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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Coming Fall & Last Minute Grilled Steak / 9-18-19

      Well folks what do we say this time of year, We are back to making left hand turns, Ok during the week, but not the weekends yet? We can go out to dinner and not have an hour wait in line. And we can check out a beach without have to feel like we are in a sardine can. But then again, the temperatures are starting to change and daylight seems to be leaving as quickly as the tourists. Then again, we have our local breweries starting to brew a lot of seasonal beers and that is always a fun thing, along with donut and pastry shops are getting into the act. And it's starting to get into soups and stews and chilis months. Sorry I am not a warm weather soup and stew person and even chowders I prefer when it gets cooler. The only thing the Cape really does not do well in fall on is changing of leaves. For that you need to go more interior than out here, but if that is the only thing I have to find fault with the Cape on, well that just ain't to bad now is it. Fall is just around the corner the corner so get your ready on, (after we go through another warm up period) and enjoy all that Cape Cod has to offer this coming fall season. More to come later on this,,, I love second season here, and if you are able to experience it let's all have a great and wonderful, right here on Old Cape Cod.
      Ok so most the times I don't do chain restaurants cause I really enjoy promoting the local spots and all the hard work into what they do, and put out some really good food. But I have to mention two, first because they both do a lot for the community right here on Cape Cod but I know for a fact one is locally owned as well, and both places employee locals and pay taxes to the local communities. So I have no problem with these places. 
      First up is Chick-fil-a, located at the corner of 155 Enterprise Rd, and RT132. I have had a chance to meet one of the owners, who took the time, not know who I was to just talk to him. His wife is the real boss (LOL not kidding) I have been back several times and fail to see him out wiping tables, delivering trays of food or taking orders from customers. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty and do what is needed. I love it when I see owners of quick food restaurants take real ownership and then take time to talk with their patrons. And on top of it has really good food. 
      Second is the 99 located off RT 28 located at 14 Berry Ave at the corner of HIggins Crowell Rd and RT 28. Again the 99 has always been big in the community, they hire locals to work year round, and their food is consistently good and run specials that help us no to fat in the wallet people. Although we may be fat other places. LOL. I mention these two places because I know we here on the Cape tend to downplay chain shops, food or otherwise. But there is a place for them and there is a time for them. So if they are doing a good job in the community and are serving good food why not support them and their establishments. So stay in touch with the 99 and go enjoy a nice sit down meal that won't devour your wallet or pocketbook. There are 4 on the Cape FYI by the way, I have only eaten at the West Yarmouth one. 
      So much for the chain good eats, for a local Mom and Pops that I enjoy is Jasons Tavern located in Patriot Square in South Dennis. This is a locally owned and run bar and grill that has more than just good grub, they have excellent meals, budget friendly early bird specials and a great staff. They are also known for their hamburgers which are big, no huge and come with large sides. They have great soups and the desserts are to die for. So if you need or want to stay local try out Jasons Tavern in South Dennis. 
      Hello my friends and glad you came back to visit this old man. What do you think of this crazy weather, more so the temperatures and this up and down like a yo-yo. One day we have freeze warnings out for parts of the New England territories than the next we have summertime like warmth in the 80s. So this weekend we should have a bustling place going on and I could not be happier as it looks to be a great weekend. The lighthouse will be open for tours from 9-5 both Saturday and Sunday so grab the kids and grab grandma and come on out to the Cape. With clear weather predicted the views from the Lamp Room should be spectacular. The waters are still warm and swimming is still in season, but so are the Great Whites so be smart and swim in pairs. Great Whites prefer it that way, kind of like twin lobster dinners to humans. Ok that was a funny, seriously, give an old man a break. Anyway, I know a lot of folks will be taking their boats out for one last spin before the end of the recreational season, so be careful and take your time in and out of the harbors. I have also hear rumors that stripers are starting to run again as well, so you will see your numbers of fisherman out there as well. So take it easy and be careful. Did I mention that we have someone coming in to do apple cider plain and sugar donuts, so bring your appetite and bring your wallets, it's one of our last big fund raisers. So last note, folks have been asking when are the fall decorations and Halloween functions going to be happening. Well I will have those up and ready for October Friday the 11th and go Friday through Sunday , and hours will be 4 till 9 each day. The last day will be November 3rd. Put it on your calendars and hope to see you then. Will have more information in the coming weeks. Well need to get running so have a great and wonderful especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.    
      Well some of you are asking me right now, who can afford Steaks. I agree so use whatever kind of beef cut you can afford. If you shop smart and keep your eyes open you can get some real deal out there. If you have not look into them if you are able to swing it I would highly suggest getting a food saver type vacuum food storage machine. You can buy extra when on sale or you have a few extra dollars available to you. Split up bulk packages, get a larger piece of beef and slice your own steaks, it is much cheaper and then vacuum seal them and freeze them. They will keep much longer than in just foil. This looked rather tasty and sometimes we seem to get into ruts with different cuts of meat. So when I come on some thing that looks good and out of my norm It's worth a try and this is one of them. So just cause fall is coming soon (by the calendar) does not mean you put the grill away. So get it fired up and let's do some last minute steaks, (whatever cut you like or can afford) and enjoy a nice grilled steak. Now on with the show: 

      This week's Recipe: Last Minute Grilled Steak
      1      tsp      garlic
   1/2      tsp      cumin
   1/4      tsp      pepper
      1      tsp      kosher salt
   1/2      tsp      chile powder
      4      12 oz  1" thick Ribeye steaks (or whatever cut you have)
              extra virgin Olive Oil

      Start with making the rub, in a small bowl, mix all dry ingredients together. While you are mixing the rub, pull steaks out of refrigerator and allow to stand at room temperature for about 30 minutes before grilling. Lightly brush or spray steaks with the olive oil. Season the steaks with the rub pressing the spices into the meat. Grill over direct heat until cooked to desired doneness. This next step is too often overlooked, Let Steaks rest for 3-5 minutes after taking off grill before serving. 

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