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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Some Hot October Cape Cod Events & a Frozen Bikini / 10-02-19

      Ok this this week I am going to go back to something i did several years ago and do a seasonal brews and vineyards sections. This is a great time of year for lots of great drinks, from beer to wine to spirits and let's not forget coffee too. And with my favorites doing something I thought this was a good time to give a report. Please, if I forget something or some one it is not no purpose but I just only have room for so much space. First a good place to start is at This is a great place to find the main land vineyards, breweries and distilleries. And remember if you are really ambitious there are those places located on each island as well, not to be done with those just off the Cape from Plymouth to the north and New Bedford to the south. There is so much happening that check out each and every website to see what is going on. The beverage trail however does not cover our own local package stores, that do these wicked awesome tasting and fests. Please support those places around you, but also be open to great opportunities to see what others are doing. My go to is Kappy's in Hyannis across from the airport. October is a hopping month with Octoberfest happening the 19th of October then after that is a Whisky tasting that you will need to watch their website for date and ties. But the Octoberfest is always a great time of fun and trying new things before buying that 6 or 12 pack of that new item. 
      Next is Cape Cod Beer, since I did a thing on these guys a few weeks ago Im not going to say a lot but there so much happening, they could almost corner the market on events going on including Second Annual Shuck! A day of Oysters and Beer, this is a ticketed even so go to the website and check it out on their events page. Go hog wild here and get involved. 
      Ok one of my favorites is Truro Vineyards and South Hollow Spirits up in North Truro. I love our wineries here on Cape Cod, they are doing well and are producing some seriously good stuff. There is something for everyone. I you missed VineGrass you missed a good one, put it on your calendar for next year the end of September. But coming up is the first annual Harvest Festival set for October 26, with local food, music, art and more. So put it on the phone calendar to be there or be square,,, Ok so I'm dating myself but you get the idea. 
      Cape Cod Coffee has now three places to site and enjoy or to get and go, besides being in a lot of local shops. The main shop and roasting facility on Main St, then there is the Airport location, during the week, and now Cape Cod Coffee Cafe a Full-Service Breakfast & Lunch with Full Bar with Local Beer, Wine & Specialty Cocktails. And they also are offering ticked events on 3 Thursday nights and one Friday night. Get on their mailing list to find out some of these special events that just look fun, fun, fun.
      OK so there is a lot going on and this is just, what 4 places, there are so many other places doing great things, so check out your community, your local places, brews, vines and distilleries, package stores, local pubs and taverns and have some wicked awesome fun. Please, please, please be sensible in going to these places and watch what you consume and how much, and you shop owners please be mindful of your guests and patrons. So let them ruin your business and someone else's life. 
      No go and have fun and enjoy all that Cape Cod has to offer including everything Cranberries, and love this second season right to the very end. Oh and did I say anything about the Wellfleet Oyster Fest? Let's face it what else is so Cape Cod than local Oysters, we have some of the best in the world. And I just got a news letter from a well known travel magazine that named Cape Cod in whole one of the top 8 autumn/winter beach areas to go. Now go and have a great and awesome, especially if you can do it right here on Old Cape Cod. 
      So small business report. what's hot? Right now still on one of my go to seafood restaurants is Seafood Sam's in South Yarmouth. I love there variety, the staff and most of all the food. They also have either fried or broiled, and fo you healthy continuous people the broiled is the way to go. And the platers for two are really meant for two. So get to Seafood Sam's on Rt 28 in South Yarmouth before they close for the season. 
      Next up is the Brazilian Grill, located more towards the west end of Main Street in Hyannis on the north side of the street. If you love meat, if you love a fantastic salad and sides buffet if you like outstanding desserts (if you have room for it) this is the place for you. If you are able to the time to go is weekday lunch time, I just feel it is better time to go, but really as far as the food, anytime is a good time at the Brazilian Grill. 
      Another fantastic place for me, especially around a late lunch is Scargo Cafe on 6A just east Old Bass Rd in the village of Dennis across from the post office. Their specials are seasonal and tasty, the atmosphere is great, I have not had a bad staff experience, and that Indian pudding is to die for. They have a customer frequent card you can sign up for along with birthday specials and so much more. Lunch, dinner, does not matter, you will always get a good meal, and share great times at Scargo Cafe.    
      Hello my friends and welcome to another addition to the rambling old man behind the doors of the lighthouse. What can we say about the weather? We have had it so good, but you know what they say, if it's too good to be true today wait a bit down the road we will have it's polar difference to make up back to the average. So be prepared for some cold temps down the road. But it is autumn and we are starting to head back towards normal again. The waters have been busy this past week as we have had one rescue off Falmouth and another in the Bay tween P'town and Plymouth. All however turned out fine and it's always a good day for our Coast Guard crews when all come home safely. We are still getting reports of those pesky Great Whites around, then again so are their favorite buffet item, the seals. So if you are looking to do any kite surfing or paddle boarding be aware of your surroundings. Also there have been reports of Ripe Tide Currents being prevalent all along the south shores of the Cape and eastern shores so be careful in all your water activities. The grounds are starting to take shape for the fall festival activities that start on the 11th and go Friday through Sunday, with hours from 4 till 9 each day. The last day will be November 3rd. We will have a hay and corn maze, we will have the haunted woods again, there will be story telling out at the overlook point. And as there has been in years gone by, there will be a fire pit or campfire pit to roast marshmallows and make s'mores, drink hot chocolate and coffee, and just make new friends and enjoy some of Mom's home made cookies or some of may bundt cakes. Yes we do ask for donations as this is one of our fundraisers to help keep this place going the rest of the year and do the necessary upkeep. So please come and enjoy but also help us out please. So hope to see you there. Now enough for this round, I hope you have a great week and come out and enjoy visiting all of Cape Cods, lighthouse and have a great and wonderful time, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.    
      Well we are starting to change seasons here and so must the cocktails. The local waters by the end of the month will be cooling off dramatically and so will the air temperatures. So I we are going to go with a cocktail that I thought represented the coming season. Now I will say this is probably better for the heat of the summer type drink but then again, some of you do spend your winters down south and could take us and this with you. Who doesn't like a good cocktail on the beach? Personally I would rather have it on one of our beautiful Cape Cod beaches but hey, let face the facts, who wants to sit out on the beach in a bikini in the middle of the cold season. But who is thinking that far ahead, and I'm thirsty now, so let's get this show on the road and remember, be a good host, be a good guest don't drink and drive, stay alive, get an alternative drive. Now, on we go:

      This week's recipe: a Frozen Bikini Cocktail.

      1      oz        Champagne
      1      oz        peach schnapps
      2      oz        vodka
      1      splash lemon juice
      2      oz        orange juice
      3      oz        peach nectar
      1      cup      ice

      Blend everything except champagne until smooth. Transfer to glass and top with champagne.

      Heads up, no credits as there are multiple sights with the same set up. 

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