Happy, Happy and spread it to all who cross our paths today. 
Your Morning Penguin
Steve Gimmi 

Holiday & Observances: 
National Frozen Custard Day
National Zucchini Day
Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day
Dalek Day
International Cat Day
The Date to Create
Happiness Happens Day
National CBD Day
Odie Day
Wear Your Mother's Jewelry Day
National Hobo Week: 8-11

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

More Life on the Cape & a Bikini Martini / 8-7-19

      Memories, travel tips, life on the Cape, what is it this week, Life we all have to live it, but what's it like on a shrinking mid-class income. No I am not a 6 figure income person, I still sign into my computer every morning and go to work, working for a large corporation doing customer service work from the comfort of my home, or so they say the comforts, LOL. Finally happening, it's only taken now about 3+ years but my kitchen either by the end of this week or the sometime next week will be demoed and the task of my contractor to rebuild it. I have my floor tiles and my cabinets sitting in the garage. Fortunately my appliances are all only 3 years old so I do not have to replace them. But a sliding door will be coming out and a farm style door with a disappearing screen will be going in, thus giving me 60 additional inches of counter top space. Yaa. And the flooring will be consistent from the kitchen through the breezeway (enclosed long ago before I came along) and into the all season sun room (now tv room) The house was built in 1971 and has not been updated since, so the kitchen and somewhere down the line the bathroom need desperate attention. It will look nice once I get there but with being a work at home per person it will be interesting to see how I can make this work and survive. Given all the right circumstances it should take about 4 weeks to complete. I can always hope for miracles. So you think living here is so wonderful, its paradise, it's life on a beach. Well, maybe for some of those retirees, or a few over on the islands, or there are one or two areas that most the folks have more money then I will see in a lifetime coming in every 3-6 months. Don't get me wrong I am very blessed to be where I am at, in the house I am in, being able to live here on Cape Cod. (Remind me of this come January when the wind is blowing and the wind chill is about zero) But this is life, this is real, I still have to cook my dinners, do my laundry, mow the lawn, and get bees out of places they should be. Remember what is one persons paradise is another persons hell. You need to find where you are going to be happy and get there and relax with it and then make the most of all it has to offer. And pray all the rest falls in place, and again relax with it. Cause there will be things that happen that you didn't expect, didn't want an will try to upset your apple cart and question your decisions. But for me, am going to love each and eery moment I am given here on Cape Cod and live it to the most. I hope those that call this place home can relate to what I am saying and be encouraged they are not alone. To those not living on the Cape realize home is where you make it, and that we all have our ups and down. But while we are all here, I hope you have a great and wonderful and that the weather is the best that it can be. Have a most Happy, Happy and share it where ever you go.   
      Small business report is one of my favorite things to report on. I get to tell people about new places and have fun finding new places to eat, and reminding you of places we should have going back to a year ago but were trying out all the new places. So I hope you check these places out and tell them you read about them on blogchowder by the one the only CapeCod Rockhopper. And no I do not get any special treatment from these folks, or payments or gifts or anything else. I pick who I want to put in, I speak good of those I do pick, and those I don't, well I don't cover them. But the difference between those I don't like and those I just have not been to yet, you will never know. I speak only only good of those I promote and happily will add to that list as I come upon them. Also I do seasonal as well, in the summer those who are around in the summer, but come fall I will start pushing those that are open year round. So with all that, let's get started.
      First up, I am so happy to announce a new shop in Mashpee Commons called The Spice & Tea Exchange, located right across from Cup Cake Charlies. I am so happy since the last one went out and thought they brought a real service both to the Mashpee area but to the Cape. You can all kinds of spices and dried herbs in any amounts from just an ounce to a pound of whatever. If you are a restaurant owner or chief you will want to check them out for those odd or different spices that you only need a small amount at any one time and don't need to keep a lot of inventory on hand. This is even better for the regular home or Cape Cottage Kitchen Chief who is not going to use a pound of anything before gets past it's prime. You can make those special recipes without breaking your bank to make. They will also be open year round which is great for the many of us and for you snow birds they also have a shop in Sarasota Florida area. So support them up here and support the down there and eat well without busting the budget all year round. 
