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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Life on Cape Cod 5-2020 & Spinach Salad / 5-13-2020

       Well it's the middle of month and we are going snow squalls last weekend to in the 60s this coming weekend. Welcome to spring on Cape Cod. Let's hope that is the last of that white stuff for the remainder of the season if not till about 12-23 or 12-24. So what's up, are we having fun yet? I - don't know about this? (big smily face). I have to tell you, I am going a bit stir crazy. Some have made this point this should be a no brainer for me as i have worked our of my house now for nearly 8 years. What many forget is after work is my get out of the house time. I enjoy going places, not necessarily to shop but just look, socialize, but with other humans. But this has just knocked that out of any thoughts. My only saving grace is my pooch, who needs a couple walks a day. We go out and distance visit all the neighbors up and down our street and three streets over on either side of mine. I have a longer leash him and he loves people, So before I let he get to close I ask if any allergies (especially with kids) and if it is alright for him to socialize with me at a distance. So he keeps up current with all that is going on. Kids jus like to call him ' FLUFFY" even after his introduction, oh his name? Whiskey. yup told my Dad when we got him, (remember my Dad is a Baptist preacher of close to 70 years now) Every Baptist should have a little Whiskey in the house. Dad was not so sure of that one (LOL) Dad is cool about that, even at 93, he has always said, for those that can handle it, everything in moderation. I agree. My thoughts to all this that is going on, many want to sanitize their hands, while I totally believe in sanitizing my insides. (LOL) Now before anyone wonders about me and this, seriously, I am hearing with all at home and the consumption so up. First in all the years I have never drank on the job, either in the office or even at home while working. I wouldn't do it in an actual office building so why do it here in the home. Work is work and I respect the time and requests from my employer not to, even after 34 years. Speaking of,, May 12th this was Tuesday was my 34th anniversary from my hire date. 5-12-1986, with the exception of 7 months that I was laid off back in 1990, I have been with the same organization. You don't hear of that too often any more. Problem is I will not even turn 60 till December of this year and i see being in the work force for another 7-10 years, just not so sure it will be with this same organization. But we will see what the Lord has in store for me and where things may go over the next 3-7 months. Well, this is life, this is what is going on, not so exciting, hard to talk about the summer when not sure it is even going to happen, and if it does what are the governing hands going to do to squash ever bit of life out the economy and peoples lives. The next round of deaths will need to read, died of a broken home stuck in their own homes due to zealot leaders to protect them from the virus. Not sure what to think right now about this state, this spit of land called Cape Cod. I love it so much, but not sure of the future of what other think and how they want to control lives in the name of saving lives. Here is to high hopes of opening things back up soon and getting back to a normal norm, not this new norm garbage, just get back to the normal norm. Here is looking forward to something new, good, and exciting forthcoming, right here on Old Cape Cod. 
      Well new restaurant opening up for take out right now. Jason's Tavern Patriot Square,  will be doing take out. They will post their menu on Thursday. They will be open,Thursday -Sunday 4-8 pm. Folks I am and I know several others that are so excited to see this we can not wait. YAH. Check them out on Facebook or their website at Get ready for some seriously good food.
      The other restaurant that has already been dishing it out to the curb is Naked Oyster, 410 Main St Hyannis. Again they are doing it on facebook and their website at, and their hours of operation are THURSDAY - SUNDAY 3:30-7:00. WOW super yum. 
      Third, as I mentioned a couple weeks ago, Scargo Cafe is open and yes we have already been there and yes they have their grapenut custard available to go. OH we were so in heaven.
      Last note, we got our order on our Smith Family Popcorn Oh my oh my, they deliver and can send to just about anywhere in the country, Not sure about the world but if you are someplace else inquire with them, it is so good. I love the Carmel Corn, the Cheese Popcorn is delish, my daughter loves the Cape Cod League (its similar to that boxed stuff that is always stale, and oh so much better than that boxed stuff). So check out Smith Family at 508-827-7815  | and when open on Main Street in Hyannis.  
      Ok so not everything is open yet, but a little at a time, and remember to support when you can and tip often. I know we are all hurting in our own ways,, but every little bit helps. More to come in next round.   
      Well, i'm still here, what about you? Can't say I'm happy about it but it is what it is. Ya'll missed that wonderful sighting of a BlueWhale just 13 miles off the Capeshores. Now don't bet me wrong, you could not see the whale from here, but just the thought of looking out and knowing that big of a creature so close to shore is exciting. That big baby will be heading further north for the summer months. As far as the rest of this place, well the painting has nearly finished. At least all the inside stuff is done. The outside we expect to get to over the weekend and through next week. The beacon is still shinning out her signal of hope and guidance and Foggy sits there waiting for his turn. The waters are still quiet of sharks, and looks like that isn't going to be the only thing quiet for a while. So while we might be short some staff, short on hours, short on visitor, short on just about everything, know that we will be here. Keeping records of the weather, sending up the weather balloon when we can get helium, and manning the coast guard channels and short wave radio channels. Still way to quiet around here, but it is what it is. So until they do something positive in leadership, let's hold it together and keep our dreams alive and dream of the day we can all meet right here on the Cape and enjoy each others joys, the sand under our feel and our old lighthouse friends. Until then have a great and wonderful, wherever your at, but especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.  
      Well if you grew up in my time period as a kid, there was only one cartoon character that you were not sure about as he age his spinach then went out and smoked his pipe while beating up the bully harassing his gal Olive Oil. Yup that's Popeye d'Sailor Man. He loved his spinach and it made him strong. But ask most kids today and they have no idea who he really is. A lot of folks see green and just gross out over it. But most folks have just not had it prepared correctly and have those gross remembrances from childhood and eating frozen or canned spinach, that was just,, well,, just gross. So this is a great way to reintroduce yourself and your family to wonderful fresh spinach. It's tasty, it's crisp, and it has flavor. So give it a try and learn to enjoy spinach and not get grossed out about it. Now on with the show.

      This week's recipe: Spinach Salad

      1      lb         fresh spinach
   1/4      lb         fresh mushrooms (or more) slice
   4-6      slices   bacon, crumbled

   1/2      cup      oil (EVOO please)
   1/4      cup      sugar
      2      Tbsp    wine vinegar
      1      tsp       onion powder
   1/2      tsp       salt
   1/2      tsp       dry mustard

      Combine ingredients for dressing and shake well before, Pour over Salad right before serving. 

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