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Monday, October 28, 2019

Arches Monday / 10-28-19


5:12 PM (1 hour ago)
to StephenStephenGimmi
Arches Monday EveryOne
A one and a two and a ready lets go, go, gadget Monday let's go. Are you ready, are you ready for some Monday? Seriously you just had a decent weekend, you should be riding a high of energy, a gassed tank that was refueled and recharged if from nothing less than being off the past couple of days. We are lucky, if not bless and fortunate that we get another day of life to experience all that is around us. Friends, family, wildlife, life itself, just for starters, and if that is not enough we get another chance to get things right that we messed up last week, or month or year. Mondays are a wonderful day to rejoice and be happy. So quit being so doom and gloom and breath in the fresh air, ( ok for anyone in NY, or LA don't breath quite as deep, being funny), take in the sights and hear all that is going on around you. Now be grateful that you have a job that you can go to or a retire you can enjoy, or a school you can attend and learn from. Give thanks in all issues as there are always others in this world that would give anything to trade places with you. So on this Monday, after the deep breath (hopefully you did not pass out), and the praise for life itself, now let's get this show on the trail and moving up this mountain. We have some challenging trails before us and we want to get this week off on the right foot. Now if you come on one in true need, lend them a hand, and to all others that cross your path give them an encouraging smile. And may you have a totally Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi

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