      The Cape is blessed to have some very stilled pottery makers, or throwers, I am always fascinated by just how many differences there are from one studio to another. And with that I have found another artist in our midst that is just fantastic and her work is really different. Blueberry Lane Pottery out of Truro and can be found at, and occasional craft shows. Paul Wisotzky is a studio potter and teacher and makes pottery for everyday use. Check our his website for more about Blueberry Studio, his pottery, classes and events. I think this if you are a pottery connoisseur this is one pottery artist you need to be checking out. 
      On category I have not pushed much is photography, but someone that has caught my eye is Beth Higgins, find her online at Check out her events page for shows she will be showing at and go check our her works. She does a lot of the Cape some Florida, Lighthouses and more. I enjoy others who do well at their discipline and Beth does an excellent job. She has an eye for capturing a vision and idea in a camera lens that will amaze you and is something that you will want to hang on your walls. So check her out and add some life to your dead walls.  
      Now go and discover someone new, something you have not tried before and each someplace that you have never eaten at before and have fun while here on old Cape Cod, whether you are just visiting or year round.
      Well, another day another week has passed and at least no more wicked weather, at least like we had a couple weeks, ago. But the heat and the humidity has returned and life on the Cape continues as we all would expect going into August. Wait, did I just August, oh me, oh my, only a few more weeks left to the meteorologist summer calendar. Some schools start the third week of August while others not till after Labor Day. But we are here at the light house and station everyday from 9-7 and from now through the week after Labor Day. However, we are heavily leaning on keeping those hours through Columbus Day like our sister station up at Highland Light. The seas continue to be relatively calm and other than a few mishaps and a few fires on smaller personal boats there is nothing major to report. The seals are still here, and thus so are the Great White Sharks. There are still beach closings going on, so if you are here now or still coming, just keep your eyes and ears open to the watches and warnings going up. Safety does not cost anything, the curse for not heading those warnings could cost you a life, so be smart. I can not say enough thanks to all our volunteers helping out, we can not do it without all your time and efforts you put in here at the station. For those of you still coming, be sure to bring your binoculars with you, cause once you get to the top of the circular stairs and into the lighthouse you will want to get them out and check out all the whale sightings we have had this year. Some you can see with the naked eye but if you have the binoculars you will see so much more. We are scheduling a night climb the third Thursday of this month and we have been able to get the right paperwork in order to do it. So we will be going till 9pm that night, so if you want a unique opportunity come on out and join us and see all the stars in the open heavens, or at least we hope that the clouds will stay away that night. Well, I think that about does it for this week. This young kid, seems to be getting more and more responsibility and chasing down more articles for this here on-line thing. They tell me this how, most of ya'll get your news now so I have to keep up with the feller. So have a great and wonderful all week and the rest of your summer, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.      
      Well it's that time for another cool and tasty refreshing recipe from the bartenders notebook. This one is right up the alley or should I say right off the beach in terms of names and something fit for this time of year. So if you are a martini lover this one is for you. If not well, when was the last time you gave it a shot, or two. And if you still are not sure about it, go search google and find another one by the same name, this recipe comes in all different colors and locations. Just take my word on it. Anyway, there is something to be said about this time of year, and living life on a beach, I just wish I could get out of the office and enjoy it some time. Oh well, life's a beach and then we enjoy a martini to help finish that one. So have fun, enjoy, be a responsible consumer and host, stay alive and save a life don't drink and drive. Now let's get this show on the road and in the glass. 

      This week's recipe: a Bikini Martini

      1      oz        coconut rum
   3/4      oz        vodka
      1      oz        pineapple juice
      1      dash    grenadine syrup

  •       Combine rum, vodka and pineapple juice in a drink shaker. Shake firmly until frothy. Pour in a martini glass, add a touch of grenadine in the middle. Garnish with an orange wheel.