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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

WindMills and Donuts & Firecracker Grilled Salmon // 6-17-2020

       I found this posting from several years ago. Check out all the fun stuff, and then with the small business report as well. Here again, please google them or call them to ber sure they are open and what there hours are. I just think is so good for this time when there is still distancing going on, what can we do as a family, while learning about and seeing the Cape. Hope you have a great and wonderful, especially if you can do it right here on old Cade Cod.
      Welcome back my friend to a show that never seems to end. But here we are another summer, the seals are here, the sharks are back and the heat and humidity are coming quickly. So what can we do that does not cost us much money and that will can stay in a cooler car in between places. So what is something we can do? What about Gristmills and Windmills. We have a fair share of them around the Cape, so here again like I have been doing with the small business places, restaurants, coffee shops, and more, I will do that here. Both could be used to grind grains. while some of the windmills were used to grind down salts or pull salt water so drying beds so that salt could be harvested. The history of windmills and grist mills on the Cape can be found by googling. It just easier than me trying to go through it. One thing I learned was Chatham at one time had 17 windmills with 9-12 working at the same time at any one time. So just very interesting. Now let's see what I can give you here and a lot of these I have been too and all have very interesting histories. 
      Bourne - Windmill
      Brewster - Windmill / Grist Mill - Stoney Brook
      Buzzards Bay - Windmill
      Chatham - Windmill
      Eastham - Windmill
      Falmouth - Windmill
      Hyannis - Gristmill - Baxter 
      Orleans - Windmill
      Sandwich - Windmill / Grist Mill - Dexter 
      South Yarmouth - Windmill 
      Truro - Windmill
      West Harwich - Windmill
      Yarmouth - Windmill
   I hope you enjoy researching and tracking each one down and visiting not only the mills but the towns that surround each one. These mills were a vital part of each community and the Cape in a whole. The interesting thing is I have seen just about all of these with the exception of about 2, which really isn't bad at all for me. Ok that's it fo this round. I hope you have a great and wonderful here on old Cape Cod, whether just visiting or you live here year round. It is always good to get to know why you like areas you visit and know the areas you love to live in. See you next time. 
      Small business report time, everyone, ok most people I know, loves donuts and finding your special hole or ring is. But you are from off Cape, you are still asking were to find those tasty morsels of goodness, fried or baked. Well here is a not so complete list of donut shops that I can find and the towns they are in. If I have been I may put a comment, to the rest of them, you will need to try them for yourself and decide. Remember donuts are always a subjective, opinionated thing. Like Scotch or Bourbon, not every brand or style is for every palette. So ask around before you go if you want, but only make your decision after you have tried, not on someone else's taste buds. So with all that, let's get this show on the road, in our mouths and in our stomachs. Or what about a good muffin, everyone likes muffins, right ? Ok same as donuts, each person has their favorites. Don't discard someplace on someone else's likes or dislikes. Then go walk, pedal, and swim those calories off, unless of course you get the kind that the calories leak out of the hole in the center. We we go,,
      The Donut Experiment - Provincetown 
      Hole in One Bakery & Coffee Shop - North Eastham & Orleans / Both
      Village Coffee Shop - Dennis (on 6A) I enjoy these a lot, way to close to where I live. 
      Cape Cod Donuts - Mashpee, Cape Cod Coffee parking lot, wicked awesome
      Cottage St Bakery - Orleans / Muffins
      Woolfies Old Fashion Baking - Dennis Port / Muffins
      Great Island Bakery - South Yarmouth
      Pie in the Sky Bakery - Woods Hole / Muffins
      Marions Pie Shop - Chatham / Muffins
      Beth's Bakery - Sandwich / Muffins
      Underground Bakery - Dennis / Muffins
      Chatham Village Bakery - Chatham / Donuts 
   This is just a smattering of what is out there. I know I am missing some, but as you can see there are plenty of places to get your breakfast sweet treats going. So take this starter list and add onto it and give the Cape a run for it's mufnuts or would that be doffins, whichever go, seek and devour and enjoy the goodness Cape Cod Bakeries have to offer.  
      What a great way to finish up the main event with something from the waters and grilled for the summer. I remember Dad doing swordfish steaks on the grill and sometimes stripper. But most the time Mom either baked fish or pan fried it. I have been experimenting more with grilling and look forward to trying this one. When you only experience salmon from a can, the memories are not always the greatest. When I first had good fresh Salmon it was a shock that I actually found that I wanted to try it myself. It's kind of like trying to explain the difference between canned tuna and fresh tuna. There is no comparison, I live canned in water but to have a nice tuna steak done on the grill is out of this world. So if you are only used to canned salmon, or have only had it baked, give this a try. It is a great summer recipe and it same from heating your house all up and you can have fun doing both your fish and fresh veggies all on the grill. I hope you find this recipe to hit the hook in your family and another fish recipe to add to the growing collection. Now on with the show: 

      This week's recipe: Firecracker Salmon

      4      filets      Salmon
   1/4      cups      peanut oil
      2      Tbsp     balsamic vinegar
      2      Tbsp     soy sauce
      2      Tbsp     chopped green onion
1 1/2      tsp        brown sugar
      1      clove    garlic, minced
   3/4      tsp        grated ginger 
   1/2      tsp        red chili flakes
   1/2      tsp        sesame oil
   1/2      tsp        salt

      Place salmon filets in glass dish. Whisk together remaining ingredients and pour over salmon. Cover with plastic wrap and marinate in refrigerator for 4 to 6 hours. Remove salmon from marinade and place on a well oiled grill 5 inches from coals (or gas heat). Grill fro 10 minutes per inch of thickness or until fish flakes when tested with fork. Turn halfway through cooking.  
      A great side dish is grilled zucchini and summer squash (cut in half long ways, brush with butter or oil then sprinkle with herbs and seasoning of choice) Turn a couple times to be sure grilled on both sides but some over grill, you don't want them mushy. 

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