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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Tuesday Morning // 6-16-2020

Calypso Tuesday EveryOne
Happy Tuesday Morning to you,  Turtles are teal, Beavers are Brown, and Tuesdays are total terrific, ok so at this hour in the morning my poet skills are not it their best form, but still Tuesday are totally terrific as we have made it through another moaning Monday. So lift up your head and celebrate for a moment and let’s see where we need to go today. See the sun, (somewhere behind the clouds this morning), and know that all is good. (Ok we here on the Cape need the rain so badly that I am not going to complain.) So take a good look around and see all that is good. Look through the mounds of garbage, around the piles of manure, over the stacks of stinky stuff and see that there is good around you. And then look back up again. We are not staying put, we are not making our home here, but we are just moving through to the other side. But we can bring a hope and a shining smile through any and all situations we have to go through giving hope to others that may still be there. We have a hope as we have moved through Monday that we will make it to Wednesday. We got up today, we dressed today, we saw and heard the birds today, do I need to go on. So celebrate all that is good, wrap it up and tuck it away, not to hoard it but to be able to share it all through the day with those you come upon that need encouragement. So take the time when you come to one in true need, and help, and to the rest give a smile of enthusiasm and when it is all said and done may you have had a most happy, happy of days.
Your morning Rooster
Steve Gimmi 

Holidays & Observances: 
National Fudge Day
Fresh Veggies Day
Ladies' Day (Baseball) so much for 2020
Royal Ascot: 16-20

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