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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Some Fall Thoughts & Fresh Peach Cobbler / 9-25-19

      This is the time of year that most of us who live here on the Cape wait for every year. OK a lot of us, not sure I can say most. But this second season as many call it is one of the best times to be on the Cape. Still much of our favorites are open and going strong, And a majority of the great restaurants are open as well. There are a handful who have already closed down but the places I like will be open till at least Columbus Day and then the next mark will be Thanksgiving. The leaves are still green, the water still warm and the sand on the beach, well you can actually find a spot to put your blanket. But time is coming for the leaves to turn and then the walks through the paths and woodlands and marshlands will become more brilliant and finally open up to give spectacular views that are not seen when all the greenery was hiding it. Now for me and most year rounders is, we work most the time when the sun is out, so many of us need to find fun ways and places to go and do when the moon is out. Oh well we live for the weekends and pray the weather is grand and the temperatures stay warm. Ok so at least I do. But we have the fall festivals, and Halloween fun going on. We have the Oyster Festival coming up and local spots love to do seasonal gatherings with season grub and drink. I'm not an overly big person on everything pumpkin unless it is in pie, maybe an occasional bunt cake, a pumpkin cookie or bread. Past that, keep it, but there is so much more, from apple crisps, hot chocolate and s'mors along with no bugs campfires. And around the Cape the cooler it gets the more you can find these going on in back yards are on the beach. What do you say, wanna come join us? We are open for business, and it really is a fun place to be this time of year. As a kid I never got to come to the Cape as I was in school and marching band and Dad was back behind the pulpit and doing his duties as a pastor. So fall vacations were just not available to us. But if you can it is worth coming and experience all we have at least once or twice before the real cold sets in. Ok hope I have peeks your curiosity some, and hope you can come visit us here on wonderful old Cape Cod.    
      Small business report time: it's that time of year for apple picking so where on Cape Cod can you go and pick apples? Well I have heard from several that Crow Farm located at 34 Charles St, Sandwich is also on facebook and find on the web at They are not only a farm side stand run business but also an orchard and do baked goods and most other things you would expect to find at a good family owned farm business. Right now they are open Monday-Saturday 9am til 5pm and Sunday 10am til 5pm. check out their web site their facebook page and their farm stand and orchard. Get out there and get picking as apples won't last on the tree forever. 
      Since I am doing small farms right now I have to mention: Fluffy Butt Farm, Eggs and Education, find them on facebook and Instagram @ fluttybuttfarmdesign and located in Foresdale  near Mashpee. They specialize in Eggs and more, chickens, ducks, quail, and turkeys. This is a place you need to keep in mind as the holidays are getting close. So much to choose from and to get from a local. Besides I just love the name. LOL
      Last place is always some kind of food, this week I need to push my second favorite breakfast place Hole-in-One in Orleans at 98 MA-6A, or find them on facebook, and instagram and their website They are open Monday-Sunday 5am-3pm year round. They do breakfast and lunch and their bakery goods are to die for. I love to go and sit up in the fishbowl and watch the traffic go by in the warmer months or sit in the back room in the corner in the winter as it is a cozy place to enjoy a great cup of coffee and great breakfast, then take some donuts home with you. But warning if you walk in and see something you want, don't wait cause they might not be there when you leave. Trust me I have had it happen. So get to Hole in One and enjoy some great food for the morning, brunch time and lunch. 
      Welcome my friends and I hope you are enjoying this unusually warm start to autumn. We have beach weather all over the Cape and we have been able to accommodate many tour groups and are starting to see the school kids come around as well. We take them all around the grounds and visit the radar hut, were we take weather readings the old fashioned way as well as take them back inside and show them the modern way. We take that up into the town and to the beacon room or lamp room and talk about how the beacons have changed over the years and the pluses and minuses to the changes. We talk about how each light house has its own signal pattern and how navigators would travel up and down the coast or airplanes without navigation instruments could make it to their destinations by just following the beacons. We take them around to the life saving station and talk bout how the life guards lived their daily lives and how many of them were volunteers and not paid staff and how the Coast Guard actually got started. We cover a lot and the kids really seem to have fun and really have some great questions. With the warmer weather we have also been able to get a lot accomplished on putting together the autumn decorations, mazes and trails, that will get started on October 11 and go through Nov 3 on the weekends. I will be bring more to you next week on this fun event we have each year here at the lighthouse and station. Well I know this is short gathering but with the warm weather it has been busy, busy, busy. So we need to get moving, I hope you can have a great and wonderful this next week and especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod. 
      As many of you know this has been a fun year for desserts with Cobblers and Crisps. I know we are just a tad behind on the peach crops but there are an abundant amount of fresh preach family fruits available that could be substituted if for some reason you can't find any peaches. One of the other things I like about Cobblers and Crisps is that they are so stinking easy to make it is not funny, and I am not talking about getting your fruit out of a can. So these can be fairly healthy if you watch the amount of sugar you add to your recipe. Remember you can play with this and do sugar substitutes to help in health issues. So before my mouth starts watering too much. Just for the record this is another church related recipe and not my own, but I am sure you could dig not so far and find several that are near identical to this one. So now, let's get on with the show:

      This week's recipe: Fresh Peach Cobbler
   2-4      cups      fresh sliced peaches
      2      cups      sugar ( you can go lighter on this)
      1      stick       butter
   3/4      cup        flour
      2      tsp         baking powder
                            pinch of salt
   3/4      cup        milk

      Mix sliced peaches with 1 cup of sugar. Melt butter in oven in very deep casserole dish. Mix flour, baking powder, salt, and milk together and pour into melted butter. Do not stir. Put peaches on top of mixture. Bake in preheated 350 degree oven for 45 minutes to an hour. 
      ( The contributor nots this can also works well with all fruits. So have fun and be creative)   

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