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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Post Storm Rambles & Pumpkin Crisp / 10-23-19

      So another storm rolls through and the area that never looses power, gets caught in the crossfire and my grid ends up in the dark and cold for 48 hours. What was funning is my neighbor on one side had electric and one street over had electric while the rest of us were looking for ways to weather the weather. Bless my neighbor as they allowed us to run an extension cord the next day so my contractor could continue working at my house so we can get this project wrapped up. At least at this point we are laying tile and starting to paint. So there is a light at the end the tunnel even if it is a Yugo coming our way or a moped. I can dodge or jump over those. But fortunately with only 48 hours I did not loose anything out of the freezer or refrigerator as I kept my mitts off the door handles and kept them shut tight. I was talking to something and we were remembering big time storms that we would have gone through and came up with Bob, and though I was not here, my folks here were and road it out with a pastor friend in South Yarmouth. Then there was that huge snow storm back in the January of 2005, that hit the south coast really hard. They also talk about one that happened in 1960 but since that was the year I was born I don't think I remember anything about that one. But over the past several years we have been since 20114 we have had some really screwy weather of our own. So regardless of Hugo, Bob, Dorian the rest of the events make up for some interesting times. But let's hope that this winter is more of a quiet mild one would just be one cup of fine tea for me. You think I'm dreaming of pie in the ski again hey. Oh well, I can dream. This week I have been working extreme hours since I got cut short last week do to no power. So, I've been rambling long enough, yes the construction continues but we are getting closer, and some shut down time is coming soon, and then the holidays and maybe some good new in life, we will see. Won't go there as some would not think the same way as I do about that. Anywho, just trying to enjoy what sunlight there is now days and taking it all in. Remember enjoy what you can, push through what you can't, change if possible where you can, and find ways around what isn't working for you. The Cape is a wonderful place, let's not miss out on what is, even through the changing seasons. Live life to the fullest and find a way to be happy, and for me that means enjoying life here on Old Cape Cod. Have a great and wonderful.  
      Small business report, first up are the little guys and gals, coming up are the holiday festivals, first up will be the Cape Cod Tech in Harwich Nov 9-10th and the next the Upper Cape Tech in Bourne Holiday arts and crafts fair. These two will have some of the largest numbers of local crafters and artisans. So get out and support the local small business person and group and get your holiday shopping done early. Also add to this a very Merry Market, every Saturday from November 16th to December 21 from 11-4 at Cape Cod Beer. Yum yum.  
      Small business hot news, for those of you reading this in Boston, if you know and love Little Miss CupCape guess what? She is coming your way with a second shop. You will not have to wait to get that wonderful tasty cupcakes, you will be able to get there right there in Boston. Stay tuned and follow Little Miss CupCape on Facebook for when and where. WOO HOO you Rock Taylor. 
      Last but not least, I got to go to Red Face Jacks last week after the storm ran through the Cape. I was without electricity and needed to see my Ohio State Buckeyes playing. I went one other place and they did not carry the Big Ten Network and suggested I try Red Face. For a Friday night they were not overly crowded but a nice group of folks. I found a corner spot at that bar, the bar tenders were fantastic, new many of the regulars by name, interacted well without being overwhelming. I ended up with a hamburger and fries and a couple Jack Abby's. The burger was delicious, done medium, very juicy while done threw and hot all the way through. Came with lettuce, tomato and onion on it, I passed on the cheese. Simple but tasty and felt I wasn't cheated, and came with a mound of fries that could have fed two. My first experience, regardless of how simple I went is enough to go back and try something else and expand on the menu. Great place to watch sports with plenty of TVs and good view from both the bar area as well as high tops. For a sports bar type eatery they were very good for me that night. Located in West Yarmouth on Rt 28. And yes they are open year round so no need to be guessing.   
      Well as I left you last week the winds were picking up and the rain was coming on fast. By 1:40 in the morning the power went out in the keepers house while the generators kicked in for the station weather gear and for the beacon and fog horn. I spent some time going between the beacon room and the monitoring room watching gauges and recording readings. Out our way we read wind speeds right round 84.6-84.7 mph and rain fall all over the place from central Cape to P'town. From reports I heard the Cape lost about 80 telephone/electric poles and all over the storm effected areas over 200K lost power. Some for short times others like us for 2 days and a few that had the lines from the poles to their homes for even longer waiting for someone to come re-hook it up. But as fast as it moved it, it moved out and we have had mild weather since for clean up times. One thing we have not had to worry about were many swimmers outs trying to make friends with the sharks. But as usual with a lot of storms that produce high surf we have those few that just have to go surfing or sail boarding. Personally I think they are a little crazy but hey some call me a little crazy as well. Last weekend we were able to recover enough to have the fall festivities going on, and it will be the same this weekend with more fun getting restored as we have had many volunteers helping out. Only Sunday looks a little wettish but unless it is just a downpour we will try to keep things going. Well, I hope all is going well for you and that you had a great time this past weekend at the Wellfleet Oyster Festival, I know we had many stop by going both ways and we really appreciated seeing you. Now the good times and fun don't stop just because we are past Columbus Day, so find a day off or find a weekend and come on out and visit us. The tower itself is closed right now but there is still plenty to do and see. So come on by and while your at it have a great and wonderful all the time your right here on old Cape Cod. See you soon, be safe and keep an eye open for the beacon.   
      Now fall time seems to bring out more pumpkin that anyone could handle in two months let alone that I would want to handle in a life time. Now don't get me wrong, I love my pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread, but not much past that do I get into much pumpkin things. And pumpkin drinks, give me a break please, I eat my pumpkin not drink it. But when I saw this recipe I was skeptical about it, but it mixes a crisp and some pumpkin pie together to make a really tasty dessert. So if you are not a big pumpkin person this is one for you to try or if you are a pumpkin gordo then this is for you. Just give it a chance and not this is our last Crisp of the year, so grab and run with it. Oh and this does come with how to make real whipped cream, not that stuff out of a tub. LOL Now on with the show.

      This week's recipe: Pumpkin Crisp 

      1      can      pumpkin (15 oz)
      1      can      evaporated milk
      1      cup      sugar
      1      tsp       vanilla extract (real stuff please)
   1/2      tsp       ground cinnamon
      1      pkg      Betty Crocker super moist yellow cake mix (18.25 oz)
      1      cup      chopped pecans
      1      cup      melted butter

      Stir together first 5 ingredients and pour into greased 13x9 inch baking dish. Sprinkle cake mix over pumpkin mixture, then sprinkle pecans on top. Drizzle butter over peans and bake at 350 degrees for 60-65 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from oven, let stand 10 minutes before serving. Serve warm or at room temperature with real whipped cream.

      Whipped Cream;
      8      oz          whipping cream
      2      Tbsp      confectioner's sugar
              Dash of ground nutmeg

      Beat cream at low speed with mixer until foamy, increased speed to medium-high and gradually add sugar and nutmeg, until soft peaks form. 

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