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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Old Tom Thursday / 8-1-19

Old Tom Thursday EveryOne
Hi-de-hi-de-hi-de-ho, and welcome back to a thunderous thumping Thursday morning. Yes folks it is the start to ta new month, and on a Thursday to boot. Well what do you want a cookie for breakfast? Let's get it together and look at the bright side this morning besides the break in the heat, at least in New England. First we have made it this far, second, we were able to get our of bed, third we have food to eat, forth we don't have a blizzard in the forecast with 6 or more inches of snow expected like they are having in Argentina and Chile this week. So as you see we are starting the month out on a good foot. So let's get our brains out of our comfy cushions and into mojo mode as we have got a lot to do today. So let's get those hikers on, or whatever heavy duty footwear you need in your line of work and take hold that staff. We are out to get off this mountain and past the tree line. We need to wrangle in all the loose ends and determine what is working and what is not and cut loose those that aren't and get those that are pointed in the right direction. This is not a play day (ok unless you are on vacation or PTO time), a rocking porch day. It may be a hazy crazy day but there is no lazy in it. So let's get this day going with all the whole enchilada on the plate smothered in salsa and cheese. Now before I wrap this thing up the plug, there are those in dire straights, deep needs and concerns to the point of non-functional abilities. They are may be physically hurt, mentally hurt, lost, confused, just need a hand, someone to listen to them or just be a friend. We will take the time to stop and listen and help in whatever way we can and see them to the next care station. Treat others as you would want to be treated in the same situation. Do good and move on, this is not a me, me, me campaign, or a i'm better for helping others show. We just need to be good humans towards others and move on. Now before you loose anymore daylight and our patients start to run thin, let's get this day going and go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long. 
Your Morning Penguin
Steve Gimmi 

Holiday & Observances:
National IPA Beer Day
National Girlfriends Day
National Mountain Climbing Day
International Can-It-Forward Day
Lammas Day (Merry Loafmas)
Lughnasa or Lughnasadh
National Mahjong Day
National Minority Donor Awareness Day
Respect For Parents
Rounds Resounding Day
Spider-Man Day
Start Up Day Across America
US Air Force Day
World Lung Cancer Day
World Wide Web Day
World Scout Scarf Day
National Simplify your Life Week
International Clown Week: 1-7
International Mathematicians Week: 1-9
Lollapalooza: 1-4 Link (Moved from July)
National Cleanse Your Skin Week: 1-7
National Minority Donor Awareness Week: 1-7
World Breastfeeding Week: 1-7
National Brownies at Brunch Month
National Catfish Month
National Panini Month
National Peach Month
National Sandwich Month

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