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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Trying to be Upbeat & a Honey Mojito / 5-6-2020

      Over hill over dale will we ever get to there, the longer this goes on the more I wonder. At least we are starting to see some of our restaurants opening up, even if they are only for pick up, take out or delivery. But there are those that still have out the do not enter sign and would rather see the,, here I go again, on being a negative Nellie or negative Noel (male version not the female Christmas version). The temperatures are stabilizing more on the up swing than the down swing. Yet we are still in early May and can see a few pot holes along the way till we get to Memorial Day. I am trying so hard to keep this positive, trying my best to find the silver lining in the clouds, the sun raze through the haze. And just when I think it's about to,, someone wants to slam the door in our faces. But let's keep praying for those nice days and being able to find a quiet place without a lot of other people and just vegetating on a weekend. I know, I'm praying for a lot, and this that you don't know even the tip of that iceberg. Anyway, at least I can still drive to the vineyard, I can still do a quick fast food run. The grocery stores we plan it out, and make specific runs and get it all done at one time and at the off hours. So far we have hit that right. I could do a bike ride, or a stroll, I don't have a boat, motor or sail, and still no kayaks (hard ones, the inflatable did not work for me and my back). I am still looking for forward to getting a double or two singles. That way I could do my distancing while getting away from things. If you have never done that, that may be something you can work on this year. There are plenty of inlets, ponds, shore lines to check out all over and around the Cape. There,, see I can come up with something good. Fishing will be a good option this year on your own. And hopefully soon the golf courses will be open and that will be another option for many. So as we continue on this journey none of us chose to take, let's keep planning. Hoping, looking forward to and preparing to do what we have to while fulfilling out need to be out and about on Cape Cod this coming summer. Bend with me here folks, give me a little slack, As I have not walked in your shoes, neither have you walked in mine. We all have our concerns right now in life Some more than others, some we have no control over, while others, we have created our own issues on top of what is. So I hope we can find that secluded spot, put the blanket down, and relax with the sand between the toes for a bit. Here's to the coming days, of less stress and more freedom, right here on Old Cape Cod.      
      So we have some new places that have either already opened or are in the process of opening. Please remember we are still in a take out or pick up only, while some do offer delivery. You will need to check with each establishment to what they are doing and their hours. 
      First up is Scargo's Cafe located in Dennis on Rt 6A across from the post office. They opened 5-5 and have shorter hours, but starting next week will expand those hours so check their website at and also to check their menu out. Yum, we will be ordering. 
      Cobies in Brewster is now open, just did this past weekend, located again on 6A but this time way down the road in Brewster past Milestone and before Nickerson State Park.The cool thing here is they are already set up for the take out business so this will not be as hard for them to get it going and offer their full menu. But seating is a-la car, cottage or home. May of the folks at our church rave about this place, So check out their website at 
      Opening on the 15th of May is Buckies, located in Dennis Port right on RT 28 (aka Main Street) from east of Red Nun, there is plenty of parking in the back. Here again, no dine in, but plenty of take out and pick up. She has great baked goods, no outstanding baked goods, some of the best biscotti on the Cape. She has wonderful breakfast and lunch sandwiches. Not sure how wide the selection is going to be at the beginning so work with her as Alice (aka Owner) gets it ramped up and going. Oh and her gingerbread boys and girls are ridiculous if she will be making them. Check her web page out at and she will also ship as well, just about anywhere. Go Buckies, yes I love this place.  
      Last up, Arnold's will be opening the 22nd of May. located on Rt 6 in Eastham, and find them online at Arnold's like everyplace else with be a pick and go, take out only. So no dinning room eating, but I will make the drive from South Dennis to Eastham just to eat my lobster roll in the car, or shovel some scallops down ye old hatch Get your appetites on and your wheels turning, and get ready to make that run to Arnold's, one of thee best Lobster Shakes in all of New England. 
      Now we are starting to get someplace with these all opening. Is it back to normal, NO, is it the "new" norm, NO, we will get back to eating indoors at a sit down table at the establishment. But in the meantime we will need to suck it up and just do it. Like we have a choice. So for a bit longer until we get past this thing let's keep our eyes open and go feed at the troughs of these establishments. Yum.    
      Well, I am getting calls from all my friends that I met a couple years ago when I went on my winter sabbatical asking me if we are opening up and what guidelines are we following. Tell you the truth I am kind of jealous as we here out in Timbuktu are still on stay at home. Come on folks, let's get reasonable here. Anyway,,, moving on, did you see the updates on Haddock, and yes this effects recreational fishing as well. So hope on over to the MA Dept of Fisheries and check out the updates and stay in the limits. It will save your wallet a lot of heartache. As far as the beaches, as much as I hate to say this, if you are going to go, please be sure you are distancing and remember, our dear governor has put a mask in place order if you can not be in a physical distancing area. So just take it with you, it is more important to mask up them bathing suit up. LOL,, ok being funny here, I know all my naturist friends just got excited, Unfortunately we still have too many prudes around for any textile free beaches. Would make more sense than a lot of other things being implemented, I'm just saying. I have not seen any reports on our Great Whites yet this year, but I am sure that they are not as concerned about the COVID as we are, and are more interested in their buffet specialty, seal a-la cart. Well, not much else is happening, when smarter heads start to prevail and we have something to report, trust me I will be one of the first to let you know. The old gal is still lighting up the night with her beacon and so far we have not had to us old Foggy yet this month. But I am sure that he will get it share of use by the end of the month. Well while we can, enjoy making left turns, enjoy getting out on the water without felling cramped, and there are still all the trails that are accessible, just take a face guard. Well, have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.   
      Well I have to say Mojitos are one of those I have to be careful with, I could drink these all night, and just about any variety, flavor, shape, size, ect, ect, ect. So when looking for a recipe this month I wanted something that was a bit spring time and something that was a little bit derbish. Now I know the derby is a Mint Julep, but this Mojito can be called either a plain Honey Mojito or a Honey Mint Mojito. So what can I say, a little sweet, a little minty, and a lot of goodness. So as my mouth is watering right now, let's get this show on the road and make it happen. For the sake of the commercial, please remember, be a responsible consumer, and don't drink and drive. 

      This week's recipe: Honey Mojito

      1 1/2     oz        light rum
     4 or 5                 mint leaves
            1     each      lime
            4     oz         club soda
            1     oz         honey simple syrup*
             Garnish:      lime wheel
      Muddle mint leaves with honey simple syrup in a mixing glass. Squeeze lime juice and add rum to shake with ice. Top with club soda and garnish with lime wheel.
      Honey simple syrup, mix 4 parts honey to 1 part hot water.

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