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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Eye Roll Story & Pan Grilled Halibut / 8-21-19

      Well folks due to a lot going on this week with some needed repairs to my humble abode, I am going to keep this short. A lot of dust and an aching back spells bedtime for Bonzo here really soon. Just a quick story, this past Sunday morning was on my way to church and stopped into my local Cumbies for coffee before heading off to worship team practice. A dear seasoned Cape Codder lady was all in a huff when finally it got the best of her and it just came flowing out, "Why don't these F-ing just get the blankety, blank, blank, blank out of here and go the blankety, blank, blank home. First there were younger folk around, so that bothered me, but just the audacity to talk like that and have that attitude and mind set just blew me away. She went off to get here bottled water and came back. I figured put the lady in front of me and just get her through and out. As she moved in front of me, I merely said "remember dear these folks help pay our neighbors mortgages and helps cloth their kids and," She interrupted me: "Don't argue with me I hurt and I don't need an argument" O-K I though, the younger lady behind me her eyes were wide open not knowing just what to think about it all. A register opened and the lady behind me tapped my shoulder, and I immediately pointed the curmudgeon in the direction, and as I turned to the lady behind me said, she needs either some sunshine in her life or we need her out of here with all the kids around. She smiled and agreed and we all went back to our morning doings. I thought for a bit after that though, how sad that you have to be that sour and degrade and belittle others that much to make yourself feel better. We life in such a beautiful spot on the globe, we do not own it, we are merely caretakers of it and need to learn to share and play nicely. It's only for a short while and they do help pay my neighbors mortgages, and cloths them and helps feed them and the list goes on. To you tourist reading this, please not this is not the norm here, please come, stay, play and then come back again. To you locals, be mindful and help those around you who have this attitude to remember what this is all about and love them, apparently there are a few just mean mean people in need of a Mommy or someone who can crack their shell and get in to shine some love in their lives. I hope we make this a warm and inviting place to be and that we all can share and play nice together. I hope we all can have a great and wonderful, right here on old Cape Cod. 
      So where can one eat when one is basically shut out of ones own kitchen but not do the fast food joints over and over. They are ok once in a while but not everyday and I definitely can't do the $20, $15 even &10 dollars a day. This is my quest for the next 3 weeks while my kitchen is out of commission while I have a few updates done to it. So far I have found that buying deli items go much further and you get the best bang for your bucks. I have to say that my local stores each have their specialties, Stop N Shop and Shaws. But places like Ring Brothers Dark Horse Beef & Deli. This is located at the stop light where Patriot Square is on one side of 134 and Ring Brothers the other, or visit them at Dark Horse Deli makes some killer ham salad and chicken salads. I can usually get two lunches out of a 1/2 pound container, sometimes 3. They have Boars Head as many of our delis do (which is my #1 got to for deli brands, sorry other guys). I will get things like roast beast and turkey and get a couple nights of sandwiches. I can make a better sandwich for less money than the local sub shop that wants to charge me 8 - 12 dollars each. The Dark Horse staff is very nice and always ready to help.
      Next is Peterson's Market 918 Rt 6A YarmouthPort, I have had folks bring me prepared meals from there, and they are out of this world. Most of the containers you can get a dinner or lunch for two or if you are just one person two nights of eats for the price of one. Now these are not 2 dollars meals but when you divide them out they become very reasonable and cheaper than eating at a sit down every night and breaking the bank. They also have full dell as well. also find them online at
      If you are over in the Mashpee area then Roche Bros is your place to go. Located at Commercial St, Mashpee, MA  or online at They have a hot bar, chefs specials and the usual deli items, Remember if it is just one you are doing, get different kinds of salads and only do 1/2 pound each, most time you eat half one night and half the other and it stretches it out and makes it reasonable to enjoy a variety of food. 
      Now if you are in Orleans there is the Friend's Market located at 57 Main St, Orleans, across from the post office. or online at This is a family owned Market with a lot more then just deli items, they have a great wine section and would be glad to help you pick out something to go with your Deli selection. Yes they do sandwiches, but they also have the salads the chickens and the prepared entries. Homemade from scratch is what they are about and a wonderful place to get your deli fix. 
