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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Harvest Moon & Oven Roasted Vegetables / 9-11-19

      Well another full moon is about to come on the scene between Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th of September and yes this month is the harvest moon and happening on Friday the 13th. They also call it the spooky moon, other than if it occurred on a Friday the 13th in October. But this is September and we are still looking forward to fall to start. But full moons and the Cape are some of the most wonder things to experience. Either on the sound side or the bay side. If it is a clear evening the reflection off the water can be eerily spooky yet so beautiful. Stay there long enough and you will start to believe in those ghosts of ship wrecks long ago, hovering just above the water as the cool of the evening sets in over the warmer waters and the mist rises with the moon. It has been said that even the cries of the those who have gone down below the waters line can be heard the closer to the pinnacle the moon gets. Then at it's peak the howls and cries seem to just echo off invisible rock cliffs while visions of abandoned pirate ships can be seek sinking and slinking into the sea. Yup I love siting on the beach and just taking it all in, wondering has gone before me out across that pond so dark, so deep so unknown. When was the last time you have spend an evening on the beach with a full moon? Maybe you should consider and see just what might happen and what you may experience. If you do, I just hope they don't get you intoxicated with their hypnotic spells and carry you off to to their domain. Well, I guess that is about if for this week, have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.    
       This week I am starting to run low on resources as my house is still in great disarray. So small business report may be thin the next couple weeks but I will do my best. So this week I was going to talk about apple picking but there are no actual real apple orchards here on the Cape to do that, you need to go off Cape to be able to pick your own apples, so forget that thought. There are plenty of farm stands and farmers markets that you can get fresh fruit at. Google Cape Cod Farm stands and farmers markets for a full listing or Edible Cape Cod @ and also Cape Cod Online @ So back to the drawing board, but this is making me hungry. So restaurants are a great thing and this time of year, many are still open even if only on the weekends till Columbus Day such as Arnolds in Eastham, while others are open till thanksgiving like Cooks in Hyannis. And now during the week, those places still open are not crowded, no major wait lines and lots of good food to enjoy both Seafood and just good old grub. So get out there and make some visit to places you were avoiding during the high season. 
      Also coming up this coming weekend September 14th and 15th is the Annual Harwich Cranberry Festival going on at the Community Center Fields on Oak Street. Craft show goes on from 9-4 each day but the music festival goes from 12:30 till 8pm on Saturday. So have some fun and go check it out. 
      Also happening this weekend is the Cape Cod Roots & Blues Festival happening at Nauset Beach from noon - 6pm this Saturday 9-14-19. 
      Cape Cod Canal Day from noon - 6 in Buzzards Bay happening on Saturday 14th of September 
      Then the following weekend on the 21st there is the Annual Cape Cod Beer fest, This is a ticketed event so be sure to get your early. 
      You may also want on Sunday the 22nd Truro Treasures Grape Stomp & Music Fest in North Truro at Truro Vineyards. 
      So get out of the house these next two weekends and go check out what's happening around the Cape. 
        So what is going on, have you adjusted to life as routine life again. Do you miss us already, well I can say I miss you. The days are slower, the crowds have greatly reduced in numbers, the sunlight hours are diminishing and that harvest moon is coming up the 14th of September. I am just hoping we have a clear evening that night so that the moon view is gorgeous. And although the tower will not be open to the public the grounds will be open for the bonfire gatherings that will be starting this weekend and running through Halloween, weather permitting. But the view from the observation area is still great and you can see up and down the coast line and well out into the Atlantic Ocean. Many times we can see cruise ships and shipping freighters lights off on the horizon in the near distance. I have even had over the past years whale sightings, and that can be beautiful and spooky all at the same time. As far as what is going on with the maritime world, well not a lot. With the numbers gone and the cooler weather and shorter days there is less to deal with. Other than the nice little hurricane that we watched pass us by well to the east, then make a bee line for Nova Scotia. I'v had reports that some of there fishing fleets took a pounding as they are not as prepared for a Cat 1 as we are. But as we know it will slow them down no more than if it had been us. We still need to keep those in the Bahamas in our prayers as it will be a long long time before they get back to any kind of normalcy. Well, waters are still warm enough for anyone still looking for a fall dip, but still be start about it and keep an eye on the waters around you for those pesky things called Great Whites. Well folks, it's about that time, I still need to get some cookies made for a group coming in tomorrow and the weekend. The wife is doing her thing and the gauges still need read. So hope you have a great and wonderful, remember we miss you and hope you can come to one of the fall weekend bonfires/campfires gatherings and see what this place we call Old Cape Cod is all about during this fall and autumn season. See you all soon.    
      As we dive into fall I thought what a great time to start getting the oven going and nothing says autumn to me in side dishes then roasted veggies. Harvest time, a bonfire, good stuff going on in the kitchen, cooler evenings, Ok I know some of you reading this are going to say what cooler weather, as the past few days have still been in near or at 90 degrees in the mid-west. But we here, in New England are getting to enjoy those cooler evenings in the upper 40s or lover 50s, but I am sure it is coming soon, So let's get the oven going (or grill) and get the fall harvest of fresh veggies roasting. Now on with the show:

      This week's recipe: Oven Roasted Vegetables

      1      med      zucchini
      1      med      summer squash
      1      med      red bell pepper
      1      med      yellow bell pepper
      1      lb          fresh asparagus
      1      med      red onion
      3      Tbs       extra virgin olive oil
      1      tsp        salt
   1/2      tsp        fresh ground pepper 

      Heat oven to 450 degree. Cut all vegetables into bite size pieces. Place vegetables in a large roasting pan. Toss with olive oil, salt, and pepper to mix and coat. Spread in a single layer in pan. Roast for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the vegetables are lightly browned and tender but not over done and still lightly crunchy.  

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