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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Just a Memorial Thought 2020 & Grilled Snappy BlueFish / 5-20-20

      Well this week may be a very short week. Work is a feast or famine for most people. For me, it is a mixed bag, for issues I can not go into. But for now I have been blessed to be still working, but almost overdoing it. But you have to may hey while it's hey making season. 
      Over this past week I have seen an influx of cars around and going up and down my street. I have also see on my dog walks more seasonal folks showing up and in talking to a few they know that others will be out for the holiday in addition to who is here already. I hope we have a great and wonderful time, and some great weather. Please ya'll take it easy on things and just do a lot of relaxing. I want to say so much, but the better of me is saying to keep my mouth closed. So this week I am going to say, Take the time to remember what Memorial Day is all about, it is for honoring and mourning the military personnel who had died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. It is not for those serving actively, or who are still with us. Please be sensitive as there are those active and veterans who take offence if you don't get it right. So be mindful, be respectful and lets celebrate this Memorial Day with some true remembrance of what those who have given their lives to defend out freedoms. Let's honor them, and get back to practicing our freedoms and not give in or give up what they fought so hard for us to have. 
      So hang in there, be smart, and let's keep looking and pressing forward, Until we meet again. 
      Well for restaurant role call, well call it what you want but I have a couple more that are open. For starters The Red Nun in Dennis Port & Chatham are open for curbside pick up. Website for more detail They are open daily from 4-8, call in the order pull into a spot in front (aka Rt 28) and they will bring order out to car. YAA, love their burgers, I just wish they would bring out a beer or two. But will take what we can get. 
      Another place that has been open and well accustom to take out over the years is the Kream N' Kone at the corn of Rt 28 and 134, Find them online at They still have their normal hours listed so you may want to call ahead and see is those hours are still good. They have been a local favorite for years.
      And last for this week is 99 Restaurants14 Berry Ave, West Yarmouth, 508-862-9990 I know they are a chain but they support the local area, they employee locals and they have good food. So if you want some `great food and serving both lunch and dinner.
      So there you have a smattering of places around. You can also google Restaurants open on Cape Cod for take out and there is a good listing. Remember, even if you are not use to tipping on take out, this would be the time to consider it, I know we are all hurting but if you are able, please tip. 
      Well what can I say, here comes the sunshine and the warmer temperatures, now if we can just get our leaders to warm up to the idea of letting us live our own lives like so much of the rest of the country is already doing. Yes I am opinionated and yes I have my opinions but when you get old, your allowed to be grumpy for more than just a flared up hemorrhoid. I'm tired of people telling me what snails I have to stair at or what clam bed I need to watch grow. I want to start sharing time with people and and allowing them into the guard station and into the light tower. I will say that I am able to open the grounds this coming weekend, so at least you can dome and visit. We are just trying to asses how we can work getting people up into the tower and lamp room. The problem will be the distancing issue as the lamp room is not that big. We are working on something that allows a family to go up together of 1 pair of couples at at time. but I can tell you for right now until our lovely governor, gets off his tail and makes some wiser decisions this will have to be what we do. So hopefully by the 15th of June we will be able to do something, being a part of the government program I am locked to having to do what they say and not what I feel. But more power to any and all who can push the buttons, the right way to get this state open and moving again. In the mean time, the beaches are ready, if you want skip the bathing suit but not the mask, remember that. Also when you come remember that as the waters warm keep your eyes open for the shark warnings. Ignorance is not bliss in this situation and can cost you more than an arm or a leg. And remember you still need to have your boats registered and checked out. Be sure your PFDs are all up to date and in good order, you have a freshly filled fire extinguisher, and for you motor boaters, really consider putting a radio on board that can contact the coast guard if needed, just some smart thinking there. The summer season is just about here. Doesn't feel like it but it is, so ready or not here it comes, now lets just get the rest of the, uppers, on board with us.   
      Well I have a wonderful recipe for us this week. We got introduced to BlueFish when we came here to the Cape to vacation. A few of the folks from the church would give us at least 2 or 3 whole dressed blues and Mom would usually stuff them and bake them. This is a little different, but it is very simple and the great thing it is a super idea for the summer as it is done on the grill in foil so not a lot of clean up. Now to those of you, who have not had Bluefish, be mindful that it is a stronger fish, but very flavorful. when you fix it you will want to take out the dark spot if your fish monger has not already done that for you. That is very bitter part of the fish and is best just taken out. And most times you will cook the fish with the skin on, then pull the meat off the skin to eat, the skin helps keep moisture in the meat. So again this is very easy and a great way to explore new tastes in fish. Now on with the show: 
      This week's recipe: Snappy BlueFish

       !      lb         Bluefish Filets
   1/4      cup      Dijon mustard
   1/4      cup      lemon juice
      4      Tbsp    olive oil (EVOO)

      Stir together olive oil, mustard and lemon juice. Coat bluefish with this mixture. Place fish in foil pouches with optional (slice of lemon and a spring of fennel) seal edges well and cook place on grill for about 20-25 minutes, turning over about 1/2 way through the cooking time. For a thinner piece of fish go 20 minutes a thicker piece 25-30 minutes total time. plate and serve, Yum

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