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Monday, June 8, 2020

Gray Monday 6-8-2020

Gray Monday EveryOne
I am going to start this week by saying at the end of June I will be bringing this morning letter to an end. I will do this little ditty only Mondays and Fridays, then my last post will come on 6-26-2020. I had my entire year already planned out, I still have all my weekly themes planned, but has become clear to me that my time has come and gone. This letter is not reaching as it was was 10 even 15 years ago. This letter I have been doing now for round 25 plus years. Most people don't get the chance let along to do something for 25+.years. But this is a lot of work, I don't get paid for it, it's been a labor of love. But now is the time to exit the scene. I hope you stick with me through the end and see what themes I have for the next 4 weeks. Thank you to all who have read, and stayed with me, I do appreciate it. Now let's finish on the strong side and go out with a bang. Now on with the show. 
Good Monday morning, where dreams start and fresh ideas explode into existence, where new horizons are seen and adventures begun. Welcome to the day were roses are more than red, or violets blue and idea that we can-not do are not a thought. Monday, the day new beginnings, new journeys, and new trails, for today we think of what isn’t but what is and what can be. As you have already made it out of bed, made it to your computer, whether at an office in your home or elsewhere, you have already had time to marvel at the dawn of a new day, so why not join us and see what can happen when you give it a chance and give it all you have. I hope you have a great and wonderful all day long, and remember if you come on one in true need stop and lend a hand, and to all the others that cross your path, give them a word of encouragement. And may you have a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances: 
World Oceans Day, (Sustainable Seafood)
Best Friends Day
Name Your Poison Day
Ghostbusters Day
National Caribbean American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
Upsy Daisy Day
Oral Health Month
Outdoor Marketing Month
Perennial Gardening Month
Pharmacists Declare War on Alcoholism Month
Potty Training Awareness Month
Professional Wellness Month
PTSD Awareness Month

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