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Friday, October 11, 2019

Salted Carmel Friday / 10-11-19

Salted Carmel Friday EveryOne
   Blow the horns, Band the big bass drum, twirl the ratchet, and toot the kazoo, it is Friday and we have made it. Standing at the start line to of the parade that leads to Paradise Friday Party. So strike up the band and pass out the party hats, when this line comes to the end the festival really begins and the party will jump, We have worked hard and long, we have 8 more hours to go and then we will be Party central. So put your lips to the bugle and let your hands clang the cymbals this parade is about now is full stride. Remember we need to get to the end in shinning fashion so do your best and let it shine and when one shines we all shine. If along the way you see one that needs a true hand of help, lend it, and to the rest wave and smile and encourage. So what has the theme been for this week? You thought I forgot, well, what do all these have in common? All after different flavors of Whiskey. Now may you have a wonderful outstanding Happy, Happy all day and all weekend long. (this week's morning go getters have been brought to you by way I flash back week 5 years ago with a few updates)
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holiday & Observances: 
National Sausage Pizza Day
World Dulce de leche Day
It's My Party Day
National Fossil Day
World Egg Day
General Pulaski Memorial Day
International Day of The Girl Child
Myths & Legends Day For All Fantasy Movie, Books and Legends Cephalopods
National Family Bowling Day
Southern Food Heritage Day
Stem Cell Awareness Day
Apple Butter Days: 11-13

National Gumbo Day - 12
Pumpkin Pie Day - 12
Cookbook Launch Day - 12
Old Farmer's Day - 12
Moment of Frustration Day - 12
Columbus Day - 12
Costume Swap Day - 12
Day of the Six Billion - 12
Drink Local Wine Day - 12
Free Thought Day - 12
I Love Yarn Day - 12
International African Penguin Awareness Day - 12
International Moment of Frustration Scream Day - 12
National Curves Day - 12
National Motorcycle Ride Day - 12
National Savings Day - 12
Universal Music Day - 12
World Arthritis Day - 12
Bone and Joint Health National Awareness Week: 12-20 Link
World Rainforest Week: 12-18

National Peanut Festival - 13
National Pumpkin Festival - 13
Yorkshire Pudding Day - 13
National M&M Day - 13
International Skeptics Day - 13
Sukkot, at sundown - 13
English Language Day - 13
Father-Daughter Day - 13
Clergy Appreciation Day - 13
International Day for Disaster Reduction - 13
International Day for Failure - 13
Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day - 13
National Chess Day - 13
National No Bra Day - 13
Navy Birthday - 13
Silly Sayings Day - 13
World Thrombosis Day - 13
Bullying Bystanders Unite Week: 13-19
Drink Local Wine Week:  13-19
Earth Science Week:  13-19
National Chestnut Week: 13-19
International Infection Prevention Week: 13-19
Mediation Week: 13-19
National Food Bank Week: 13-19
Sukkot: 13-20
Teen Read Week: 13-19
Veterinary Technicians Week:  13-19

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