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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Appreciating Life & Lobster Cups / 10-30-19

       I love living through remodeling, said no-one. We all know that when the job is done, it will be worth it all and it will look wonderful and give me so much more storage and counter space. But getting there is a long and winding road. And when you have a home here on Cape Cod, the rest of the issues that go with our homes, due to weather conditions and foundation issues, to the list goes on and on. But finally we are hanging cabinets, and bless my contractors heart for patiently working through all the "issues" that have come up along the way. I am sure that most others would have, given up, thrown up, walked out, or charged 4 to 5 times more to deal with the issues. Seriously if he wasn't already so backed up with work I would mention his name, but he might not come back and finish the job. LOL. Any-who as growing up and dreaming of living on the Cape, one does not thing of these things. Even as a tourist, in your late twenties to mid thirties you understand the costs of living here, but honestly you don't think of buying a house here then realizing the repairs that need done to your home and what they really entail. And when you do figure it out, it's too late. LOL But seriously I would not change a thing, except the back surgeries, and the extra expenses incurred along this path. Oh ya and having to work to pay the mortgage, and, oh ya that's normal life. So as we live each day, may we give thanks for what we have, don't make a big deal about what we don't and live life to the fullest with all that has been given to us and done be afraid to share. Hoarding, being cheap, being a spinster, an ogre, a grumpy pants person. We life in one of the most beautiful places in the USA if not all of North America. So enjoy it and have a great and wonderful, cause we can, right here on old Cape Cod.  
      Small business report time. First this is a seasonal one so let's get this started right. Cape Cod Haunted & History Tours, locate in Barnstable right on 6A. Find them online at Their tours will be open to the public through November 15 than after that whey are doing private tours, so you can call them and schedule your group for a private Cape Cod Haunted & History Tour. They offer several different kinds of tours so don't think that you cant book something after Halloween that's just out of season. So check them out and go have fun with the Paranormal of Cape Cod. 
      Next up, it is that time of year when fund raisers are big, big, big and what better way then to sell Popcorn, and we have someone right here on Cape Cod that makes there own flavored popcorn, bags it and sells it. They will work with all kinds of groups for fund raiser events, school, social groups, athletic groups, church groups. If you have a project your group needs to raise money for, check this place out, Who is it?? Smith Family Popcorn located at 545 Main Street, Hyannis, or online at, on facebook, twitter and instagram. And if you don't have a need to fund raise, just get into the shop and buy some, take it home, take to the office, give it as gifts or give them a gift certificate so they can get their own. They not only make great popcorn but they give back to the community in so many ways, and did I mention they ship as well. OH ya send a little Cape Cod to someone off Cape in need of some Cape Cod love. This stuff is delicious. 
      This is all I going with this week. Since I have been stuck in my house for the past several weeks with kitchen construction, I have not been out very much for dinner grub. I know there are a couple of seafood shops that are winding down, so get to those places before they take their winter breaks. Also we have other places starting their off season specials. Keep your eyes open and support our local eateries that help those of us who live here by staying open year round with a few extra eat outs. Find out when they have specials and go support them. I will start looking for those come next month and try to get the word out to you. Until them, eat well, eat healthy, eat local as much as possible.       
      Hoping you are having a spooktacular season, and greetings from the hollowed grounds of ships wrecks and lost souls overboard. The weekends have been interesting and although a little windy so far we have lucked out with very little moister, and the next couple look dry as well, although the temperatures might be all over the place and winds will be haunting us right through the last weekend. We have already had a few foggy evenings, and the beacon has been said to have strayed across a few of those wondering souls just the other night when the new moon was at it's peek, hiding her face from those who have look for what she can not offer them, a shinning light showing the way to go. There have also been some who have said they have heard the cries of those who's ships were going down and sails flapping as if in a storm in the dead winds and calm seas. I don't know, I just tend my light, make sure foggy is working, and read my meters and gauges. Sometimes it is best this time of year not to speculate or question anything, lest the rattles of chains and slaps of ors on boatless beaches ring loud in unbelieving ears. All I can say is we have this weekend left to enjoy the decorations and festivities here at the stations grounds and before we start to change seasons again. And remember the Mrs has wonderful cookies, and there is hot mulled cider, hot chocolate and yes for you old timers coffee and tea will be available. So come and join us and see what all the ghoulish grinning is about. I hope you have a great and wonderful Halloween and especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.    
      This is the last appetizer of the year so I decided to go special on this one. I wanted something that could go for just about any kind of event from tail gating to a formal get together. As you know I concentrate on seafood appetizers for the most part, not saying in an upcoming year I may decide to try something different, but since I live on Cape Cod i have just thought it appropriate and fitting that I go this route. So what do most seafood lovers enjoy? And I say it that way as there are those that either don't care for seafood, especially crustaceans, or can't do to allergies, or for other dietary reasons don't eat crustaceans. I look at it this way, just means more for me. But with that past us, what do most seafood lovers just enjoy out their ears? Lobster? I know there are lobster sliders and lobster dip, lobster pastries, lobster bites, bacon wrapped lobster, and more. It took me awhile to find something where I am going to go with this, but as with most recipes, I am sure you if you look long enough and hard enough you will find someone, somewhere who has done it before. So although this is my recipe, (in other words I did not use someone else's recipe as a guide to come up with mine, it's all mine) I am sure you can find other like things out there. Anyway, this is basically a lobster salad in a fancy pastry cup, also this is a recipe you can either do with real lobster, (if you win the lottery, or are doing a fancy formal gig) or you can do it the cheap-er way with imitation lobster, like us poor folk. If you know got grandma's lobster salad recipe and love it, use that, this is merely a concept, an idea, a starter for where imaginations can run wild in the kitchen. This can also be done with Crab meat, or Shrimp as well. So be creative and have fun with this, it is so simple and will look fantastic. Now on with the show, before I start eating my own words, 

      This week's recipe: Lobster Cups

   3-4      cups    lobster meat (chopped) 
   1/2      cup      celery (finally chopped)
   1/2      cup      green onion (finally chopped)
   1-2      tsp       lemon juice
1/2-1      tsp       Old Bay Seasoning
   3/4      cup      Mayonnaise (amount is to taste, Some like more, most like less)
                          salt & pepper to tast
    12      cups    phyllo dough pre-baked cups (if you don't over fill could go 18 cups)

      Remember the amount of lobster meat will depend on how many cups you can fill. Also are you going real lobster meat or imitation. In bowl mix Lobster Meat, celery, green onion (or shallots), lemon juice, Old Bay, Mayonnaise, salt & pepper together. Take a small scoop and fill each each of the phyllo dough cups with lobster mixture, and top with a dash of paprika. Arrange on a plate on a bed of lettuce and parsley, with cherry tomatoes as garnish. 
      Note: this can be done with crab meat and cooked shrimp. also you can make with chopped mushrooms or you can do in mushroom caps, and switch out the Mayo for melted butter and bake for 15 minutes till caps are tender, and top with shredded cheese. You see where this can go, all over the place, so hot or cold have fun and enjoy.       

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