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Friday, June 5, 2020

Sparkle Friday Morning / 6-5-2020

Sparkle Friday Morning EveryOne
  As noted on Monday I am going to start this week by saying at the end of June I will be bringing this morning letter to an end. I will do this little ditty only Mondays and Fridays, then my last post will come on 6-26-2020. I had my entire year already planned out, I still have all my weekly themes planned, but has become clear to me that my time has come and gone. This letter is not reaching as it was was 10 even 15 years ago. This letter I have been doing now for round 25 plus years. Most people don't get the chance let along to do something for 25+.years. But this is a lot of work, I don't get paid for it, it's been a labor of love. But now is the time to exit the scene. I hope you stick with me through the end and see what themes I have for the next 4 weeks. Thank you to all who have read, and stayed with me, I do appreciate it. Now let's finish on the strong side and go out with a bang. Now on with the show.
Happy, Happy Paradise Friday to you, and may the clock on the way fly to your appointed hour. What a weeks, but we have made it through with not to many ding and dents. It is good to be alive and able to enjoy knowing that in so many hours we will be on the platform boarding the train to Paradise Island. So get those peepers popping and the pencil pushing, we have a party to pop and we don’t want to miss it. The work must be finished and finished to our best and then it is off to the races we go. What more can I say then please work diligent and be faithful on all you do today and yes you still need to lend a hand to those truly in need, we want no one left behind. And give support to all those around you that we can have a wicked awesome fun after the job is done. Well the theme of the week, if you have not guessed it yet, put the word Berry behind each work and all are edible, and noted delicious, YUM. So pick up your heels, your arms your head and let’s get a move on it. Cause I don’t want to be late for the party nor this wonderful weekend. And may you have a most Happy, Happy every minute of this and the coming days.
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: 
National Veggie Burger Day (not me)
World Environment Day
Hot Air Balloon Day
National Doughnut Day
Apple II Day
Baby Boomers Recognition Day
Doughnut Day or Donut Day [Salvation Army]
Festival of Popular Delusions Day
Horseradish Days: 5-7
Hot Air Balloon Day
National Moonshine Day
Ryan Moran Day
World Environment Day

National Applesauce Cake Day - 6
D-Day, WWII - 6
National Gardening Exercise Day- 6.
National Yo-Yo Day - 6
Do-Dah Parade Day - 6
Drawing Day or Pencil Day - 6
Drive-in Movie Day - 6
National Black Bear Day - 6
National Bubbly Day - 6
National Eyewear Day - 6
National Higher Education Day - 6
National Play Outside Day - 6
National Prairie Day - 6
National Tailors Day - 6
National Trails Day - 6
Russian Language Day - 6
The Wicket World of Croquet Day - 6 Moved to September 12, for 2020
Turtle Races Day - 6
YMCA Day - 6 The Organization
YoYo Day - 6
International Clothesline Week: 6-13
National Lemonade Days: 6-13  Moved to August for 2020

National Frozen Yogurt Day - 7
Children's Awareness Memorial Day - 7 
(Daniel) Boone Day - 7
National Animal Rights Day - 7
National Cancer Survivors Day - 7 
VCR Day - 7
Bed Bug Awareness Week: 7-13
Black Single Parents Week: 7-13 
Community Health Improvement Week (CHI): 7-13
End Mountain Top Removal Week:  7-13
National Automotive Service Professionals Week: 7-13
National Business Etiquette Week:  7-13
National Headache Awareness Week: 7-13
Pet Appreciation Week: 7-13

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