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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Black Tupelo Wednesday / 9-4-19

Black Tupelo Wednesday EveryOne
   The week so short yet so long, We are spending the night on the top of the mountain so be prepared to take warm and dry wear with you. The good news is that by the end of the day we will be half way through the work portion of the week. I feel as though I'm working with a frozen can of concentrate, instead of the usual bottle of semi-diluted contents, making everything that happens seem to be more intense, more in numbers, more this, more that. You get it, but the work must go on, life does not take a holiday and on these short weeks whatever was to have happened on Monday now just gets crammed into the rest of the week. This is why I preach about supporting one another, this is why I say do good and move on, this is why I say focus, this is why I say keep striving, because as we come on days and weeks like this one, we have something or someone to lean on and know that as we have trained through the rest of time, it will help us to endure through these difficult times. Now time to get the foot gear on and laced up, grab hold of that staff, grab your bags and let's head out for the starting line. It's an uphill battle today all the way, but when we get to the top it will be the end of the day. Encourage one another along the way, be of good cheerleader, support those around you and through it all pursue to do your best. And when you come on one that is hurting and in need of help, stop, listen and do whatever you can, including seeing them to the next care center, in other words do good and move on. Now we need to rock-n-roll this day on it's way and make the most out of everything that comes our way, now go and let's make us some Happy, Happy and share it to all we come in contact with today. 
Your Morning Guru
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances 
National Macadamia Nut Day
Newspaper Carrier Day
Minimally Invasive Surgery Week: 4-7
Baby Safety Month
Backpack Safety America Month
Be Kind To Editors & Writers Month
Blood Cancer Awareness Month
Bourbon Heritage Month
Childrens' Good Manners Month
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
Cholesterol Education Month
Classical Music Month 
College Savings Month
Craniofacial Acceptance Month
Eat Chicken Month
Fall Hat Month
Global Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month
Go Wild During California Wild Rice Month
Great American Low-Cholesterol, Low-fat Pizza Bake Month
Gynecology Cancer Awareness Month
Happy Cat Month
Histiocytosis Awareness Month
Hunger Action Month 

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