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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Cape Home Remodel Update & Easy Veggie Salad / 10-9-19

   Well, I had no idea that starting this first week of October I would still be talking about kitchen renovations, I mentioned it back on August 21 not long after we started what was meant to be an easy cabinet replacement project. What has ended up is a total kitchen gut job, we are talking opening walls, down to bare studs all floors up. Discovering that the floors were so uneven that the tile I had picked out just was not going to work in there due to the size. I get some who have said, Oh we could have made it work, hum didn't see what my contractor has had to do to level the breezeway floor. So the tile that I bought a year ago that can not go back, will become the tile I use in my bathroom down the road for the walls, then the tile I am now going with throughout the dinning/kitchen/TV rooms will work well on the floors and compliment the original tile well. But that is for another year, definitely not now. Besides all the "fun" stuff then we could look at what they did with the electrical system, all the slicing and splicing have caused issues all of their own. And no we are not done yet, although the conversation with my contractor things that we can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel and not it is not a fright train coming our way. Some would say, "you should have planned for overruns." Dah we did, that is what is so frustrating, these are things that even the skilled person did nor foresee coming, but once you open walls there is no going back. So on we go and pray that is is clear sailing from here on out. There will be a celebration once this thing is done and I know it will be nice but living and working in this war zone is about at the end of my rope. Gotta laugh and remember it will look nice once it is all done. But honestly I would not trade it for many other places in the country, as I love my house and love even more living right her on old Cape Cod. Have a great and wonderful and more later.   
      Small business report is here, I have to admit I learned about this company from Edible Cape Cod. If you do not subscribe you need to find someplace that carries it and pick it up on a regular basis. One of the best food magazines around. Especially specializing in local foods, local businesses and local events that are all food related. I know I have mentioned them before but seriously, I know this is a national organization and pulls information on a national level, but the real focus is on what is happening locally. So if you go to Sarasota, Fl for the winter, or Orlando, you can find an Edible magazine in those areas. But we have two close together one is the South Shore South Coast, and Edible Cape Cod. So when you can check out the magazine, the web sight, Facebook, and twitter. They have great reports, reviews and even their advertising gives us so much information. Edible Cape Cod, for the food report and barometer of food on Cape Cod this is the place to go. And if you are in the business of being edible here on Cape Cod, why arn't you advertising with them, get with the program, and get in Edible Cape Cod. Yes I know I am blogging primarily for and would encourage you to advertise here as well, and make good use of your resources and go both ways. We both have something to offer. But forget that, and to all my readers go get a copy and read it cover to cover, it is well worth it. 
      The next up I have not mentioned for some time is Cake & Islands Sea Glass Candy company. Find them online at or on facebook. Now the sad news is that they are closing down the bakery, for good, what a shame no more macaroons, however they are shifting their focus to the Sea Glass Candy. They are in the process of moving so keep an eye on their facebook page for a new shop, but look for their products all over the Cape or get online and order some for the holidays, or your special occasions. They will always be happy to do special orders as well as send out jars of this just in time for your office parties as great gifts to give. Ok so make sure you keep a few for yourself. But anyway, this is a home grown, Cape owned shop doing outstanding business from right here on Cape Cod.
      And last but certainly note least this weeks restaurant: Oliver's and Planck's Tavern located on Rt 6A in YarmouthPort, and online at and on facebook. This is a great place to meet others, a special night out with your significant other or just a nice place for the family to gather. They have everything from great appetizers to delicious burgers to wonderful entrees that are fit for any special occasion. They like to do a lot of seasonal dishes, run specials and best of all they are open year round. They also have a kids menu, if you need one. Also on Saturday evenings starting at 9:45 they have live entertainment. So go check out Oliver's and Planks and have an enjoyable night out.       
      Now howdy folks I will say this may be a short report as this storm that has decided to come visit us, is a good one. It's not a category hurricane but it is a definite Nor'Easter. These are the days I get my most work out with watching and recording wind speeds, rain fall, sending up the weather balloon, and making sure these numbers are the same that the electronic versions are putting out. I am also on call to man the radio for anyone in distress and making sure out boys at the Guard Stations get the message and the co-ordinances. I am also keeping an eye on all our work that we had completed on the fall festivities and trying to get them secured down or covered up, so they don' blow away. There has not been a lot going with so much beautiful fall weather, so this is really catching a lot of folks off guard, especially the amount of rain that some areas are expected to get. Well folks as you can see I am rather obsessed and focused on taking care of my weather duties and making sure the light keeps going and that the horn is working as needed. This brings back way to many memories of years gone past and ships getting caught and tossed onto the shoals and onto rocks and the beaches. So take care, be safe and keep an eye on the skies and keep your doors and gates securely latched and may the waters stay off your door stoop and out of your basements. We will catch you next time and watch for any changes on the opening of the fall festivities. Until we see each other,  stay dry and stay safe and always enjoyed every moment you can have while right here on old Cape Cod.  
      Since this is October and harvest month I thought this recipe went well. What I also discovered is this recipe will work year round as the contributor, whomever it was used canned veggies instead of fresh. So my word to you is, use your imagination and when possible switch out fresh for canned any day, any time. But even with canned veggies, it is still good. Ok peas I traded out for frozen, I just don't do canned pea. So take this recipe play with it, but most of all have fun and bring the joy back into eating veggies. Now let's get on with the show: 

      This week's recipe: Easy Veggie Salad

      1      can      tiny peas (remember I used frozen)
      2      cans    shoepeg corn (again frozen will work)
      1      can      French style green beens
      1      jar        pimentos
      1      green   pepper diced 
   1/8      cup      grated onion
      1      cup      celery, finely chopped
   3/4      cup      sugar
   3/4      cup      vinegar
   3/4      cup      vegetable oil
              salt & pepper to taste 

      Drain all canned items and put into one bowl.In a separate bowl add oil, sugar, vinegar, salt & pepper and mix well. Pour over vegetables and toss gently. Chill overnight if possible before serving.  
      Now go have some fun with this and give and take on the dressing. 

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