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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The A/C ? & Grilled Corn

       So what do you talk about when it's rather warm, and the humidity is rising and the wind is barely blowing? I will say that I have not put my A/C units in yet, I am still working on window A/C and have not had the funds to put in a central air unit yet. Since I have construction that will be going on in August not sure how much I will use it anyway this year but I will say it would be nice as the humidity rises and there is chances of rain to have them in. During the summers we would come to the Cape for the month of August. We would stay in Dennisport on Old Wharf Road, the only thing between us and the water was the beach and the road, not even another cottage between us snd the road. So we knew what humidity was like as being right on the water it is always heavier air than where I live today in South Dennis. It is amazing how that changes just going in land a couple miles. But we never had an A/C in the cottage, or maybe I should say we had 9/10 air conditioning, that's 9 windows open with a light 10mph breeze blowing. We would like most bring extra fans with us and just keep them all going through the evening. Sure it was a tad sticky at times but we were on the Cape and honestly we did not mind that much. I know there are those that go, I can not come to the Cape without it,, and then there are the few with medical issues such as my daughter that absolutely needs it due to breathing issues including asthma. But for the rest of us, I am still holding out looking to go as long as I can without it. besides, it's a whole lot cheaper not to run the electric bill up that much. So if you want the real Cape Cod experience, do without the A/C the old times don't know that they are and will tell you about it also. If you need it, please use it, and for the rest of us, well, do what you need to do and just enjoy the Cape. This is such a beautiful place, enjoy it, get out into nature, on the beach, onto the bike paths and nature trails and just enjoy and don't worry about the A/C it will be there when you get back home. Here is hoping for great weather and may you have a great time this summer, whether you live here year round or are just visiting, cause this is wonderful old Cape Cod. 
      Time for the small business report and it's that time of year that we have the artisan and craft shows on top of all the farmers markets, pop up shows, festivals and town fairs. So i start to focus on the crafters within the shows to maybe highlight that I think stand out from the rest. My first choice is always to support our local artists and crafters. I have talked about our friends with Cape Cod Cutlery being a major one. Red Dog Dog Treats (Update here, they are so busy between making the dog treats and one of the owners going into one of the first responder fields they just don't have the time to do the shows, but their products are in local Pet stores and other shops that carry pet supplies. Still convinced one of the best around, not just on the Cape) and there are others I have covered from pottery people to artists and so on. Second line of push are those from the state of Massachusetts, If I find someone from in the state that is the next best thing, third is New England artist and crafters and last and they have really got to be something special is all the rest. So now that you know my puddle pool rings you know mostly where I am going to pick from. Well this week I am going to surprise even myself and go with state of Mass crafters just cause theirs for one reason or another really stand out to me. The first one is from Gloucester, called Judy Plank Art, they are from and spend good bit of their time there and do some business in Florida. She is a artist that does carved paintings, that are so designed you can hang many of them outside as well as inside. The colors are brilliant and designs are bold. I go to a lot of these shows and I have shown art work in that as well and I'm here to say this is a very unique style she has that is well work looking into. Check our her evens page on her website she will be around the Cape a lot this summer and in the fall between here and Gloucester. So go and check her out.
   My second and new artist is from The Lost Buoy Co at she is from the south coast area in Massachusetts. her specialty is hand panted buoys. These are unique stenciled and hand panted or completely hand crafted items are great decorative items, she also makes table lamps out of them, these are well made again for inside and outside use. She also has home decor, beach gear, hoodies, hats and stickers and papers all with,,, drumroll please,, buoys on them. So if you are into buoys this is the place, even if you are not check her out this stuff is cool and she will also be around a bit with the craft shows. 
