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Monday, August 12, 2019

Hawaiian Monday / 8-12-19

Hawaiian Monday EveryOne
      Aloha everyone and welcome to a mighty magnificent Monday morning where I am expecting momentous happenings today that could mount us a start like we have not had for a long time. The weekend was great but that is now behind us and we are looking for great and awesome things that happen this week. So let's start with getting those hikers on or whatever footwear you need and find that staff cause we will need it to beat off some of those sharks along the way. This weeks journey will take us through salty waters, over sandy dunes, up steep cliffs and across dessert lands. We will feel the humidity, I know there will be the rains, the sun and who knows what else. This week will not be easy but with our nose to the grindstone and a determination to succeed we will take this day by day from start to end. Remember in all we need may be seek goodness not just in our work but with the conversations with those we come in contact with along the way, and all that cross our paths regardless of what they think, how they look, what political stance that take or how they choose to live their lives. Everyone deserves to be treated with goodness and we, one by one, step by step, need to take that responsibility on. If we come on those any who are in dire straights we will stop and help and see them to the next care center. Do good and move on. Now the day is not getting longer and we need to get this train on tracks rolling in a positive direction and let's go make us a most Happy, Happy all day long.
Your Morning Friend
Steve Gimmi 

Holidays & Observances;
Middle Child's Day
International Youth Day
Milkman Day
Home Sewing Machine Day
Vinyl Record Day
World Elephant Day
US Amateur Golf Week: 12-18

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