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Friday, May 15, 2020

Freckled Friday / 5-15-2020

Freckled Friday Morning  EveryOne
Jump for joy and hoist the banners, we are at the starting line of Paradise Friday. The last leg of the race for this week, the dash for the cash, the race to the base, the, the, the, oh you get the point. We are here, we are here, we are here, as once said by a Whovian. This week has seemed extra-long for me but we have all collectively gotten here. Some of you are still questioning the fact of how you got here or if you are really here but you are, we are, and we will run, push, carry, pull ourselves and our companions to the finish line with us, and onto the train bound for Paradise Friday Party town. So this week's theme I hope you got it,, but if you have not they are all types of Ducks. Yep those fowl feathered friends that just seem to quack us all up. Ha Ha,, now back to the rest of the story. So put on the happy face, put on the dancing shoes, put on whatever you want or don’t want but let’s get to it and make this the best finish yet. Have a great day and a great weekend and enjoy every minute of life. If you come on one in true need, stop and lend a hand, and to all overs cheer on to the finish. And may you have a most Happy, Happy today and all weekend long.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: 
National Chocolate Chip Day
National Bike to Work Day
Police Officer's Memorial Day
Endangered Species Day
Hyperemisis Gravidarum Awareness Day
International Day of Families
International MPS Awareness Day
International Defense Transportation Day
International Virtual Assistants Day
Morel Mushroom Day: 15-16
Nakba Day
National Bike to Work Day  Moved to September 22
National Chocolate Chip Day
National Pizza Party Day
National Slider Day
Nylon Stockings Day
National Tuberous Sclerosis Day
O. Henry Pun-off Day
Peace Officer Memorial Day
Straw Hat Day

National Barbecue Day - 16
National Coquilles Saint Jacques Day - 16
World Whisky Day - 16
Armed Forces Day - 16
Love a Tree Day - 16
National Sea Monkey Day - 16
Wear Purple for Peace Day - 16
Armed Forces Day - 16
Biographer's Day - 16
Do Dah Day - 16
Honor Our LGBT Elders' Day - 16
International Day of Light - 16
National Learn To Swim Day - 16
Mimosa Day - 16
National BBQ Day - 16
National Piercing Day - 16
National Sea Monkey Day - 16
Preakness -16  not this year
World Fiddle Day - 16
National Foul Ball Week: 16-21
National Safe Boating Week: 16-22

National Cherry Cobbler Day - 17
Pack Rat Day - 17
International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia - 17
Ride A Unicycle Day: 17  (3rd Sunday)Rural Life Sunday - 17
Take Your Parents To The Playground (Park) Day - 17
Rogation Sunday - 17
Same Sex Marriage Day - 17
Syttende Mai - 17
World Hypertension Day - 17
World Telecommunications and Information Society Day - 17
World Neurofibromatosis Day (NF Day) -17
EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Week: 17-23
International Heritage Breeds Week: 17-23
National Eosinophil Awareness Week: 17-23
National Medical Transcription Week: 17-23  Link
International New Friends, Old Friends Week: 17-23
National Unicycle Week: 17-23
World Trade Week: 17-23

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