   Ok and time for the restaurant report or suggestions. I have mentioned them for a while and just ate there then other day, and that would be Cooks Seafood in Hyannis. These folks do a super job and the food is outstanding. The folks who run this shop are part of the original family that first started Cooks so we are back to the basics here and the food has not lost one bit of good taste So check them out for lunch special or dinners, or even just a mid afternoon snack this is a fantastic place to stop and get a bite. And if you like them the Knack in Orleans across from the Scoop is owned by them as well. Great food with outdoor eating area with a view. Now the Knack has a more varied menu I think but the fact you don't to drive all the way to Hyannis for a good inexpensive meal is always great. So check them out and have a great day eating on the Cape.
      Oh what a wonderful day it has been, over and over again, the temperatures are great for the beaches in the low 80s and the evenings cooling off into the 60s. And you thought this old geezer was only a light tender. Well as some of you know lighthouses, life saving stations and Coast Guard Stations are also major weather stations. Now not all are but most at least keep records that are trended by some local, state or national group. So something that many of you did not know. I know that some of the stations even at least one here on the Cape do weather ballon tracking. But we get it all, the highs and lows, humidity, barometric readings, wind speeds, tide readings and even tracking of the moon phases, meteor shower observances and star movements. We do it all, ok with a lot of electronic help now days. Not like the old days when most of the records we would have to go out and take physical readings every hour or every other hour. But we still have to keep up on things just in case there is some kind of outage, cause we all know how perfect the computer age is. LOL, trust me I prefer getting those reading in my office in the middle of winter than having to go out there in the freezing winds. But sometimes it still has to happen. So what happen the rest of the time? Well needless to day, it's the happy vacation waters to our traveling Great White Sharks. We have a ton of them and they are even putting on shows for us and the scientists who study this creatures. So just be ware of your surroundings, don't go swimming alone, and keep aware of the warnings that go out by the local radio stations and social media and NOAA. The crowds at the lighthouse I believe are up at least by 10% may be even close to 15% from last year and we are having a blast talking about our station, tower and that glorious light beacon. I sure hope you can get out here and give us a visit and definitely make sure you visit the other stations up and down the outer arm of the Cape from P'Town to Chatham, as well as the underarm from Chatham to Falmouth. And if you have the time get to a spot where you can view the Bay side lights. Well I have taken up enough time of this young reporter for today, I heard he was heading up to P'town after this for another hot food story and some art gallery checks. So have a great and wonderful day especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.     
      This week's recipe is about as simple as you can get. But honestly to just ask I would have had to gone and look it up. Grilled Corn. Can't get any easier, but is it. There are two methods, the easy way with husks off and one harder more labor intensive husks on, ok three, the third being naked in aluminum foil but I call that still husk-less vs husked. You know me easy gets it done. The fun comes more when they are done and what you can do with them after they are grilled. I will make some suggestions in general, you can go look them up. So if you are grilling out this summer and you want a fun veggie with it, as corn on the cob normally is and is considered a summer staple, considered corn on the cob. Now on with the show,

      This week's recipe: Grilled Corn on the Cob

      2      ears      Corn per person
                           salt & pepper

      The simplest way is, strip husk from corn and clean silk from bog. On hot oiled/non-stick spayed grill place corn direct onto grill. Turn 1/4 way every 2-3 minutes until corn kernels are tinder when pierced by a paring knife. Remove, butter, salt and pepper and enjoy. 

   - There are Mexican Spicy Mayo recipes that can replace the butter then sprinkle with Mexican cheese 
   - Butter, then sprinkle Parmesan cheese
   - you can put husked corn in aluminum foil with butter and oregano close up and cook off direct heat for about 15-20 minutes depending on size of kernels. 
   - Butter, and sprinkle with Old Bay Seasoning. 
   - keep going, if you can sprinkle it, cheeses, spices, herbs mixes, go for it. Make up one of your own, spicy or sweet. or do a Google or Pinterest search for what to top grilled corn with. 

      This is easy and you could really have some fun with these, break the ears in half and have a grilled corn party where everyone can have several halves done different ways each time. Great even for kids to get involved with. So have fun and keep the dental floss handy.     

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