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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Concord Tuesday / 10-22-19

Concord Tuesday EveryOne
   Well, the sun is waking up later and later and I am having to use my flashlight more and more to find my way to the office. But no need to worry I still will find the sunshine of my morning to brighten my day. Where there are clouds, I will find my umbrella or even a rain slicker, (big word ooohh), If the wind decides to blow, I will find a boulder to hid behind or tie a rope to, to hang on, if there are,, you name the element, I will find either protection or a place of refuge. So as I look at my climb up the mountain today, I will not fear, I will not worry, but I will set my goals and I will climb with authority and I will climb with purpose. My morning does not have to be crabby or grumpy, but it can be filled with joy and expectation that I can and I will reach the goal that is before me. No go and place one foot in front of the other and let us take this mountain with confidence and do it to the best of our abilities no matter what comes our way. Now along the way if you come on someone in true need, lend them a hand, and to all the rest that cross your way, give them a greeting of joy that they will never forget. And may your day be a most Happy, Happy every set of your way.
Your Morning Coach
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Nut Day
Caps Locks Day
International Stuttering Awareness Day
Kof Awareness Day
Make A Dog's Day Day
National Nut Day
Simchat Torah
Smart is Cool Day
Raptor Month
Rett Syndrome Awareness Month
Right Brainers Rule! Month
Sausage Month
Self-Promotion Month
Spinach Lovers Month
Squirrel Awareness Month


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