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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Donnerstagmorgen 4-9-2020

Rainier Morning EveryOne
   Hut two, three, four, Hut, two, three, four, You ever feel like your in military with the regiment that we lead. Up in the morning and a specific hour, brush the teeth and hair, some of you shower at night some in the morning. But then it's, get dressed, get the coffee, maybe something to eat then off to the office no matter if that is in another part of the house or in a building other than your house. It's the same, day in and day out. then comes Thursday and the realization that it's just today and tomorrow and we are weekend bound. Yes, folks it's the same. or if you are on a virus furlough or displacement, or are in between jobs for whatever reason, there is still routine, there is still the haves too the needs to get done. And we quickly fall into a pattern of just doing, just existing, just,, you get the point. I know that Thursday are the workhorse day of the week, I get that this is a day that the pressure is on to be sure we are finishing up everything to set us up for an awesome weekend. But it's still same old, same old. So what are we going to do differently? if you are still working through this virus thing, find something to do that touches someone near you, not physically but a note, something small, you don't need to spend money but let them know you appreciate them. If you are are home with the kids, reach out to someone in the neighborhood, someone in your community, someone in your church, check in on them, write them a note, see how they are doing and make a difference in someone else's life. It's a rough day, the road down the hill is not all that smooth, and a slip and slide is not what we are looking for. We need to maintain that routine on one side but do something different that will make a meaning to someone else which in turn will encourage meaning for us as well. Life is not always what we thought it would be. Stoping and looking for an. exit i not the option, so let's get our heads out from under the covers, pull on those hikers and step out with some courage and faith and do something that will make a difference in both someone else's and your life today. Now let's go make us a most Happy, Happy all day as see where it will take us.
Your Morning Penuin
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: 
National Gin & Tonic Day (US)
Name Yourself Day
Winston Churchill Day
Appomattox Day
Holy Thursday
Jenkins Ear Day
Jumbo Day
National Alcohol Screening Day
National Cherish An Antique Day
National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day
National Unicorn Day
National 9-1-1 Education Month
National African American Women's Fitness Month
National Autism Awareness Month
National Cannabis Awareness Month
National Cancer Control Month
National Child Abuse Prevention Month
National Card and Letter Writing Month
National Decorating Month
National Exchange Club - Child Abuse Prevention Month
National DNA & Genomics & Stem Cell Education & Awareness Month
National Donate Life Month
National Facial Protection Month
National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month
National Garden Month
National Heartworm Awareness Month
National Humor Month

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