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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Curley Tuesday / 6-23-2020

Curley Tuesday EveryOne
So I wake to the gleam of the sun’s morning raise, shining down, illuminating the dew that is lazily laying on each blade of grass in yard and glistening like diamonds that have been scattered about. Mornings, I have to admit is not my most favorite time of the day, as I would rather be sleeping than up and about. However, one needs to if not must look for all the encouragement from about to get ones mornings going. Even if it is the mere sight of dew on blades of grass. You laugh, but I am serious the attitude I start my day with is most lightly the attitude I will carry with me the rest of the day, the attitude I  will share with others and the attitude that will shape most of my feelings and thoughts for the day. Stop and think how you want to be treated, interacted like, shared with, communicated to. And when we take the time to realize how big of an impact this one small thing can be, I am compelled to do my best to see all the good that I can to start my mornings off right. So grab the coffee, tea, other vise you may need to get your morning going, look around and be thankful for all you see and then give thanks and go share. Yup that’s all, nothing more,, and remember even a small smile can beam brightly where you may think are darkest places. Now go be a helping hand to one in true need and an encouragement to all the rest that cross your path today. And may you have a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Rooster
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: 
International Widows Day
National Columnists Day
National Pink Day
America's Kids Day
Let It Go Day
National Eat At A Food Truck Day
National Hydration Day
Pink Flamingo Day (Lawn Ornaments)
Public Service Day
Ratha Yatro
Runner's Selfie Day
SAT Math Day
Typing Day
Ratha Yatra

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