      A few others that I am just running out of room and time here, but Lambert's Farm Market located at 271 Cotuit Rd, Sandwich, MA  or online at
      or Dennis Public Market located at 653 Main St #6a, Dennis, MA  or online at
      Again this is not an all complete list and does not even touch above Orleans, like Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro and Provincetown. And there are places along Rt 28 that runs between Falmouth and Sandwich. So get out there, give them a try, buy small amounts and buy variety and you will find you can eat for a lot less and much healthier than eating out so much.   Happy Eating. 
      Hi-Ho one and all, how ya doing? It's been a hot one here the past couple days. The beaches are still full and waters are still warm and the buffet is still full so the Great Whites are still about. But with some smart heads up knowledge and watch where you are going to swim you can have a wicked awesome time out in the water. The boating could not be better and the surfing, paddle boarding, sail boarding and kite surfing are all going strong. The  night climb this past Thursday evening went fantastic with about 250 people showing up throughout the evening and about 1/2 of those making the climb to the lamp room. It was a clear evening and you could see lights from all over the place, like from Provincetown to Race Point, to Highland and Nauset and all the way down to Chatham. We had the hot chocolate flowing and the baked goods seemed endless. And stories about ship wrecks and ghost ships were all about. Hope some of these stories come back for our Halloween weekends, they were really good. Well we will be going strong through Labor day, then starting that Tuesday we will still go 7 days a week but hours will be adjusted to 10-5 till Columbus Day when we will really scale back to the public. Thats about when the school and senior tours ramp up. But until them 9-7 will continue to be the norm through Labor Day. Nothing else going on that is overly special, the docents are still here sharing stories and historical facts about not only this light house and station to many of the other around the Cape. And if the schools in your area have started back, what a perfect time to come if you are single, or a couple without kids. And if classes have not started in your area, come on out as the crowds are starting to thin a bit. I know that sounds like I'm double talking but if you think about it, it really is true. What a great time to visit. Well I need to get back to the tours, we have another one going off in 5 minutes and I like to take at least a half dozen times a day or more. So hope you see you soon and if you made it already I hope you had a great and wonderful time, but who wouldn't cause you would be right here on old Cape Cod. 
      Well nothing like having to change recipes in the middle of things, and as you saw in my opening paragraph that my house is a mess and in turmoil and my cookbooks and research material are all blocked in. So did a little research and came up with this little, incredibly easy recipe and able to do inside or outside on the grill, however I will say remember if doing on grill put either foil down or put a more solid surface and use the smoke to flavor the fish as well. Halibut is a nice white fish that can get rather flaky when done and when put on a grill, you might loose it between the grating and that would not be good. However there are some more solid fish that would work great with this recipe such as, Monk Fish, Tuna steaks, Mahi-Mahi, Swordfish and Salmon and a lot of sites add Snapper. So take a look at this recipe and dress it up, change it up, have some fun with it and enjoy fresh fish, especially this time of year. Now let's get this show on the road or should I say into the pan or on the grill. 

      This week's recipe: Pan Grilled Halibut 
      2      Tbsp      melted butter
      2      Tbsp      honey
   1/2      lemon    juiced
      2      tsp         soy sauce
   1/2      tsp         pepper
   1/2      tsp         marjoram
   1/2      tsp         Old Bay Seasoning 
      2      cloves   minced garlic
      1      pd         fresh halibut filets (or your choice of fish)
      In a small bowl, combine the butter, honey, lemon juice, soy sauce, pepper, marjoram and garlic. Cut fillets into pieces about 4-6 oz size. For me anything smaller is a waste of good fish.Brush both sides of each with the liquid mixture. Heat pan until it is sizzling hot Sear fish for about 90 seconds on each side. Reduce the heat to medium and cook each side for an additional 2-3 minutes, until the fish can be easily flaked with a fork. On a charcoal or gas grill this will take a bit later to cook fish all the way through.  

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