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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Summer '19 Cape Cod Remembered & Rhubarb Cherry Crisp / 8-28-19

      Ok so who forgot to remind that weather maker that fall really does not start till September 23? But if you think that we have seen the last of the hot and sunny weather I truly believe you are a mistaken person. So don't put away those bathing suits yet, or the paddle boards, the kayaks the wind surfers or the kite surfers. Now you can do most of this stuff without a crowded beach as of the day after Labor Day. But from what I have heard Labor Day weekend is suppose to be fairly decent for the majority of it. And let's get real, no work, no school, and sleeping in. Now what is even better for me is, I don't have to go anywhere at the end of the day, cause I am already home. No fighting traffic to get home for the next day. I so want to be laughing right now. But I will be nice and not do that. he, he. We will start talking about fall things next week but let's wrap up the meteorological summer which would be Labor Day. Have you had a good one? Were you able to get to the Cape for that summer visit? I hope so, and to you who live here and are being a start butt about it, I hope it rains on your BBQ. Anyway, for me, I had my son and his wife here with me, and so happy and thankful they came, I love it when they can visit. Next is some upgrades to the homestead has started, for a house built in 1971 it was in desperate need of a few things done to bring it up to modern day standards. No I have not made it to the beach as I have been working between 10 and 11+ hours a day 3 to 4 days of the week, and I will not touch the beach on the weekends during high season. Sorry just too many people and I don't need to fight it. I have been doing the craft fair circuit and have had fun seeing, meeting and making new friends and reuniting with old ones, so that was good. And the food I have enjoyed as always. Although I have not eaten out a lot, when the kids were here we did and I have a couple other times. As I have said many times before, we save up our money to go on vacations and we can budget in eating out. When you are home, you don't do that, you have bills to pay and you eat in most of the time because it is much cheaper. Oh to be financially independent to a point I could just eat out whenever. But I am not so I will buy my seafood at the fish market and cook it my self, still mighty tasty. Hope there is still more to come. Now what didn't or haven't I done that I wish I had and know I most likely will not. I love the Cape Cod Rail Trail and to ride my bike especially since the new section has opened to Yarmouth. But maybe this fall. Then there is kayaking, since my inflatable I can not use as it does not support my back and with all going on at the house have not been able to afford purchasing a real one. I have wanted to go fishing, but the person who gave an offer last year has not done so this year and unless I get invited I'm not going far as I don't have a boat of my own. But there is getting out and golfing, eating out a few more times, and checking out the boardwalks. Oh and going to the Brewster Natural History Museum and taking one fo their classes on Owls. But there is next year, next season or whenever the opportunity makes itself available. Maybe with a fat raise and not having to work 10-11+ hours a day would help. Any who, So maybe this is the time to start making my list for next spring and summer and keep a running list. It's never to early to start looking forward to next visit the next season, the next time whenever. Now tuck the memories of this year into the scrap book and seal them up for a cold day in winter or the winter days of our lives, then pull them out and us them to help warm you up. Well I think we have about covered it as best we could I hope that you enjoyed your time here, or reading about it and are even looking forward to coming back. Stay tuned as fall is not bad here either, but let's enjoy one last weekend and make the most of everything it has to offer. And let's experience this place we call old Cape Cod like no this will be our last time. See you soon. 
      Small and growing business report. The first has been one of my main stays and we have stuff going on both in new product being released and events coming up. Some of you know already where I am going and that would be Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod. located at 11 Shore Rd, North Truro, MA. First up is the big event coming up happens on Sunday September 22nd, 2PM-6PM | Grape Stomp & Music Fest. There are Live music, cocktails, wines by the glass, and delicious food. FREE admission and parking. Blackfish food truck will be open! Join us for the Truro Treasures weekend closing party that has become the event of the season! Bring your beach chairs and blankets and sip away, and enjoy live music from 2pm-6pm. Get your dancing shoes (or bare feet) ready! The annual Grape Stomp will begin at approximately 3pm, with the children going in first. We hope to see you there! Last tour and tasting are both at 1pm. Music starts at 2pm. Next up September 29th | Vinegrass Music Festival. Join us for another great day of Rhythm & Roots by the vines. Enjoy LIVE music all day, wine by the glass and Twenty Boat Rum and Dry Line Gin cocktails! Blackfish food truck will be open. Bring your beach chairs and blankets: It’s going to be another great festival. (Tickets Required to enter property, no tours or tastings that day.) Check out the line up here: 
      Next is new products: New to the lighthouse series is Truro Vineyards Vignoles, Notes of pineapple and guava open this Vignoles, balanced by a layer of crisp citrus. The Vignoles grape produces some of the most interesting semi-dry and dessert wines in North America. This stuff is wicked awesome. Also coming soon is a Brut Rose, This Brut Rose is a dry, sparkling rose produced in the traditional French method with Massachusetts-grown grapes. Specifically crafted to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower Crossing, our Brut Rose is finished with a 2017 Truro Vineyards Estate Chardonnay dosage, and is perfect for toasting nations and everyday occasions. Watch the website for when it becomes available. 
