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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Great Summer Look Back & Stuffed Clams / 7-31-19

      Wow, this is what we would hope for when we came on vacation. Ok so the temperatures could be just a few degrees cooler, but sunny skies, light breeze and warm waters. The only difference from when I was a kid coming to the Cape for our vacation is we did not have to share the waters with Great Whites being so close. These are the kind of days that playing on the beach in the sand, going up and getting the boat and going sailing, to just spending time with my Dad throwing a ball or Frisbee. I can remember starting the morning going out and playing round of golf with my Dad with golfing used to be something that a father and son could afford to do. Or go fishing, that meant Dad would row the boat while I fished off the back end. Or go to one of the many historical sites we have here on the Cape, My Dad was a going to be a History major in college before he had to switch colleges and then decided to change majors. Some want to call these the dog days of summer, who's dog are they talking about. My lazy puppy just lays around and does not do much at all except just sleep. So if you are here on vacation and love the warmer weather, this has been the week for you. My biggest suggestion is, make the most of these days, especially if you have kids and make sure you let them know that you love them. Let them know you care about them, let them know they are wanted and that you will do your best to always be there. And do yourself a favor and don't BS your kids they will read through you faster than anything and know who you really are, and it is not pretty. But those who take the time to be with their kids, take the time to interact with them and do things with them, this includes putting down your smart phone will pay bigger dividends than any wall street transaction. Summers to me were all about Cape Cod, but why? When all is said and done it's because I had parents and especially a father who cared enough to take time to be with me. So this summer, I hope you can come to the Cape and play on the beach, throw a ball, a Frisbee, play golf, miniature golf, ride bikes together, teach to sail, and just be with. But no mater where you are at this summer make it a great summer and let your kids, your significant other know how much you care for them. Now let's go have some fun, and may it be extra special if you can did it right here on old Cape Cod.         
      This week's small business report comes from Chatham this week. I have not touched on this part of the Cape for a while and they are a hoppin place. So here we go and remember most of these places are open year round, yup in the winter it may be abbreviated hours but they are open year round. Check their web-sites or facebook pages for hours of operation please.
   Yellow Umbrella Books covers both the new & and the used, they are located at 501 Main Street. The folks there are fun to talk to and great to work with. If you can't find what you are looking for ask one of them and I am sure they will either find it for you or make some suggestions. Yellow Umbrella has been there for as long as I can remember and has been a staple on Main Street for a long time. If you are a reader, looking for cookbooks, something new, something old check them out and just see all the good reads that come under the Yellow Umbrella. 
   Struna Galleries of Chatham located at 458 Main Street. Timothy J Struna is the main artist of the gallery. I guess I have a soft spot for him as he comes out of Ohio where he went to school and taught for several years. Then in 1988 came to the Cape and made it his permanent home over on Rt 6A. In 1998 his daughter opened the shop in Chatham, featuring her Dad's work. Today it is now a family affair as Heather is producing herself works of art that are in the same quality that her Dad has been known for. She has taken the time to learn under him and applying her own inspiration to create wonderful works of art. Struna gallery is now truly a family offering of great and reasonable art work that would bring joy and brightness to any room in your house or office. 
   Next up is the Cook's Nook located at 618 Main Street. How I missed this place moving in there a couple years ago I must be blind. Anyway they offer Kitchen supplies and implements with an emphasis on the home cook. Tools, gadgets, cookbooks, bar accessories, etc. galore. Life Is What You Bake It. This place has some of the funnest stuff I have seen in a while and if you are in the need, this is the place for the kitchen fanatic. Fun, Fun, Fun in this place and what a go to place for kitchen gadgets and more. 
   Next on the list right in Chatham is Gustare Olive Oils and Vinegars located at 461 Main Street and online both at their website and facebook and more, This is the place for fresh olive oil and flavored and infused vinegars. I could absolutely go broke with everything I want from them. Their line is near endless of unique and outstanding flavors for use in everything from salad dressings to meat marinades and the list goes on. Use the vinegars along with their hand picked olives for their olives straight from the old country. Go and check them out and come to love quality in Olive Oils and Vinegars like nothing else you've tried or ever had. On top of it they are celebrating their 10th year in Chatham
