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Friday, August 9, 2019

Fanfare Friday / 8-9-19

Fanfare Friday EveryOne
     Blow the trumpets, bang the pots and pants, shake all the rattles, and woos your kazoos. It is finally here that wonderful, magnificent, glorious day we call FRIDAY. The day our journey for this week, our adventure, our odyssey comes to and end. But we have got to get it going before we bring it to an end. This is not a lazy daisy kind of day, although it may be hazy and crazy as we set our sights on the end, the finish line, and push our limits to the extreme edge to get through it and get to the impending weekend. But this is not an excuse to do poor labor to slack off on our work ethics or decide we can just slide to the end on what we have already done for the week. NO, NO we need to give our best all the way through the end. We need to remember quality vs quantity every time and we need to be the best of the best all the time. So first things first we need to change out the footwear to the sprinters so we an be light on our feet and quick in our step. Put down your staff and find that visor or cap and be sure to lotion up well or you will get burned. Be prepared to do all we can to get all the work done and wrapped up and delivered. And what we really need to do is keep the kindness attitude and actions going right to the end. Speaking of being kind, I guess I need to be kind and let you know what the theme has been for this week. The theme has been varieties of Cucumbers, yep those wonderful summer veggies we love to munch and crunch, pickle and butter, eat them plain or cover a burger with them. Yum, Ok, just cause it's Friday does not mean we get to turn a blind eye to those in need or shut off the kindness acts. We all like to receive acts of kindness so why would we stop giving them. Speaking of which, haven't we had some great moments of kindness this week? Even with those who chose to turn and reject our acts? Hoping that somewhere down the road it will sink in and somewhere they will find it in them to pass it on? We will keep giving and we will keep sharing the kindness to all we come in contact with. Happiness and kindness go hand in hand. The more kindness the happier we become thus the kinder we become to deal with and thus it get's pass on and on and on. So keep that smile going, and let's go make us a most Happy, Happy to share not only for today but for the whole weekend long. 
Your Morning Jester
Steve Gimmi

Holidays & Observances:
Book Lover's Day
International Day of The World's Indigenous People
Shop Online For Groceries Day
Kool-Aid Day: 9-11
Perseid Meteor Showers: 9-1
Veep Day
Elvis Week: 9-17 Link
International Tree Climbing Days: 9-11 Link
Perseid Meteor Showers: 9-13

National S’mores Day - 10
National Banana Split Day - 10
Lazy Day - 10
Middle Child Day - 10 
National Bowling Day - 10
National Duran Duran Appreciation Day - 10
National Garage Sale Day - 10
National Shapewear Day - 10
Paul Bunyan Day - 10
Skyscraper Appreciation Day - 10
Smithsonian Day - 10
Tisha B'Av - 10
World Lion Day - 10

National Panini Day - 11
National Raspberry Tart Day - 11
Presidential Joke Day - 11
Son and Daughter Day - 11
Eid-Al-Adha - 11
Ingersoll Day - 11
National Hip Hop Day - 11
The Spirit of '45 Day - 11
National Motorcycle Week: 11-17
Feeding Pets of the Homeless Week: 11-17
National Resurrect Romance Week:11-17
Weird Contest Week: 11-17

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