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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Yellow Long Neck Thursday / 9-26-19

Yellow Long Neck Thursday EveryOne
   Up n At-Em folks, the sun is not getting up any earlier for a long time and we need to get this day going. We have made it this far and really not to worse for the wear, but this is not the time to stop and give up or feel like this is the day to take a lazy pill. I know today is not an easy day, and I call it the workhorse day of the week. But it is a necessary evil to get to the end of the line and we need to take care of business today rather than putting it off to another day. I know many of us think that why do today what you can put off and do tomorrow kind of mentality is one to consider. And some days are harder than others to put that kind of thinking behind us and move forward to do what we must do. First things first we need to get those hikers on and take hold that staff. We are not getting off this mountain without proper footing and our support staff. Next be prepared to an attitude of gratitude in all you do and when the opportunity comes to help someone is dire need along the way, we take the time to stop, listen and help in whatever way is best. We need to ready to take care of business in that there have been loose ends flapping all over the place right since the get go of today. We need to take account of what has been working, and what hasn't been and cut loose the bad and reign in the good. See that all that we have been and are working on by the end of the day is set up for the final journey. So be prepared for some headaches, some mind benders, and  brain exploders. Be prepared to work hard from start to finish, as we seek to get off this mountain, and clear the tree line. So let's stop talking about it and let's go get it done, we have a lot to do but we are able and capable of getting it done, all of it with great expectations. Now let's get to the starting line and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long, and no hiding the joy, go forth and share it each and every step you take, all day long. 
Your Morning Penguin
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
National Key Lime Pie Day
National Pancake Day
Compliance Officer Day
Forget-Me-Not Day
Johnny Appleseed Day
National Dumpling Day
Remember Me Thursday
Shamu the Whale Day
Situational Awareness Day
World Contraception Day
World Maritime Day

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