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Friday, October 4, 2019

Ginger Gold Friday / 10-4-19

Ginger Gold Friday  EveryOne
   It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, Can you say F-R-I-D-A-Y, that's right, let's not use our inside voice we need to say this nice and loud, it's FRIIIIIDAAAAAY. GET up, GET up GET UP. It's a day to metal music and a mosh pit. Ok well maybe not the mosh pit at my age, Any-who, stand up and shout, jump up and down, let the bells ring and the gongs clang, we need to get up and get ready to take this day all the way to the finish line and do it with quantity and quality, and readiness to all that we have to accomplish. For starters we need to put those hikers away and pull out the sprinter, put the staff back in the umbrella stand and pull out that hat to the keep the sun off your head. You don't want much else than that, as we want to be free from any restraints and don't need anything clingy, trust me it is not good. The run will be across the dessert sand, and the winds will not be cool. There will be critters that wish to steer us off course or worse impede our progress in anyway they can. Do not get caught up in there game and keep pressing on in all you do, as our goal is the finish line and the fun that awaits us at the end. Now as far as the theme of the week; (Best Apples for Apple Pie 5 of top 10 apples for pies according to according to  Whatever you need to image the finish line to be, image it, a football goal line, home plate after hitting a home run, the tape at the end of a marathon, the checkered flag of an auto race. So we need to get it together, get our minds and eyes focused and go take this day by storm. Just because it is Friday does not mean hard times takes a day off, so we will come on those who are in desperate need for help. We will stop, listen and help in any way we can and see them to the next care center. Then refocus, and get moving towards that finish line. Now as we go need to keep a smile on our face and a sparkle in our eye, and the best way to do that is the go make us our own Happy, Happy, first for today and then take it all the way through the weekend. And as we go make sure to share it with all that cross your path wherever you go and in whatever you do.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: 
National Taco Day
National Cinnamon Roll Day in Sweden 
National Vodka Day 
Dick Tracy Day
Improve Your Office Day
International Ship in A Bottle Day
Kids Music Day
Lee's National Denim Day
Manufacturing Day
National Body Language Day
National Diversity Day
Ten-Four Day
World Animal Day
World Space Week: 4-10
National Storytelling Weekend: 4-6

National Apple Betty Day - 5
Rocky Mountain Oyster Day - (a Colorado delicacy) - 5
Do Something Nice Day - 5
International Frugal Fun Day - 5
World Card Making Day - 5
World Teacher's Day - 5
Cephalopod Awareness Day - 5
Chic Spy Day - 5
Get Funky Day - 5
Fall Astronomy Day - 5
Frugal Fun Day - 5
Inter-American Water Day - 5
International Day of No Prostitution - 5
National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Day - 5/6
The Victims of Marijuana Prohibition Day - 5
Walk A Mile In Her Shoes Day - 5
Woofstock - 5
World Card Making Day - 5
World Porridge Day - 5
World Teachers Day - 5
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta: 5-13
Old-time Fiddler Days: 5-6

National Noodle Day - 6
Come and Take it Day - 6
Mad Hatter Day - 6
Oktoberfest in Germany ends - 6
Physician Assistant Day - 6
American Libraries Day: 6
Change A Light Day: 6
Country Inn Bed & Breakfast Day - 6 
Intergeneration Day - 6 
International African Diaspora Day - 6
International Blessings of The Fishing Fleet Day - 6 (South Africa)
Jackie Mayer Rehab Day - 6
National German-American Day - 6
National Orange Wine Day - 6
National Plus Size Appreciation Day - 6
Pickle Day - 6 
World Communion Day - 6
4-H Week: 6-12
Death Penalty Focus Week: 6-12
Emergency Nurses Week: 6-12
Fire Prevention Week:  6-12 
Getting The World To Beat A Path To Your Door Week: 6-12
Great Books Week: 6-12 
International Post Card Week: 6-12
Mental Illness Awareness Week: 6-12
Mystery Series Week: 6-12 
National Carry A Tune Week: 6-12 
National Metric Week:  6-12 
National Physicians Assistant Week: 6-12
Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Week : 6-12

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