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Friday, May 8, 2020

Bongo Friday / 5-8-2020

Bongo Friday EveryOne
Well Friday has finally flailed it's feathery fingers about and finally arrived with fiery fury. Ok so the Cape is not as fiery as the mid west but what can I say, it is what it is. But bottom line is we have arrived and Friday it is and I am so ready for this day to come to a close so we can party hearty like it's 1999, Hum, where have I heard that before. Anyway, we are on the final stretch, the last lap, the final pot of coffee has been put on and the end of the work is at hand. So batten down the hatches and hoist the jib and set the sail we have a destination to get to and Paradise Friday it before us. Be of good cheer we have come a long way this week but we have one last leg to go. So let's keep our eyes on the prize and our head focused on the goal. And lets finish in a blaze of glory. Now before I leave you hanging forever on the theme of the week, it has been different varieties of Apricots. Yum I love apricots, fresh, canned and liquored. As in wines, Schnapps, Tequilas, and about any other way you can service them. To find some Apricots and enjoy a little sunshine in every bite. If along the way you come on one in true need stop and lend a hand and to all the others encourage to the end. And may you have a most Happy, Happy all weekend long.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Coconut Cream Pie Day
National Empanada Day
Have A Coke Day
Child Care Provider Day or Daycare Provider Day - Friday before Mother's Day
Iris  Day
Military Spouses Day the Friday before Mother's Day
National Outdoor Intercourse Day
No Socks Day
V-E Day
World Red Cross Day / World Red Crescent Day
Fintastic Friday: Giving Sharks A Voice
Free Trade Day
International Space Day
National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day
National Day to Prevent Teen & Unplanned Pregnancy
National Public Gardens Day
National Provider Appreciation Day
Second World War: 8-9
Student Nurse Day
World Ovarian Cancer Day
National Public Gardens Week: 8-17

National Foodies Day - 9
National ButterScotch Brownies Day - 9
Moscato Day - 9
Birth Mother's Day - 9
International Migratory Bird Day - 9
Lost Sock Memorial Day - 9
National Train Day- 9
National Windmill Day 9
American Indian Day - 9
Bereaved Mother's Day - 9
Birthmother's Day - 9
Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Awareness Day - 9
Letter Carrier's  Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Day - 9
Mother Ocean Day - 9
National Archery Day - 9
National Babysitters Day - 9 
National Dog Mom's Day - 9 
National Miniature Golf Day - 9
National Sleepover Day - 9
National Windmill Day - 9
Stay Up All Night - 9
World Belly Dance Day - 9
World Fair Trade Day - 9

National Liver and Onions Day - 10 (if done right, YUM)
National Shrimp Day - 10
Clean up Your Room Day - 10
Lilac Sunday - 10
Mother's Day - 10
Dia De La Madre - 10
Mother's Day - 10
Mother's At The Wall Day - 10
National Hampster Day - 10
National Lipid Day -10
World Lupus Day - 10
Universal Family Week: 10-16
Food Allergy Awareness Week: 10-16
National Hospital Week: 10-16 
National Nursing Home Week: 10-17    
National Police Week:  10-16
National Return To Work Week:  10-17 
National Transportation Week: 10-16 
National Women's Health Week: 10-16 
Reading is Fun Week:  10-17 
Salute to Moms 35+ Week: 10-16 
Salvation Army Week: 10-17

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