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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Crazy Happenings & a Rockhopper's Peach Bikini Cocktail / 9-4-19

       So I hope your Labor Day weekend went well. I am still in the midst of a kitchen gut job that just seems to be turning more and more into a money pit that I really don't have. But it had to be done, living in a 1971 kitchen with draws falling apart cabinets that we were not sure how sturdy they really were and a pantry that the doors were falling off. And before anyone ask, yes we have permits in hand for ll that we are doing. But from bees nests in the ceiling, to electric lines split in the weirdest way and not really smart and bundled in rats nests together. And floors so uneven that in one corner of the old breezeway dropped about 3" cause the prior owners (who built the home) when they enclosed it, did not do it right and the corner sunk. That stunk to find out. And because of all the crazy splits with the electric lines I get to have a new box put in. Ok folks I don't make 6 figures, I don't own my own business that I have an endless flow of money, but these things are needed to be done. So we will have to figure that out. Oh well. You see I do understand the regular guy and gal here on the Cape. I get it. The other thing that is killing me through this process is, no stove, and no microwave right now. And I don't have the money to eat out every night. So I do the grill as much as possible or buy things that I can get 2 or 3 meals out of like a rotisserie chicken, lots of salads that I can add left over grilled meat to, cold cuts and cereal. Yup cereal for dinner, I needed to loose a few pounds anyway. I know it will look nice once done, but getting there is going to kill me. So in the mean time, I work in my office at the house while the saws, hammers and other equipment go on out in the rest of my house. My dog and I love to go for walks at lunch time, and as soon as I am off work so we can get out of the dust and breath. Wish us luck and I hope you never have to do this, or at least you have someplace to escape to while they do. Well have a great start to September and the unofficial start to fall (it actually starts the 23) and enjoy this place we call Cape Cod to the maximum in our second season. See you next time round, and here's to dodging the Dorian Bullet.  
      Small business report: it's that time of year that we start looking for house, home and cottage decorations. The vacationers have gone, Uncle Bob & Aunt Mary left a few dollars on the dresser as a thank you and you turned in the cans from all the beer everyone consumed at your expense. So you might as well add a little something to the homestead or cottage to give it a fall spruce up. And what better thing than a locally made Cape Cod Hanger. Check them out at Shore Drive Designs @ he is also on facebook. Now I want you to look at all the designs he has that he is making, I remember the day when he only was doing about 2 or 3. These things are awesome, sturdy and can be used for so many functions. They show them a lot holding planters, but you can have your house number put on, you can hang a numbers plaque and wind catcher, or even a bird feeder. Put one in the house and hand a basket from it to catch your keys or hang a jacket on, or a few other things. Now the fun thing is you can also find these in local shops. Right how he is reloading stock and should have more available soon on his web store. And what even better is is right out of YarmouthPort. Here is to Shore Drive Designs. 
      Another really cool craftier I found this past weekend is a guy called Falmouth Flag Co. They are Handmade, custom American flags done on wood. He had a 76 colonial flag, a US Air Force Flag, Marine Flag and more. If when you catch up with him. His website is under construction so you will need to stay tuned as he gets that together. Look for him at craft shows and markets around Falmouth and around the south shore. These flags are true works of art and the crafter Patrick Morris has found a really unique niche in the artisan world here on Cape Cod. 
      Last up I have got to add a food place. I have done many as you regulars know and for me finding someplace new can get difficult because I have to admit once I find something good you just have to stick with it. So a few of my favorite places are, for breakfast, Grumpy's, Hole in One, and Keltic Kitchen. For lunches, Cook's Hyannis, El Rodeo, and the Brazilian Grill. And for dinners, Guapo's in Orleans, Red Nun in DennisPort, Roadhouse and Black Cat in Hyannis. For just family friendly Jasons Tavern in South Dennis and yes the 99 is always a hit. No I am not one to frequent those places that cost 100 dollars a plate per person, I just don't got that kind of dough for grub that I can usually do better preparing. And if I am going to spend that much,, well other than at maybe Disney for a special night out I would but thats about it. I just can afford it and I am pretty sure most of my reads can't either, so we will eat where normal people can afford to go at least once every once in a while or when we can get those 1/2 price gift cards to help. Well, thats about it for this round Hope you get out there and support out local businesses and live local, buy local eat local. 
      Hello my friend, I hope to find you all well and that you made it home safe and sound. Exciting week weather wise if you ask me, and something we need to keep our eyes open wide and be mindful of what is going on both on land and out to sea. This gal called Dorian has been packing a real wallop of a punch and causing some serous damage down there in the Bahamas. But she has finally moved on and has now started her wind up and coming up the coast. Our prayers and thoughts to those in the Bahama Island change. With this, as this storm starts to move northward, we need to put the warnings and watches out for waters between that gal and the Cape. Be mindful of how quickly events can change and those waves can get seriously deadly in the blink of a eye. Also we know there are many of you surf boarders who will just love to get out there and ride those big surf waves, but please be wise, the rip tides and currents will be extra strong and has pulled many a good swimmer under. The fog horn warning siren will be going as needed and the beacon light will be cranked up. Be sure to keep tuned into NOAA and the National Weather Service for the latest. Now moving on for now, over in the Bay the whales have been putting on shows for all the folks and just finding their playgroup filled with tasty morsels they enjoy to dine on. Speaking of dinning, Great White Shark season is still with us and they are still enjoying their buffet with the seals and if you decide you want to wonder too far from the shore line they will think you are one of them as well and tried to dine on you. So just be careful and don't think that just because it's past Labor Day all the sharks went home. Also one last thing, although we not expecting anything major to hit here on the Cape at this time just a little shift in the core and this storm may take a wrong turn. If that happens we will be closed in order to do man the station as is needed and keep manual records of what is going on. However if it does what its suppose to and go out and up then we will be doing business as usual. Last note, as long as the weather holds out, this is a great time to visit us here on the Cape, the beaches are less crowded and the days and water are still nice and at the peak of warmth, although the days are getting shorter. The night skies are outstanding from the beach away from a lot of town light. The stars are spectacular like you will not see to many other places. I hope you get to come out and experience it some evening. OK that's about it for now, Have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.   
      Well the meteorology summer has come and gone as of Labor Day, and fall has begun, unless your a purist then fall does not happen till 9-23-19. We are between harvest seasons so what better way to celebrate the end of a season and something that would make an early September delicious refreshment, (adult style that is). So take a look at this one, and mix a few up to sit on a deck that overlooks the marshlands or bay and watch the sun set. I did read one recipe that said this might be one to keep for New Years eve or something like that. But that one leaned more towards a Fuzzy Navel than a true Bikini Cocktail. So after looking at a few recipes I decided to come up with my own that I tried in a different variation not long ago, and now this one has just got me going. So I said I claim nothing to any recipe unless I actually think I made the combination myself. And my combo has not come up, so here is my version of this recipe. Remember to enjoy responsibly and don't let friend drive under the influence. So now on with the show,,,

      This week's recipe: Rockhopper's Peach Bikini Cocktail

      1      part      Peach Schnapps 
      1      part      Peach Vodka
      3      parts    Peach tea (such as Pure Leaf or your own)
      Put all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake well to blend, strain into rocks glass over ice. Garnish with a thin slice of peach and a sprig of mint. (optional)
      (if you are brewing your own peach tea, you can add a bit of simple syrup and mix first, then add liquor and shake)
      Please note I am not endorsing Pure Leaf, nor am I endorsed by Pure Leaf, but I needed a reference and since I had it recently and it was really tasty decided to us it as the example.    

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