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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Tomcot Thursday / 5-7-2020

Tomcot Thursday EveryOne
Hello Thursday, hello sunshine, hello to another day so bright and new. Jeepers, Creepers, open up them peepers, really folks get 'em up and open and take a look around. See all the goodness to be taken in, yes it is bright and early, and yes I know many would still rather be in bed for another hour or two or three. But we have to do what we have to do and since you are up let's make the best of it. Look around, and count the number of things you see and you are already blessed that many times. Now your job today besides getting off this mountain the quickest and most direct way is to bless others with as many blessings as you have already experienced this morning. And remember, everything you see from the birds in the air to the green grass below your feet you are blessed with. So be of good cheer and may you have a most wonderful day, remember if you come on one in true need, stop and take the time to lend a hand, and to all the rest, well we have already covered that, and when all is said and done, may you have a most Happy, Happy of all days.
Your Morning Penguin
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Roast Leg of Lamb Day
Cosmopolitan Day
Homebrew Day
National Tourism Day
Beaufort Scale (Wind) Day
Cystinosis Awareness Day
Design Packaging Day
Day of Vesak
National Barrier Awareness Day
National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day
National Day of Prayer
National Day of Reason
Worldwide Day of Genital Autonomy
World Password Day
Family Reunion Month 
Family Wellness Month
Fibromyalgia Education and Awareness Month
Food Allergy Action Month
Freedom Shrine Month 
Gardening for Wildlife Month
Get Caught Reading Month
Gifts From The Garden Month
Global Civility Awareness Month
Global Health and Fitness Month 
Go Fetch! Food Drive for Homeless Animals Month
Haitian Heritage Month
Heal the Children Month
Healthy Vision Month
Home Schooling Awareness Month
Huntington's Disease Awareness Month

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