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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Right Tuesday 6-9-2020

Right Tuesday EveryOne
Good Tuesday to you and may the winds of good fortune blow at your back all day. Some days feel like we are trying to fight on coming hurricane strength winds or swim against the swift currents of events in our lives and we forget all that is good going on around us. We get distracted by the nay sayers, and the meant barely wells that we lose vision of our goals that we have set our course upon. Tuesdays seem to be a strong day for this, as we have Splashed through Monday and we still have a ways to got not only to get to the top of the mountain, but what it feels to get to the end of the week already. But put the blinders on, keep your eyes focused and put in the ear plugs. Fix your eyes on the focal point and push forward. You may not even be able to see the peek yet, but it is there, it will come soon, and more so Paradise Friday in the long run. Be diligent, be courageous, be of good cheer through it all, and you will reach the goal and prize that is before you. In all things give thanks, for it is through both good and bad times that you grow in character and in strength. Remember if you come on one if true need, stop and lend a hand, and to all others be a word of good hope. And may you have a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Rooster
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: 
Call Your Doctor Day
Donald Duck Day
International Archives Day
Loving Day
National Earl Baltes Day
Toy Industry Day
World APS Day
World Pet Memorial Day
Rebuild Your Life Month
Scleroderma Awareness Month
Skyscraper Month
Sorghum Month
Sports America Kids Month
Student Safety Month
Turkey Lovers Month
Vision Research Month
World Naked Bike Ride Month (Northern Hemisphere)
Women's Golf Month
World Infertility Month
World Sponge Month

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