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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Baldcypress Tuesday / 9-3-19

Baldcypress Tuesday EveryOne
   Morning and welcome back to the ever popular, never ending thing we call life work. Ok so a few of you out there are what they call retired, but let's face it, the laundry still needs done, meals prepared, lawn mowed and a host of other things. It's just they don't happen at the speed that the structured worker is doing every day. First our thoughts and prayers to those in the path of Dorian, may you seek and find the necessary shelter required to keep you safe, and may your personal items endure minimal damage. But for the rest of us the glorious long weekend is over, the mornings of sleeping in, or taking a lazy day and just relaxing are behind us and what lies ahead is a short, demanding, intense week. So get the work gear on, especially those feet, they are going to take a beating. Grab your staff as we will need all the leaning support we can get can find and let's head for that starting line. Remember to focus, concentrate and leave nothing to be questioned. Remember integrity, and honesty are virtues that are sought by most and only the few rotten louses that seek to hurt and cheat others. But many get duped into going down rabbit paths they should not be seeking, looking for the short cut, the easy path, the path of least resistance, only to find it is a path to a pool of quick sand or muck and mire looking to devour and deceive it's victims, don't become one of those, they are inexcusable, thought to be lazy, ill equipped for life and worse. Be of good reputation, and standing, be honest and trustworthy and in all things do and give your best. Now when we come on those in hurting or desperate ways, we will stop, take the time to listen, then see them to the next care station, for we are our brothers and sisters keepers, like it or not. Now let's gather our things and make the best and most out of whatever challenges and adventures come out way. And through it all, let's make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Coach
Steve Gimmi       

Holidays & Observances: 
National Welsh Rarebit Day
National Baby Back Ribs Day
Another Look Unlimited Day
National Day of Prayer for Victims of Hurricane Harvey
Skyscraper Day
Play Days: 3-7
Shetland Wool Week: 3-4 (and 28-29)
National Biscuit Month 
National Bourbon Heritage Month 
National Breakfast Month 
California Wine Month 
National Chicken Month 
National Honey Month 
National Mushroom Month 
National Organic Harvest Month 
National Papaya Month 
National Potato Month
National Rice Month
National Whole Grains Month
Wine Season and Oyster Season both begin September 1st

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