      And last but not least remember Truro Vineyards are open year round. But the tours are still going on now, Open Daily. 11am-6pm Monday-Saturday and 12pm-7pm Sunday with Tours: Winery at 1pm and 3pm; Distillery at 12pm and 2pm, Now though and going until Columbus Day Weekend. And please remember South Hollow Spirits are part of the family as well making fine Gin, Rum and stay tuned for more fun coming here as well. 
     Truro Vineyards is proud to be a member of the Cape Cod Craft Beverage trail! To explore the rest of the trail and plan your visit, visit our website at Can you tell I love this place and these people. 
      Next is my other special place and that would be Cape Cod Beer located at 1336 Phinneys Lane, Hyannis, Ma. Folks were would I even begin with the events. From Farmers Markets on Fridays 3-6 still a couple more left. Cornhole Tournaments, Paddle & Pints, Cycle/Run Club, Yappy Hour, and so much more including Beer Release parties. And now something new Starting Saturday, September 14th  Guided Full Brewery tours will be held once a week on Saturdays at 11:00 am. These tours will be limited to 15 per group and will be $10.00 per person. See the events page for more detail. This is different from the free weekday mini-tours.  Folks, seriously go to their website and the events tab and see all that they are doing. This has turned out to be, not just another company, not just another brewery, not just another (you fill in the humdrum statement) Cape Cod Beer is an experience, a real part of the community, and not just for the summer, not for just prt of the year but all year round. I can not say enough about what they do first and foremost for the Cape Cod Community but also in the products they put out. So please go to Cape Cod Beer and become part of the what's happening crowd, group and have fun doing it. Oh ya and don't forget to sign up for the brew masters new letter so you can be sure you don't miss anything that is going on at the brewery. 
       Red Nun Restaurant, located in Dennis Port on Rt 28 or 673 Main St, or To me this place has some of the best hamburgers on Cape Cod. They have other stuff too but they also have 20 beers on tap, and a beer mug club. How much better can it get. Well, live entertainment and Trivia nights see their calendar page/tab for what and when its happening. Folks seriously though, it's not just about the burgers there, and the desserts are redunkulously scrumptious. So go and check them out lunch or dinner. For a top notch fantastic fun place to eat, try Red Nun in Dennis Port.  
      Howdy one and all, I hope your summer has been a good one, but I ask? Where has it gone. I thought it was just yesterday or at the least just a couple weeks ago it was Memorial Day and now we are looking at Labor Day this weekend. The sad part about this is I will miss seeing so many of you and having you through my humble abode and being able to take folks up to the lamp room and show them so much. I think this last night climb was one of my notable times being up in the tower and folks just being amazed at just how much one could see, even when it was so dark and how far out the light reflected. Of course i have enjoyed seeing all those second, third and more timers, but I am always excited to see new people coming and taking interest in lighthouses and particularly the kids. If I can get the kids interested in lighthouses then we have a chance to save these beautiful ladies for years to come and the importance they serve. But the next season will begin on Tuesday and we will see a new set of folks with the tour buses and slowly the school tours will start. We will be changing hours as I previously noted, and go from 10 am - 5 pm until Columbus Day. then after that we will see what we do. I'm toying with a few ideas so stay tuned. Remember that even though it might not be swimming weather the Cape is staying alive longer and many places are staying open through Thanksgiving with abbreviated hours. So we will see what we do. The whales are still out there right now and so are our friends the Great Whites along with the herds of seals. The birds including Ospreys, and Hawks, Woodpeckers galor, yellow finches, cardinals, and so many more, including cranes and herons. So as you can see the Cape is more than just about what is near the water or on or in the waters, but what roams the Cape and flies over and around the Cape. So come check us out and see how many of these you can spot from the lamp room as well. Well I think we have covered a few different things today. Morning things to do here than just look at the light tower, not that she is not something to behold. But people ask, what else is there to do while we are there. So now you know more. So I hope you have a great Labor Day weekend and have a great fall especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod and hope to see you soon. 
      It's that time of the month for desserts, and we have a fine crisp on store for us. Now this one does take a bit more work then most but nothing wildly weird with the ingredients and the food coloring is always optional. You know how much I enjoy my fruit based pies, cobblers, crisps and compotes so this is right up my alley. So check it out, give it a whirl then see what you want to do with it and change it up and do with other fruits or see if there is anything you want to change about it. I hope you enjoy and most of all have fun and invite others to help you make it. Now on with the show,

      This week's recipe: Rhubarb Cherry Crisp

      1      cup      oatmeal (regular, not quick or minute)
      1      cup      brown sugar
   1/8      tsp       salt
      1      cup      flour
   1/2      cup      butter (melted)

      4      cups     rhubarb
      1      can      cherry pie filling
      1      cup      sugar
      1      cup      water
      2      Tbsp    corn starch
      1      Tbsp    vanilla
      1      tsp       red food coloring (optional)

      Mix crust ingredients and press 2/3 in a greased 9 X 13 inch pan.
      Mix sugar, cool water and cornstarch in a pan, turn heat on medium and stir until thickened. Removed from heat. Add food coloring (if using) and vanilla. Remove from heat and add to pie filling. Place on top of pie crust and add remaining crust crumbled on top. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. 

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