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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Casper Thursday / 9-19-19

Casper Thursday EveryOne
Hi-de-ho there neighbor like persons, I hope you had a great day yesterday. It had its challenges, it had its ups and downs, but yesterday is behind us and today is before us. So let's start by getting our focus on the right objective and and then get our fuzzy butt out of its proverbial cranial bed. That's right need to actually get our of our cozy place and get moving to get this day actually going. So up, up, up and at em we go, and we will get it together and we will go after it all today. Now a good place to start is getting those hikers on and taking hold of that staff. The trip today will take us down and off this mountain we have been working on since the get go on Monday, and we will not only get out of this tropical jungle but we will clear the tree line and get out into the clearing. But what is it going to take, this is the workhorse day of the week, this is the day we have to weed the garden, pull out all those choke weeds, get those loose ends rained in and, make the decision to what's working and what's not. What is worth keeping and mending and what you need to cut ties with and move on. This is a wicked trying day but we have to get through it to get to Friday in one piece and with any sanity left. There are many that we will see today that need our help. We will need to work together to make sure they are all attended to and that we don't burn ourselves out trying to help them all. while others turn a blind eye. Be ready to help those you can't help themselves and stop, listen then see them to the next care station and move on. Now, we have a lot to do today, we need to give it our best so when the end of the day comes we have no regrets to anything that went on. All we can say is, ready or not, let's get to that starting line and let's get this day on the go. And as we do let's go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long and share it to everyone that you come in contact with. 
Your Morning Penguin
Steve Gimmi   

Holidays & Observances:
National Butterscotch Pudding Day
International Talk Like A Pirate Day
National Ask An Atheist Day
National PawPaw Day
National Teach Ag Day
Hummingbird Celebration: 19-22

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