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Friday, October 25, 2019

French Butter Friday / 10-25-19

French Butter Friday EveryOne
   Well it’s a wonderful life when you can hum a happy little tune, Ob-la-di Oh-la-da life goes, Or whistle a happy tune to chase the blues away. The wind may blow from all directions sometimes it seem all at once, and while one month you barely get any rain in your life, one day comes along and you get a whole month’s worth in one day. But life does go on and I can sing and happy, hum a happy and whistle a happy tune. What about you, It’s Paradise Friday and yes you have made it. You may be going through a dry spell, or you may have felt that you have been sinking in a deluge of issues, but life did go on and you are here, at the train station of Paradise Friday waiting for the party train. So be diligent, be faithful, be of good cheer, you have made it and all we need is that last push to 5 O’clock whistle stop and then it is little umbrella time and It is party time. So sing that tune in your little head, Hum that tune between your ears, or whistle that tune in a closed closet but do it man (or ladies) just do it and we will see you at the beach party. So you thought I forgot about the theme? Me? No, I would never do that, so without any further ado, the theme of the week is, Varieties of Pears, yummy for the tummy Pears. Have a great and wicked wonderful day, if you see one in true need, lend a hand and to all the rest, invite them to the party. And may you have not only today but through the entire weekend a most Happy, Happy.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances 
National Greasy Foods Day
World Pasta Day
Frankenstein Friday
Punk for a Day Day
Chucky, The Notorious Killer Doll Day
International Artists Day
International Bandanna Day
National Breadstix (Bread Sticks) Day
National Pharmacy Buyer Day
Sourest Day
St. Crispin's Day
International Magic Week: 25-31

National Mincemeat Day - 26
National Pumpkin Day - 26
National Pretzel Day - 26
Make A Difference Day - 26
Allantide 26
Howl at The Moon Night - 26 
Intersex Awareness Day - 26
Kiwanis One Day - 26
Make A Difference Day - 26
Mule Day - 26 
National Day of The Deployed - 26
National Financial Crime Fighter Day - 26
National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day - 26 
Pit Bull Awareness Day - 26

National Potato Day - 27
American Beer Day - 27
Hindu Diwali Day - 27
Mother-In-Law Day - 27
National Tell a Story Day - in Scotland and the U.K. - 27
Navy Day - 27
Black Cat Day - 27
Cranky Co-workers Day - 27
Diwali - 27
Mother-in-Law Day - 27
Navy Day - 27
Reformation Sunday - 27
Visit A Cemetery Day - 27
World Day for Audiovisual Heritage - 27
World Priest Day - 27
Give Wildlife a Brake! Week: 27-11/2
Kids Care Week: 27-11/2


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