   Last but not least just outside of Chatham is The Chatham Jam and Jelly Shop, located at  16 Seaquanset Rd, let's face it they face Rt 28 across from Ocean State Job Lobs. This family has been producing these outstanding jams and jellies for over 30 years. Starting first in their down closer to Marion's Pie Shop till they just ran out of space and room. This shop puts out both regular and sugar free products and they are all unbelievably tasty and great. You can buy there at the shop, or shop online and have it shipped directly to the house or to someone else for just about any special occasion. Give them a try, they are one of the wonders of Jams and Jellies of Cape Cod.    
      Hello to all our summertime visitors and I hope you are enjoying the heat that has found it's way here to the Cape. After last week the heat is rather mild to weather we had last report, but the highlights continue to be the closing of beaches due to reports of our friends the Great White Sharks that are enjoying our offerings off food selection. (No this does not mean you get to toss uncle Louie into the Bay, even if he does resemble a gray seal). This time it was Meadow Beach up near Wellfleeton the other side of Rt 6 and up the road from us, or there abouts. The other night we had the please of viewing the Delta Aquarids and Alpha Capricornids Meteor Showers and the Perseids Showers have started but will not peak till August 12-13. With these past clean evenings we have been able to see many meteors here at the station between the beacon light pulses. If you can get away from the city or town lights out to a beach or open field take some time to go watch the night skies and be amazed at what is going on in the heavenlies. Back on the ground or should I say out on the water, the temps have been warming up nicely, from mid 70's to upper 70s on all sides of the Cape. So almost like a bath tub out there, then you can get out of the water and into the sauna.To those of you who like to enjoy boating, make sure you have all your emergency equipment, radio, fire extinguisher, PFD devices. Just because it looks nice out, does not mean it will be trouble free. So be smart be wise. Last but not least, again to all you who have come to visit we thank you so much for your interest in our old gal. Please remember to visit all the other lighthouses and support them as well. If you have not visited us yet come on out, the doors are open everyday through Labor Day 9-7 daily. We have the station open, the tower open with beautiful views from the lamp room. The grounds are all staffed with docents who know quite a bit about this station and the history of lighthouses on Cape Cod. The views from the cliffs observation station is pretty spectacular. One last note to add, I made a visit today 7-31-19 up to our friends north of us at Highland Light. They filled me in on their open times, 10-5 daily through Columbus Day  and on August 16th a special night climb from 6-8 pm. Admission is $6.00 adults, $5.00 for students/seniors and please remember to climb the tower you must be 48' tall, no exceptions. This is for safety and liability issues, and please do not give the management a hard way to go about this, This is firm and I get it, so please be prepared and accept what is, even if you don't agree or like it, We here have similar restrictions. So hope to see you soon and pray you are having a great and wonderful summer but especially if you are able to do it right here on Old Cape Cod.     
      What a good time to be thinking of easy dinners as the summer has heated up to a light bake temperature. So what do I pick out for fixin's in the kitchen but something that is done either in the oven or under a broiler. Oh well, There are so many of these recipes that finding one that you as an individual likes can be daunting. But remember take a good recipe and just tweak it to your own likings, use this as your base if it is just a little off for your tastes. But personally this is a really good recipe and I like it just like it is with just a touch of my special seafood seasoning, Old Bay Seasoning. So give this recipe a try, it is not difficult, it does not take a lot of time, unless you go dig the Quahogs yourself (be mindful of the local town ordinances as not all are the same. And have some wicked awesome fun with this recipe. Now on with the show.

      This week's recipe: Stuffed Claims (Quahogs)

      1      doz      large quahogs
   3/4      cup      chopped onion 
      1      can      mushrooms, drained & chopped. Small can
   1/4      cup      fat (from bacon)
      4      strips   bacon, fried (baked) crispy, chopped (save fat)
      1      tsp      salt
                         pepper to taste
   1/2      tsp      Old Bay Seasoning
      2      Tbsp   butter melted
   1/2      cup      dry bread crumbs

      Shuck clams. Chop into small pieces. Save shells and wash out. Cook onion and mushrooms in fat on low heat; do not brown. Blend in flour and seasonings and bacon. Add clams and cup or more of clam juice ( or split 1/2 & 1/2 with a good white wine). Cook until thick, stirring constantly. Fill greased shells ( you can use a non-stick spray ) with mixture. Combine butter and crumbs; sprinkle over top of each shell. Broil minutes or until brown. You can also make larger batches and they freeze well. 

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